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Monday, July 29, 2019

All three iPhones will be launched in 2020 with 5G feature, triple camera setup

All three iPhones will be launched in 2020 with 5G feature, triple camera setup

May be equipped with iPhone 5G technology, to be launched next year. According to a website, Apple will launch three iPhones in 2020, which will support 5G technology. However, it was previously predicted that premiums would support Next Generation technology in 6.7-inch and 5.4-inch iPhones.

  • Apple bought Intel modem for $ 100 million

MacRumors has quoted TF Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo as saying the change came after Apple announced its investment in Intel. Apple has recently officially announced that it is buying Intel's modem business for $ 100 million. After that, Tech Experts says that after getting a greater share in Intel's modem business, it has the ability to develop a 5G iPhone.

  • The agreement was signed by Apple and Qualcomm

Last week, Apple announced the deal with Intel. However, MacRumors also says that Apple will not remove Qualcomm modem chips from the iPhone lineup launched in 2020, and this will not happen unless the company completely adopts Intel chips. In April of this year, Apple and Qualcomm signed a six-year agreement, ending the ongoing legal dispute between the two companies.

  • Apple can launch four iPhones

Analyst Kuo expects the new 5G iPhone to use both the mediumwave spectrum used in the US and the sub-6 GHz used in the rest of the country. Due to this, incoming iPhones will be more expensive than regular 5G phones. Kuo also believes that Apple does not have enough resources for development for this project. The iPhone launches next year will see many variations.According to JP Morgan's report published on CNBC, Apple will launch four iPhones in 2020, three of which will support 5G. JP expects the three iPhones to be 5.4 inches, 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches and will get an OLED screen, while three of the two models will get a Time of Fight (TOF) sensor.

  • The launch will be on September 11

Next Generation iPhone 11 will be launched in September and like last year, all three iPhones can be named iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max and iPhone 11R. These will get an OLED display and an LCD display in one. While there is a triple camera setup in the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max, the dual rear facing camera can be found in the iPhone 11R.
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Saturday, July 27, 2019

Now in Gujarat, there will be water meter at home, the person who damages the water distribution system will be sentenced to 2 years

Now in Gujarat, there will be water meter at home, the person who damages the water distribution system will be sentenced to 2 years

  • Gujarat Home Access Water Supply Conservation Bill passed in 2019 Legislative Assembly
  • Congress opposes walkout, but the state government passed a bill in majority.

The Gujarat home-based water supply conservation bill has passed a bill of water from the majority of households in the Gujarat Legislative Assembly. In the legislative assembly, the state government introduced two bills of the Gujarat irrigation and water dispensation bill (Amendment) Bill and Gujarat Home Consumption Water Supply (Conservation) Bill. The provision of punishment for damages to the water supply system in the Gujarat Home Consumption Bill has been made. If the water distribution system damages the damages, it will be fined 2 years and up to 1 lakh.

How much punishment for damaged home water system?

Gujarat Home Consumption Water Supply Protection Bill 2019 has made provision for strict adherence to the system of water consumption system of consumption of industrial or industrial units. In which the damage to the water distribution system is up to 2 years in jail and up to one lakh fine. Penalties for 3 months and up to 20 thousand rupees if there is obstruction in the management of the water supply system.If there is a fault in the water distribution system, the valves in the valve to tide the flow and compromising the measuring equipment, the penalty for 6 months and up to 50 thousand rupees has been made.

Congress opposes Vaakout

In irrigation bill, Rs. Penalties for up to two lakhs or up to two years of imprisonment. When the water theft in a drinking water system is imprisoned for up to three months or Rs. The Congress opposed the verdict after the provision of punishment not more than one lakh rupees. However, after the nine-hour debate on both the bills, the state government passed a bill from the majority against the Congress's opposition.

The bill has been shown to prevent people from taking illegal water.

Saurabh Patel, who presented irrigation bill, said that people are not able to reach water to farmers, farmers, because they take water from the canal. Therefore, this bill is essential to prevent such activity. When Minister Kunteji Bawlia said,
Drinking water is essential to reach home, the bill has been shown to prevent people from taking water from the middle of the water line to get enough water from the entire house. However, Congress opposed both the bill and had a walkout in the irrigation bill.

