UNIT - 1

Unit 1 "Q for Question" Episode 01
            Friends, as an English teacher, so many people have asked me so far that we have to teach English. But there is no time to come to the class. And I searched for this problem for a long time. And today the settlement has also been found.

"Q for Question" Episode 02
              Friends, if you want to move forward in this world, you will need English after the climb ... and you'll have to ... because English is the only language used in the whole world and that is why English is called the international language. In today's date, English subjects are mandatory in almost every competitive test of India.

"Q for Question" Episode 03

                    Friends What is the importance of English in this article today? Do not say anything like that because everyone knows that if you want to move forward then it will not work without English. Today, there is something called the idea that how to learn English and even wandering. Because I have pledged that I do not stop crying and I also like Salman Khan, "once I do commit, I do not even listen to myself in you". In this dialogue, there is also a good commitment in English.

             The friends are ready to go out and roam, do rubbles, move around in the fairs, spraying kites, TVs Looking at the line shoots (oops ... do not be ashamed of being a teacher, do not you? It is not ashamed to say that people do not feel embarrassed to speak, speak or speak lines, and I should not be shy to explain that I should not do that? ) Who can learn English at any time, at any place, at any event or anywhere in the world?

"Q for Question" Episode 04

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