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Sunday, July 14, 2019

Coming to 'Google Photos' will also be easy to delete the new features image

Coming to 'Google Photos' will also be easy to delete the new features image.

          'Google Photos' is going to be rich in the case. This time, on Twitter, people were asked by Google on behalf of what new features they want. On the basis of this conversation, the hint of these features is also available.

Manual face tagging
  Google Photos is known for its ability to recognize and tag automatically the face.
 But it does not always work, it does not always work Google has confirmed 
that users will now be able totag themselves manually, Just like in the 
company's Picasa product is possible.
 Search the text with the image
It will be possible to search the images on which a text is written.
 It is not possible to search the image text right now.
Auto re-upload in original size
 You have saved the photo under the Free Unlimited of Photos, obviously 
this will be saved in the Compressed Form itself. Now if you upgrade your storage plan, then surely 
would you like to save the original quality photos again? Soon you will be doing this new automatic feature.
Deleting photos from the album itself
 If you are currently viewing an album of 'Photos' and want to delete 
any image from itthen you cannot. You have to come out of that album and delete that image by 
locating it. Soon Google will provide the facility where you will not need to exit from the album and it can be
 deleted only when viewing the image album.
Time and date can be edited
             When the camera takes a picture, it automatically tags it with time and date.
 But on many occasions this information is not correct or disappears. This often happens
 when you take a screen shot or scan an old photo. In these circumstances, you have to enter
 the correct time and date of the original image. The 'Photos' of the iOS and the web version
 used to edit the time and date, but the Android version did not do this. Now Android users 
will also get this feature.

It is also possible to come

        It may be possible to find 'Recently uploaded image' on mobile. 
This feature on mobile version is also news for some users to be started. The feature 
that can be added to delete and delete the bad photos can also be added. Bad photos
 mean pocket shots, out-of-focus and suddenly pulled screen shots. This feature will 
collect and present them for deletion.

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