The Government of Gujarat today moved a bill for protection of water resources and distribution system namely ‘Gujarat Ghar Vaprash Pani Purvatha (Samrakshan) Vidheyak, 2019’. Following are the highlights of provisions made in this bill which was passed today in the State assembly.

– Serious offenses such as damage to water distribution system, obstructing or blocking of water flow will attract 3 months to 2 year imprisonment or fine of Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 1 lakh or both.

– Unauthorized connection of water, lifting of more than approved water will attract Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 5,000 fine.

– Provision of similar punishment to those assisting such crime.

– Provision of double punishment for officials or staffers involved in such crime

– Provision of settlement in exchange of prescribed amount of fine

– The authority will have power to check at any water distribution system where water is lifted in unauthorized manner

– Provision to seize the equipment used

– Accused will need to pay for damage

– Provision of appeal

– Metering at source and auditing of source and distribution system

– Area authority, municipal corporation, municipality, gram panchayat, Gujarat water supply and gutter board, Gujarat water infrastructure ltd and agencies authorized by the State government are covered under the bill for areas under their purview. Coverage of Board and GWIL will be effective for entire state.

click here to read in gujarati
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As the exam day draws to a close, it is natural to have stress. But keeping in mind some things, you can not only prepare for the exams well and also relieve stress. Know Some Essential And Easy Tips For Exams - Remove from Children's Mind Fear of Examination, 5 Essential Tips

1 Right Time Table - 
The best way to study is to create a time table, and decide in advance when, what and how much to read. Take 10 to 15 minutes break every half hour or so. This will allow you to study better when you sit down to study again. Don't try to read too much at once.Study the difficult topics first and then read the simple things. Gradually increase the hours of study but take breaks in between. If the study is done according to the time table, then all the subjects will be able to give equal attention.

2 Sufficient sleep -
 Children often do not get enough sleep due to pressure of exams and studies, they continue to study until late at night, even in the morning they get up early for studies so that they do not get enough sleep. By which the brain becomes dull and its functionality decreases. The brain will work properly only if it gets enough comfort.

3 Catering 
Most children do not care about eating and drinking during the study, but at this time they need more nutrition. Children should take green vegetables, dry fruits, juice, milk etc. and at least eat more than one at a time. Stay away from more chili spices, fried things and fast food.

4 Physical exercise -  
whether it is morning walk, yoga or any exercise in the home itself. It is also very important to keep the body healthy for mental health. It reaches the right amount of oxygen to the brain, blood circulation is better and it works faster.

5 Entertainment - 
Just by studying, the mind can be cumbersome. Entertainment is also extremely important to refresh her. If you want to do something good at home or refresh the mood by playing with friends or playing some other time or doing other work.

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Friday, July 26, 2019

72% of customers want more storage in the phone, budget less then buy on EMI expensive phone

72% of customers want more storage in the phone, budget less then buy on EMI expensive phone

  1. The number of such customers has also increased rapidly, which seems right to switch to another smartphone brand
  2. Brands that invest more on product quality and other aspects, they grow faster

It is often seen that the customers are quite happy when buying a smartphone. Someone likes to have a big display phone, so someone wants a strong camera in their phone. According to a report by Cyber ​​Media Research (CMR), it was revealed that while buying a new phone, 89% customers prefer good cameras, while 79% of customers have a RAM and 72% prefer the phone's internal storage.This survey was conducted in eight cities in the country in February 2019, in which youth from 15 to 30 years was involved. The survey also showed that the number of such customers has increased rapidly, which do not refrain from changing the brand.

Priority to product quality 92% customers- CMR

  • It was also revealed in the survey that while 92% of the customers prefer the quality of the product when purchasing the phone, then 90% of customers are more likely to give the product performance more attention. Whereas, only those who give preference to the aftersales sale service include only 76% of the customers.

  • According to the report, Samsung has the largest retail network in India, which is also ahead in the aftersales sales, despite its 89% customers think Oppo is more reliable, after which Shiaomi and Realmis are named.

  • According to the report of CMR, 94% of the customers give priority to the phone of Reality, after which the name of Shiaomi comes with 93%.

  • With 94%, most customers prefer Reality phones because of their product quality, while 96% buy realm phones due to their value for money.

