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Sunday, June 30, 2019

10 situations in which you should not use a smartphon

10 situations in which you should not use a smartphon

                    Before using any handset, take some initial steps. And all these things have been made for the protection of users. Whenever you have kept the phone with you, you should not do driving while using it. And this is the most important thing that users should follow. And by using the phone while studying, it can reduce the power of your focus. And because of this, gradually the mind gets upset from learning them.
                And there are many other small but important issues within which few people get distracted. You should keep the phone away while cooking. Otherwise it may be that your delicious cooking can be burnt. And with your phone you can find that the assignments can be found inside and you can also get a telephone for the termination of your boss, and this can be because of your smartphone.
                  And you do not have to keep your smartphone together while not bathing. And at the bus stop, it should not be done until it is used. And while using the phone, there are many other things that you should keep in mind. And here are some of the issues we have given below.

 while driving a car or a bike
                     This is one of the most important issues while driving a bike or a car because if you use your smartphone while driving a car or a bike, then you might even lose your life. Keep your smartphone in a drive mode or bike mode while driving. So that you can not harass the phone while driving with calls or messages. And if you want to take calls, remember your family within the same circumstances.

  while studying
            It is very important to study for a good and bright future while studying. And using your smartphones while you are studying does not help you with any type of help. And due to lack of concentration, it can also happen that you can not pass competitive exams. So it is more advisable to stay away from your smartphone while studying.

while cooking
            You should stay away from your smartphone while cooking while cooking for special guests while cooking at your home. Because of this, it may be that you can add salt or chilli more inside the cooking after you have to experience an amusement in front of the guest.

While working
                          if you do not want to wash your job or want to save your face against other employees or against the big offices, you should stay away from your smartphone while working. Because once you are finished, you can sit back and relax with your handset.

While bathing 
             you can be a good bathroom singer, but using your smartphone while taking a shower can prove to be a bad decision. So, before using the phone while showering, think once that people can count within our army because many times people also consider it as over smart.

Inside the cinema hall
                     assume that you are watching a suspense thriller movie and all the people inside the cinema hall are on the screen and all of them are very good and at that time if you get a call. And you take the phone away and you want to talk. So all those people who are unhappy about such things can quarrel with you and call for security as well. And you can also be sent outside of the theater. So take out Jay and take a phone or take it away after the flight is over.

While waiting for the bus
                there is a lot of chances of this happening that you are using the phone while waiting for a bus at the bus stop and then you can just miss the bus. So it is necessary to be vigilant at the bus stop and after coming to the bus, it is considered to be more defeated earlier.

while traveling in flight
              When traveling on a flight while traveling in flight, you need to follow the cabin crew instructions and immediately turn your devices off or in flight mode. Otherwise, radiation or frequency flight can disable electronic components. Second, you may be punished for irresponsible behavior.

while crossing the road
                  While walking on the road while crossing the road, put your handset in the pocket and avoid listening to music. This will help you focus while walking. After that, you will see carefully the sound of the surrounding vehicles and eventually you can cross the road easily. Failure, you can come in a serious accident.
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Best smartphones priced at less than Rs 20000

Best smartphones priced at less than Rs 20000

Since this year, Samsung has been launching many smartphones one after the other. They started launching all these smartphones with their own series, then they launched their own M Series and after that they are now ready with the launch of many smartphones inside all the renjini people. And Samsung's latest operating Galaxy M40 Nerul was launched at the price of 1999, and the main competitor of this smartphone will be a smartphone such as Oppo Voices Nokia etc.


Samsung Galaxy M 40: Rs. 19,990 (6 GB RAM + 128GB)
Zoomi Redmi Note 7 PRO: Rs. 13,999 (4 GB RAM + 64GB), Rs. 16,999 (6 GB RAM + 128GB)
Nokia 8.1: Rs. 19,999 (4 GB RAM + 64GB), Rs 22,999 (6 GB RAM + 128GB)
V15: Rs. 19,990 (6 GB RAM + 64GB)

Samsung Galaxy M40: 6.3-Inch FD + Screen 2340x1080

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro with P-Resolution: 6.3-inch FDD + Screen with 2340x1080 P resolution
Nokia 8.1: 6.18-inch FHD + 2244x1080 Screen
VV with VP 6.5: 6.53 Inches FDD + screen with 2340x1080 P resolution


Samsung Galaxy M40: Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 SOC

Zoomi Redmi Note 7 Pro: Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 Sauce
Nokia 8.1: Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 Soft
VV V15: MediaTek P70 SoC


Samsung Galaxy M40: Only 6 GB Variant

Zoomi Redmi Note 7 Pro: 4 GB and 6 GB Ram Options
Nokia 8.1: 4 GB and 6 GB Ram Options
Viva V15: Only 6 GB RAM Variants


Samsung Galaxy M40: Only 128GB version
Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro: 64 GB and 128 GB of storage options
Nokia 8.1: 64 GB and 128 GB storage options


V5 V15: only 64GB of storage variant

Samsung Galaxy M40: 3,500 mAh battery with quick charge support Quio
Redmi Note 7 Pro: 4,000 MH with Quick Charging support
V5 V15:4,000 MH with fast charge support
Nokia 8.1: 3,500 MH VAV V with 15.3GHz charging support

Operating System:

Samsung Galaxy M40: Android 9.0 Pie and OneUi Zoomi Redmi Note 7 PRO: MiUi 10, based on the Android 9.0 pie Nokia 8.1: Stock Android 9.0 Pie VV V15: Function OS based on Android 9.0
Front Camera:
Samsung Galaxy M40: 16MP (with F / 2.0 Aperture) Zoomi Redmi Note 7 Pro: 13 MP (Aperture Uncertainty) Nokia 8.1: 20MP (Apparent Uncert) V15: 32 MP (with F / 2.0 Aperture)
Rear Camera:
Samsung Galaxy M40: 32MP (F / 1.7Apercht) + 5MP (F / 2.2 Acherch) + 8MP (123 degree Ultra Wide Lens) Zoomi Redmi Note 7 Pro: 48 MP (F / 1.79Aperfect) + 5 MP (Apparent indefinite
Color Option Available:
Samsung Galaxy M40: Midnight Blue and Seawater Blue Zoomi Redmi Note 7 Pro: Neptune Blue, Space Black & Nebula Red Nokia 8.1: Blue Silver and Iron Steel Viva V15: Frozen Black, Glamor Red and Aqua Blue

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