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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

SSA Gujarat School of Excellence Recruitment For 252 Teachers 2021

SSA Gujarat School of Excellence Recruitment For 252 Teachers 2021

SSA recruitment of teachers for school of excellence project in 84 schools of Gujarat. This post is for std. 6 to 8. It is contract base recruitment, contract is for 11 month. You can see the educational qualification and other information on

Total Post :- 252

  Maths/Science :- 84
  Language :- 84
  Social science :- 84

Online Application start date:- 20/05/2021

Online Application end date:-  31/05/2021

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Saturday, May 15, 2021

Protects Israel from rocket attacks Iron Dome, Know how this defense system works

Protects Israel from rocket attacks Iron Dome, Know  how this defense system works 

Hamas fired more than 100 rockets one after another and Israel called for its destruction in the air.  This was made possible by the Iron Dome.  The Iron Dome, which is responsible for protecting Israel's skies.  This is what the Iron Dome is and how it works.

What is the Iron Dome?

The Iron Dome is a short range air defense system.  Which is designed to destroy rockets, artillery shells and mortars.  This defense system runs on some batteries.  This battery is not a rechargeable battery, but a unit that stops a rocket is called a battery.  This battery has three main parts.  Radar, control center and launcher.

How do these three parts work?

The radar is activated as soon as the rocket fires.  Radar receives information about the speed and path of the rocket, and forwards this information.

Direct message from radar goes to control center.  There are high speed computers here.  The control center estimates where the rocket will land.  If it is to fall on a residential area or an important building, it is blocked and if it is to fall on an open space, it is allowed to go.  This decision is made by the computer kept in the control center.

The launcher receives a message from the control center.  This launcher is equipped with interceptors.  The interreceptor is launched as soon as the signal is received.  With the help of internal radar and control center, the interceptor reaches the enemy's rocket and explodes, killing it in mid-air.

Let me tell you that the three parts of the battery, the radar, the control center and the launcher are not in one place.  All three parts are deployed in different places.  This part can also be moved from one place to another.  Wireless data transfer takes place at high speed between these three parts.

What is the success rate of Iron Dome?

The success rate of this defense system is more than 90 percent.  That is, more than 90 out of 100 targets finish the game in the air.  The important thing is that it can work in any weather.  It is also a fact that the cost of destroying a rocket ranges from Rs 37 lakh to Rs 65 lakh.

Who built this defense system?

With the financial support of the United States, the Israeli defense firm Raphael Advanced Defense Systems and Israel Aerospace Industries have built this defense system.  He was inducted into the defense in 2011.

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો. 

વિડિઓ જોવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો. 

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What after Std. 10? Decision for career

What after Std. 10? Decision for career

After purchasing the equipment of comfort and convenience, if needed, it can be taken again in five-seven years, but after Std.10 ? We also make many important decisions in life but this is a very important decision.


What to do after standard 10? : - The answer to this question has a lot of options, so there is a little dilemma whether to go this way or that way. If my childhood friend takes admission in this course, then I am also tempted to take admission in this course. Understand / Think about whatever decision you make. But don’t make the mistake of deciding to imitate blindly.


If you choose a science stream, you have more options to choose subjects. You can optionally choose a math or biology subject. Some students prefer both. If you want to be an engineer, then choose mathematics and if you want to go into the medical field, choose biology.


If you choose commerce / commerce flow then you can go further in management field. It will include courses in accounting, statistics, business management, economics, etc. In a nutshell, business, banking, auditors, tax advisors, insurance and competitive exams can open the door to your career in this direction.


If you choose the arts stream, in it you can choose the right subject from literature or many alternative subjects and build the best career.


Diploma Courses: - Admission in Engineering and other Diploma courses under Std. 10 full time and indirect study system in Gujarat is given by the Admission Committee in Central Diploma. You can opt for engineering in diploma after standard 10. Some fields that you can choose from.


Diploma in Civil Engineering, Mechanical. Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Communication, Computer Technology, Information Technology, Information and Control Engineering, Power Engineering, Mechanics, Hotel Management and Cutting Technology, Plastic Engineering, Fabrication, Engineering , Ceramic Technology, Architecture Assistance, Automobile Engineering, Metallurgy, Textile Manufacturing, Textile Processing, Mining Engineering etc.


Engineering in Diploma - Which course should be taken: - First of all, it is necessary to clarify that while submitting the form for admission in Diploma, one should not indicate the choice in which Diploma or which college one wants admission. We have to show our choice (which diploma course / which institution) only when called for admission. Generally, those friends who want to pursue a career in the field of engineering, but have a low percentage in the standard 12 science course or have doubts as to 'what if there is a low percentage in the standard 12 science?' .


The question of which engineering course to take in the diploma confuses almost every student or parent. How to decide which course is good? However, in any diploma, the course cannot be classified as good or bad. The course in which the student is interested is called good. E.g. Automobile engineering is a very good course. But anyone who is not ready to 'blacken their hands' at all will not be interested in it at all. So choose the course that interests us. Because the course in which there is interest can be studied better.