  • Looking at the smartphone product quality index, the title of the number one smartphone brand is called Reality. But when it comes to the beauty of the phone, Oppo comes in first place with 94%, followed by Oppo with 93% and Samsung and Vivo with 92%.

In the second quarter of 2019, Shiyomi's 3.7 million phones were imported - counter point

  1. According to the Counterpoint Research released on Thursday, Chinese smartphone brand Shiaomi has the highest number of other smartphone companies in the second quarter of 2019, of which 3.7 million units are imported in India.
  2. According to the Report of Counter Point Market Monitor Service, China's CBK Group, which includes Oppo, Vivo, Realmis and Vanshusel, is the first time India has become the largest smartphone manufacturer in India.
  3. Samsung's annual import has seen a decline of 7%, but after the advent of A Series and M Series, it has seen a 30% growth.
  4. Reality has also managed to make its place in the Top Five brand on the performance of its latest smartphone Reameri C2 and Realm3 Pro. Within a few months of launch, RealCeC2 had sold 10 million units.
  5. Reality is the fastest growing brand that crossed the 8 million units imported within just one year of launch in the Indian market.

What is the occupation of the smartphone industry to say about this

  • The customer has the first preference camera, in which the front camera i.e. selfie camera is more respected than the 48 megapixel or 32 megapixel camera. When customers first take the phone in hand, they first open the selfie camera in which they like to see their face. Second comes the rear camera in which triple camera setup is currently in trading.Third, Ram and Rome, because they can not do those experiences. Most customers are watching the storage because RAM is not such an importer for them.
  • The decision of which brand should be bought by the phone, the customer decides by looking at its built quality, hardware, camera and design when the customer takes over. Customer buys the phone after the Experience of the Khaup.Talking about budget does not make much sense in today's time. Until a few years ago, the customer used to think enough before taking a call of 7-8 thousand, but now there are dozens of finance companies in the market who have made easy access to the customer. When this facility was not there, it was difficult for many people to take a phone call of 8-10 thousand, but now they purchase phones of up to 15 thousand easily.
  • After many options of similar price, the customer decides after researching his family member, family and the Internet. Talking about the overall industry at this time, most of the 6 to 10 thousand smartphones are sold, after that 10 to 15 thousand worth of phones are sold the best.
  • First of all people prefer the brand, after which the processor, storage and RAM are used. Nowadays the vogue of the camera has increased. But many customers do not just focus on the camera but also want good RAM-ROMs. The needs of every customer are different, the camera has more work, only they want a better camera phone, while many customers prefer RAM and storage.
  • Some customers come to buy a low-range phone but when they see that spending a little more money is getting a better phone, the display also has more RAM, and even if it is RAM, then it feels better to switch over it. The convenience of finance has made it easier.
  • Upon receiving a good finance screen, the customer who receives a phone call of 10 thousand will also switch to 15 thousand phones. Speaking of Shiomi, the most demanded note is of 7 Pro, but most of the customers are diverted on other phones when doing live experience of the phone.
  • Customers today give priority to three things in the time of the first camera, second processor and third storage in which they can have as many applications as possible.
  • After that the customer sees the design. Talking about the budget, 70% of the customers want to buy the best phones in the budget of 15 thousand or less. There are also many customers who come with a budget of 10 thousand in mind, but if he likes a phone of 13 or 15 thousand who fulfills his needs, he does not even refrain from taking too much budget calls.
  • Finance is also available to buy phones through which the customer also purchases more budget phones.
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Wednesday, July 24, 2019




Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research (INSPIRE) The Inspire Program launched by the Ministry of Science and Technology, India is a unique program, wherein efforts will be made to attract the best talented students in science, Providing financial assistance for employment related research work in science with the necessary opportunities for employment.
Under this program, about 3 million youths will be developing science-based work, scientific research and entertainment-learning disciplines. Under the 11th Five Year Plan, the Government of India approved the Inspire Scheme in November 2008 at the cost of 2 thousand crore and the Prime Minister started this scheme on December 13, 2008.
The key parts of the Inspire Plan are as follows: -

1. Plan for the initial attraction of talent in science

2.iastyear Scholarship for Higher Education

3. Fixed promotion for research work
Greeting camps are organized on an annual basis in more than 200 places for around 50 thousand leading students of class X in the tenth grade and they are well-versed with the global heads of science as well as the new Nobel Prize winners. Is done
Applying such a large program to its form, with transparency and skill in full, is not less than a challenge. So far, more than 4 lakh Inspire Awards have been approved for the students across the country.
The development of science is important for the development of any nation and the level of human life. Due to the lucrative career in information technology and BPO sector, science is feeling unable to attract students in adequate quantities today. Today, in the country, the young brilliance needs to attract science towards the days of school and provide them with students, collaborative, creative and challenging educational environment so that they can develop a detailed understanding of science.

For Registration : Click here
Last Date :- 31/07/2019
Rs. 10,000/- par selected students
Click here for detail in gujarati 
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Saturday, July 20, 2019


The preliminary objective of the examination is to integrate student education available and help in various types of educational decisions. Also examines the psychological properties of student's intelligence (I.Q.), aptitude, Attitude, interest.
Examination of examination
Purpose Specific Test
Mode Specific Test
Process Specific Test
A test or exam (informally evaluated ) intends to test the test taker's knowledge , skills , skills , physical fitness  or any other analysis classification (for example, belief ). [1]

A test can be performed on a computer, or in a predetermined field, in which the test taker needs to demonstrate or show a performance of a set of skills. Test styles vary according to rigidity and needs. For example, in a closed-book test, a test taker usually has to rely on memory to answer specific items, while in an open-book test, a test taker has one or more complementary tools such as a Can use reference book or calculator. A test can be done either formal or informal. An example of an informal test will be a reading test for parents to follow by a child. A formal examination is done by a teacher in a classroom or i.k. Psychologically tested test in the clinic. The result of the usual tests is in grade or test score. A test score can be explained in relation to the norm or criteria,[2]

The norm can be set up independently, or by a large number of participants analyzing the statistics. One test means to examine the child's knowledge or to have time to give time to modify that subject.
A certified examination is any test that is arranged and recorded in a uniform way to ensure legal commitment. [3]
Standardized tests are often used in education, professional certification, psychology (eg, MMPI), military and many other areas.
An unverified test is usually flexible in scope and format, difficult and variable in importance. Because these tests are usually developed by an individual instructor, the format and difficulty of these tests cannot be widely adopted or used by other instructors or organizations. A non-standard test can be used to motivate students to teach and provide feedback to students to determine the level of proficiency in students. In some cases, a teacher can develop non-certified exams which are similar to certified exams in scope, format and difficulties for the purpose of preparing their students for the upcoming certified exam. Finally, the frequency and settings by which a non-standardized test is performed, Are very variable and are usually restricted by the class period. A class instructor can do a test for example, on a weekly basis or just two times from a semester. Depending on the instructor or the institution's policy, each term of the test can last for a full class period of just five minutes.

Among the variations in non-standardized tests, standard tests are widely used, defined as scope, difficulty, and format, and are generally significant in results. Standardized tests are usually held on designated dates set by the test developer, educational institution or governing body, which may or may not be employed by the instructor who is assigned to the classroom, Are. Although there is a slight change in the number of different tests of the same standardized test (for example, SAT or GRE), there is a difference between different types of standardized tests.

Any test is known as a high-stack test with significant results for individual test takers.

A test can be developed and managed by an instructor, a medical worker, a management organization, or a diagnostic provider. In some cases, test developers may not be directly responsible for their administration. For example, the Educational Testing Service (ETS), a non-profit educational testing and assessment institution, develops certified exams such as steel but may not directly involve the administration of these tests or Proctor. According to the development and administration of educational tests, the basic and difficult levels of the tests are very high in themselves and there is no general consensus or disagreement over test formats and issues. Often, the format and difficulty of the test depends on the instructor's educational vision, subject matter, class size, educational institution policy, and certification or management requirements. in general,

Written Test

Indonesian Students taking a written test
Written tests are exams that are done on paper or on a computer (as an EMM). A test taker who takes an authoritative test can answer specific items by typing or typing in the given test space or on a different form or document.

Multi Choice
Items in the form of several tests will be given a number of answers to each candidate in a format that has been formatted, and the candidate must ensure that the answer or answer is correct. [4]

Alternative answer
Matching type questions [5]
A mailing item is something that defines defining and requires a test taker to match the identities of the features for the correct position.