You have to survey yourself to decide which course we will be interested in or which course will be good. Some questions have to be answered. Like what is taught in the course in that diploma, what are the opportunities for higher studies, self-employment, job after doing that course - in which field? To decide the course in three-four diplomas of our choice based on the answers to these questions. Find out which educational institutes have these courses available and also get information about that institute. (Alumni) students can be found.



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Thursday, May 13, 2021

What happens if you get vaccinated by different companies in both doses of Corona vaccine? Experts found the answer

What happens if you get vaccinated by different companies in both doses of Corona vaccine? Experts found the answer

  • Scientists at Oxford University conducted research on people over the age of 50
  • Volunteers in the research were given both doses fromdifferent companies
  • Research has shown that giving both doses to a different company has a mild side effect on volunteers.

A strange case came up in Partur taluka of Maharashtra. Dattatreya, 72, a resident of the village, has taken a second dose of the corona vaccine from a different company. He took the first dose of covexin and was admitted to the hospital a few days ago with the second dose of cove shield. Research has shown that if the two doses of the vaccine are taken separately, what exactly is the condition? In such a situation it is especially important to understand this type of research. According to research in the Lancet Medical Journal, if a person takes both doses from a different company, he or she may experience problems such as headaches and tingling, but these side effects are mild and short-lived.

 પ્લાઝમા થેરાપીથી કોરોનામાં શું ફાયદો થાય છે તે જાણો 

Scientists at Oxford University have done research to understand how taking doses from two different companies affects a person. Volunteers involved in the research were given the first dose of Astrazeneca and the second dose of Pfizer. An interval of 4 weeks was maintained between the two doses.

આ વસ્તુઓનુ સેવન વધારશે તમારી રોગપ્રતિકારક શક્તિ

The purpose of this research is to find out the side effects of giving doses from two different companies as well as to meet the shortage of vaccines in low and middle income countries.


In our country, it is mandatory to take both doses from the same company as per the guideline of the Ministry of Health. However many countries are following the vaccine mash-up. In France, people who received the first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine have been given the second dose of Pfizer and the Bioentec vaccine.

 ઠંડા પાણી કરતા નવશેકા પાણી પીવાનાં ફાયદાઓ 

Less side effects but no conclusions about immunity

According to Matthew Snape, professor of pediatrics and vaccineology at Oxford, this is an interesting piece of research and the results are not what we expected. This research has observed the side effects of giving both doses from different companies. However, in the coming days, research will be done on the immunity against corona.




The research was conducted on 830 volunteers over the age of 50. It uses vaccines from 4 different companies.

Research found that 10% of volunteers who were given a mixed vaccine dose had more tingling compared to a single dose.

According to Snape, the research involved people over the age of 50. Different results of vaccine mixed-up can be seen on youngsters. According to the researchers, not all company vaccines are effective in mixed vaccination doses, but it does not matter if the vaccine target is the same. This means that if the vaccine from a different company attacks the spike protein of the virus and is given a dose, it can be effective.


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Friday, May 7, 2021

Does plasma donation benefit COVID-19 patients? When and how to donate plasma? Know the answers to all the questions

Does plasma donation benefit COVID-19 patients? When and how to donate plasma? Know the answers to all the questions

Corona virus is on the rise in India with a target of 3.68 lakh more cases per day. Meanwhile, demand for plasma is increasing among people suffering from corona virus. However people are skeptical about donating plasma and being infected once again. This is a meth and many doctors insist that people should come forward and donate plasma as this can save many lives. Therefore the questions need to be cleared to donate plasma, here are some of the questions asked by patients with the recovered corona virus.

What's in the plaza?

Plasma therapy is a treatment in which the blood of a patient with the recovered corona virus is taken so that antibodies can be developed in the body of the infected person. The plasma is the liquid part that is removed from the blood and the remaining white blood cells, red blood cells, platelets and other secular components are also removed. In particular, in this process, the blood is transferred back to the body. And there is no loss of blood and the process is also harmful.

When can you donate plasma?

A person who has recovered from corona about 30-40 days after testing positive for corona virus can donate plasma. Therefore, in the form of a period, sufficient antibodies are developed in the body of a person with the recovered virus.

Who can donate plasma?

People who are over 18 years of age and have a minimum weight of 50 kg can donate plasma.

How often can you donate plasma?

According to the American Cross, you can donate plasma 13 times a year. However, many doctors said that people who have recovered from the corona virus can donate plasma in two weeks.

How does plasma donation corona virus heal patients?

Plasma therapy is known as passive immunity for corona virus patients, as it helps to transfer antibodies into the body of an infected person with Covid-19. Antibodies help fight the deadly pathogens in the body of an infected person.

Does plasma donation have any effect on the donor's body?

Plasma donation is a harmless process and in this process, there is no blood loss in the donor's body in any way, as only fluids containing antibodies are taken from the donor's body.

Which was the first state to use plasma therapy?

Kerala is the first Indian state to try corona virus plasma therapy. This was done on April 18, 2020 at Shri Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Science and Technology.

How successful is plasma therapy?

According to the Houston Methodist Network of Hospitals, it is effective and reduces mortality. Research has also shown that people who are treated with plasma are more likely to recover faster and develop their own antibodies.

How to donate plasma?

There are many NGOs and plasma donor banks where you can donate plasma. You can also register on the official website of where you can donate plasma and also call 1031 to donate plasma.


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