Supply type
A vacancy feeding unit identifies the characteristics and provides a test washer and therefore the test taker needs to remember the correct words.
Short answers or article items such as a test will usually require a test taker to answer the requirements. In administrative terms, it takes less time to build article equipment.
Mathematical questions
Open-note Test
Oral oral test
Physical fitness test

Performance Test

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Face App: Make Old Age Photo With Easy Filters & Converter

Face App: Make Old Age Photo With Easy Filters & Converter

Get magazine cover quality for any selfie with just a few taps! Powered by FaceApp AI, the most advanced neural portrait editing technology. Improve your selfie or just have fun with gender swap, hair styling and other free amazing transformations.

• Hollywood-ready selfies with the Impression filters
• Change hair color and style
• Apply perfect evening or day makeup
• Find your perfect beard/mustache style
• Add a beautiful smile
• Replace background with a single tap
• Apply color filters, lens blur, and numerous other tools

Have fun
• Swap genders
• Let AI find your best hairstyle and color
• Change your age
• Add amazing tattoos
• Let AI find the best style for you
• Check out the Hitman, the Heisenberg filters and many other mind-blowing transformations

App Name: Face App

Publisher: Face App Inc

Category: Social/Funny

App Size: 7MB

Rating: 4.3

Total Install: 100K+

Face App: Make Old Age Photo With Easy Filters & Converter.
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Conjection Substitute no Navo Niyam 1st August thi Cricket ma Lagu Thashe

Conjection Substitute no Navo Niyam 1st August thi Cricket ma Lagu Thashe 

1st August thi Cricket ma Lagu Thashe Conjection Substitute no Navo Niyam
1st August thi Cricket ma Lagu Thashe Conjection Substitute no Navo Niyam

The game of cricket in India has been played for many years, it is a very famous and exciting game. This game is greatly liked by the children, usually in the habit of playing cricket on any of the smaller open spaces such as small grounds, roads, etc. Children are fond of information about cricket and its rules. The most important thing is that, it is a common topic that students can take as a subject for writing essay in the contest of essay writing.If you need cricket essays, don't worry. For this you can use our website. There are many essays of various lengths on our website which you can use as per your requirement.
Cricket is the most famous sport in India at national and international level. It is established as one of the most passionate and exciting games in India. Cricket is a game that is played with the help of bat and ball. There are two teams in this game and each team has 11-11 players. Both teams play for the same goal of number of runs and the highest number of runs scored. In this, the team is the winner, who has the highest run at the end of the game.

This game has a main place called 'Pitch' and it is played around it. It is played on a very large open space and 68 to 58 meters in a well organized field and a pitch of 2.64 meters. Cricket has become a popular sport throughout the world in today's world. The popularity of cricket in the people is so high that the crowd of the audience to go to the stadium to watch this game is rarely going to any other sport.
Cricket is an open space game that kids especially love and dream of becoming a good cricketer in their young days. This game is played by bat and ball in a large open field.

It is played between two teams with 11-11 players. It is played in the center of a 22 yard long rectangular pitch field. The batsman uses it to score runs and tries to get runs in the form of innings.

One of the two teams is bowling and the other team is batting. In order to get the wicket of the batsman, the bowler tries to throw the ball away from the bat. A batsman bats until he makes a mistake. Any team that starts batting will continue to bat until its 10 batsmen are out or a certain number of 6 ball overs are completed.

If this game is played and practiced everyday, then this is a very easy game. Cricket players need daily practice to improve their game so that they can overcome minor mistakes and play it with full flow.

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Friday, July 19, 2019



Excellence in sports gives pride to the country and nation's citizens help develop a healthy and happy society. The games integrate the nation by bridging the social and cultural boundaries.
There is no other easy way to promote brotherhood and community engagement. It's a great level and unitary - when a team has to play, there is no problem with the community of caste, religion or team-mates.

Under the guidance of Shri Narendra Modi's visionary leadership, the then Prime Minister of India and the then Chief Minister of Gujarat took the initiative of 'Game Mahakumbh' (KMK), Mega Sports Event in 2010. The game was started by the Central Government nationwide nationwide. As a basis with Khel Mahakumbh.

Khal Mahakumbh has registered more than 30 lakhs each year. Excellent introduction of KMK will benefit from the various schemes run by the Sports Authority of Gujarat; District Level Sports School (DLS), Shaktuputt, Excellence Center (CEE), Khelle Gujarat Summer Coaching Camp, School

Program, Sports Pratibha Award, Women's Award etc.

Edge Group for Khel Mahakumbh 2019

For both male and female: under 9, below 11 years, under age 17, Open Age Group, 40 and above 60

Participation of more than 35,000 players (physically challenged) for special game Mahakumbh Diwali players. Rs. Cash prize of more than 5 crores.

Name Games

  • Badminton.
  • Kabbadi.
  • Cycling.
  • Taekwondo.
  • Volley Ball.
  • Tug of War.
  • Swimming.
  • Gymnastic.
  • Table tennis.
  • Shooting Ball.
  • Athletics.
  • Judo.
  • Wrestling.
  • Archery.
  • Hockey.
  • Weightlifting.
  • Handball.
  • Basketball.
  • Football.
  • Tennis.
  • Kho-Kho.
  • Skating.
  • Shooting.
  • Yogasana.
  • Wrestling.
  • Equestrian.

  • Salient features
    • Rs. 42 crore cash prize more than 3 lakh winner.
    • Total 31 games will be played by more than 50,000 participants.
    • Best school in the state will win the cash prize of Rs 5 lakhs, Rs 3 lakhs & Rs 2 lakhs.
    • Best school in three districts will win the cash prize of Rs 1.5 lakh, Rs 1 lakh & Rs 0.75 lakh.


Apply Online  APPLY HERE
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World Cup: Did the umpire give England an extra run, so that New Zealand lost?

World Cup: Did the umpire give England an extra run, so that New Zealand lost?

Cricket World Cup final match is going to be filled with furore that the frenzy of both the teams has been shocked.

This is probably the first final of the history of cricket, in which there was a tie in a super over.

The decision to give the title to the World Cup title due to this tie was done by the rule of greater boundaries in the Super Over.

However, apart from this, there is a discussion of a rule that some people are considering for New Zealand's defeat.

Following the declaration of victory, the supporters of both the teams have been divided into two sides.

People who justify England say that the rule is a rule, while supporters of the New Zealand team, losing on the other hand, are calling the decision wrong.

Because of this rule of the ICC Rule Book, England's team has become the world's winner for the first time.

The two balls of the World Cup final, which defeated New Zealand
New Zealand wins the hearts after losing the World Cup final

Fourth ball of 50th over and controversy
England needed 15 runs in the last 50 overs in order to win. At this time New Zealand gave the responsibility of the last over to Trent Boult.

Against England, there were set-up batsmen stocks. The ball hit the first ball yorker, which did not get any runs.

Stocks also did not score any runs on the second ball, while Stokes scored six in the third ball.

New Zealand will always remember what happened in the fourth ball and it will be remembered especially in the history of cricket.
The fourth ball was bowled by Fultus, who was caught by Stokes on the mid-wicket. Where Guptill was fielding.

Stokes tried to take two runs on this side and in the end Guptill hit a direct hit to throw the stock out.

It was as if the throw took the bat in the running stacks to get the run and reached the ball boundary.

After that, Kumar Dharmasena gave six runs to both the batsmen, with the advice of his fellow umpire.After that, England had to score only 3 runs in the remaining two balls, in which they could score two runs and tie in the match.

It is said of six runs on the fourth ball that the umpire wanted to give five runs, not the six runs.

Why should this happen and what is the ICC's rule in such a case?
What is the Over Throw rule?
According to the rule 19.8 of the ICC, "If there is a boundary due to over throw or a fielder, then it should be combined with the bat completed by the batsman."

"If the batsman has crashed each other to complete a run at throw or execution with the full toss then that run would also be considered complete."

The second part of the rule is very important in this match.
The video footage of the match is clearly visible that, while Guptill did a direct throw, Ben Stokes and Adil Rasheed ran for the second run, but did not cross each other.

However, the Act also has written an Act with Throw, which also means that the Act means that the Act means it is possible to collide with the bat's bat or to hit the fielder.

However, no mention of batsman's action has been mentioned in the rule. In this matter, the ICC has not responded yet.
The chance to win the New Zealand World Cup was lost due to the extra one-run run in England's fourth-wicket 50th over.

Those who do not agree with this matter will agree with the fact that they lost the New Zealand World Cup due to over-throwing.

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Sunday, July 14, 2019

Photo, location, contact list sharing is not allowed, still 1325 apps stole personal data

Photo, location, contact list sharing is not allowed, still 1325 apps stole personal data
  • ICSI uncovered 88,000 applications and explored the methods of data theft
  • In Google's new Android Q, features are being developed that do not cause data to be stolen

    Many of the apps you would like are stealing data from your smartphone without your permission. Even then, while you've got restricted access to data of contacts, photos and locations etc. during the app downloads. The thanks to steal data is so high that companies like Google are also not able to stop it. a search team from the International Computer Science Institute (ICSI) has revealed this. ICSI investigated 88 thousand applications, out of which 1325 applications broke all laws of knowledge privacy.

    According to the research, whenever an app is downloaded from smartphones with an Android OS , permission for access to several types of information, including phone contact, location, media gallery, is sought. This information is locked for the respective app if users aren't given permission. But many apps developers also broke it and stole data. They access many information including location of users.

    According to researchers, there are some apps that you simply did not give permission but they steal information from another app. Such apps collect permissions information without using other programs built on software development kit. These apps take information from apps that you simply have permit access to data. At the identical time, some fenced apps are using photo metadata location to trace the users. The shutterfly app utilized in photo editing is doing the same.

    By breaking the coding of the GPS user coordinates from your photo, it transmits the info to its servers. However, the corporate has said that it does not collect any data illegally.

    Google will bring Android Q to stop theft of personal data

    After this disclosure, Google is making changes to the new OS Android Q. he's adding new features in it, during which new methods of theft will be curbed. Android cues are being worked on variety of issues including hiding photo metadata. At the identical time, Researchers say they're going to soon bring more information about these 1325 apps.
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    Qualcomm's new chipset 215 will make phone more powerful, cheap phones will also be used

    Qualcomm's new chipset 215 will make phone more powerful, cheap phones will also be used

    The US Semiconductor company Qualcomm has introduced a new processor, whose name is Chipset 215. This smartphone is designed for. The company claims this processor will be used in the budget smartphone. At the same time they will get better speed. Dual cameras, which are used especially in cheap smartphones, will be much better. This processor will also be used in a smartphone priced at less than 5000.

    1. The chipset will get the features of the smartphone and the better

    64-bit CPU
    13 megapixel photo capture support
    Full HD (1080p) video capture
    HD + resolution display
    Hexagon DSP Audio and sensor processing
    Dual VoLTE with Dual SIM
    Wi-Fi 802.11ac
    Near Field Communication for Android Payments
    Qualcomm Quick Charge Technology

         2 Better Performance from Old Series

    The company says that the new chipset will give 50 percent better CPU performance than the previous generation, that is 200 series chipset.Qualcomm 215 is the first chipset of the Mobile Platform 200 series, which will feature 64-bit. These chipsets come with Qualcomm's X5 modem, which supports LTE Cat 4.
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    Whatsapp will come in 'quick edit media shortcuts', users will be able to edit photos and videos immediately.

    Whatsapp will come in 'quick edit media shortcuts', users will be able to edit photos and videos immediately.

    Instant messaging app Whatsapp will soon give users access to the Quick Edit Media Shortcut feature. According to the report, users will be able to quickly edit the media files that are sent and received on the group or personal chat via Whatsapp. Currently this feature is being worked on, which will be offered for both Android and Ios users.The company has not made any announcement about the release date of this feature. Last month, there was talk about the QR code shortcuts that make WhatsAppSpace scanning and sharing easier.

    Android version 2.19.189 may launch with
    1. Beta tracking site of Whatsapp, according to the WABetaInfo report, allows users to edit Whatsapp chat and group files that are coming and sending in the group chat through Quick Edit Media Shortcuts. He has also shared some screenshots in which information about this feature is given. This is not available at the moment.
    2. According to the screenshot, this edit button will be in the Android and iPhone of Whatsapp, with shares and favorites buttons. The media file that will come in front of the tap.
    3. With the help of this dedicated button, the user will be able to easily modify the media content. Through this process, you will not have to go through a longer process to be edited in the media file currently.
    4. At this time there was no option to edit the Whatsapp media file. To make any changes, the user has to first download the file. After this the file is modified through editing.
    5. However, even after the introduction of new features, the old editing feature will be available. There will be no new editing feature, but like before, options like crop, ed text and draw doodle will be present.
    6. It has been said in the report that it has not been released at the moment. However in the future it will be released for Android and iPhone users. It is expected that it will meet with Android version 2.19.189.
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    Flipkart launches Co-branded credit card, on every shopping, up to 5% Unlimited Cashback

    Flipkart launches Co-branded credit card, on every shopping, up to 5% Unlimited Cashback

    • The company has launched it with Axis Bank and MasterCard, its fee is 500 rupees annually
    • Snapdeal, Amazon and IRCTC are already offering customers a co-branded credit card.

                    Flipkart has launched its first co-branded credit card in association with Axis Bank and MasterCard. Customers will get many discount offers on purchasing through this. For the card, the customer will have to pay a fee of Rs 500 per year, through which it can be purchased for up to two lakh rupees. In 2016, Philkart also launched Axis Bank Billing Credit Card in partnership with Axis Bank, in which customers are given a 5% discount on purchasing from Flipcard.

    Up to 20% discount will also be available

    1. According to Flipkart, 5% of unlimited cashback will be available on purchasing from Flipkart, Mantra and Tougood via the new Flipkart-Axis Bank Credit Card.
    2. In addition, 4% unlimited cashback will be given on purchase from Make My Trip, GoIBiO, Uber, PVR, Curfit and Urbanclip.
    3. Apart from this, 1.5% unlimited cashback will be given to credit hold holders for purchasing from any other retailer. This cashback will be auto-credited to the customer's account every month.
    4. Flipkart-Axis Bank Credit Card holders will get a discount of 4% for airport loan, airport lounge access and 500 rupees per month for getting a discount of 20% on the wellcome offer. The annual fee of the card is Rs 500, in which the customer can buy up to two lakhs.
    5. Flipkart is not the first e-commerce provider that offers such a co-credit cart. Although Snapdeal (with HDFC Bank), IRCTC (with SBI), Amazon (with ICICI Bank) is already providing co-branded credit card facility in India. Ola and Peti M are also preparing to launch similar credit cards.
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    Coming to 'Google Photos' will also be easy to delete the new features image

    Coming to 'Google Photos' will also be easy to delete the new features image.

              'Google Photos' is going to be rich in the case. This time, on Twitter, people were asked by Google on behalf of what new features they want. On the basis of this conversation, the hint of these features is also available.

    Manual face tagging
      Google Photos is known for its ability to recognize and tag automatically the face.
     But it does not always work, it does not always work Google has confirmed 
    that users will now be able totag themselves manually, Just like in the 
    company's Picasa product is possible.
     Search the text with the image
    It will be possible to search the images on which a text is written.
     It is not possible to search the image text right now.
    Auto re-upload in original size
     You have saved the photo under the Free Unlimited of Photos, obviously 
    this will be saved in the Compressed Form itself. Now if you upgrade your storage plan, then surely 
    would you like to save the original quality photos again? Soon you will be doing this new automatic feature.
    Deleting photos from the album itself
     If you are currently viewing an album of 'Photos' and want to delete 
    any image from itthen you cannot. You have to come out of that album and delete that image by 
    locating it. Soon Google will provide the facility where you will not need to exit from the album and it can be
     deleted only when viewing the image album.
    Time and date can be edited
                 When the camera takes a picture, it automatically tags it with time and date.
     But on many occasions this information is not correct or disappears. This often happens
     when you take a screen shot or scan an old photo. In these circumstances, you have to enter
     the correct time and date of the original image. The 'Photos' of the iOS and the web version
     used to edit the time and date, but the Android version did not do this. Now Android users 
    will also get this feature.

    It is also possible to come

            It may be possible to find 'Recently uploaded image' on mobile. 
    This feature on mobile version is also news for some users to be started. The feature 
    that can be added to delete and delete the bad photos can also be added. Bad photos
     mean pocket shots, out-of-focus and suddenly pulled screen shots. This feature will 
    collect and present them for deletion.

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