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Saturday, July 6, 2019



UNIT - 2


              English is the language. Everyone has to learn English but can not be learned. Why? Because we think of learning English, we do not have to do whatever we have to do. Always remember. English is the first language. And follow these suggestions, the difference in two months will increase your confidence in English ... .
  • Hearing Aid
               If you have any language in the world, you have to learn to listen first. As you listen to the language, the same language will come to your hold. Remember your children. The child learns how to speak. Have to teach him to speak? No, he listens and speaks. So listen to the language you have taught. Always be in the English environment. Push if the environment is not there. English Song, See the movie. Listen to the English news channel. Do not understand. Listen ... if you see a difference in English in just one month ...
  • Read too much
              It is also necessary to read too much after hearing much. By reading, your vocabulary will grow and you will understand English. Do not make a mistake here that all do. Reading means not only novels, literature, stories, but also Read what you want to read in English. If you are interested in cricket, read it, pick up jokes, then watch it. If you like children's comics book, then read it. Read what you like to read but in English ....
  • Start speaking a little ...
            Start speaking a little bit after starting hearing and reading a little. Keep speaking whatever is right. Talk to the mind in English. Speak in English in your mind even if you want to speak. Speak as short sentences as possible. Do not worry about Gramer. Think of what you think you want to say.
  • Do not translate 
           Whenever we try to talk to someone in English, we always try to translate. First we try to think in sentences in Gujarati and then translate it into English. Not to do that. By doing so, English will be your language. Do not translate as it sounds like ...
  •   Increase the vocabulary ....
                  If you want to speak in English then only 1500 words will have a vocabulary. This is also probably more. If you read English newspapers, you will realize that they are often writing only one of the same words in the entire newspaper. For vocabulary a little increase. If you read only 10 words every day, you will get 300 English words per month and 3600 words a year .... Then see Kamal .... English will seem easy for you ....

            These are just common rules for learning English. These are the common rules of learning not only English but also in any language of the world. If you regularly work on these rules to give some time, English will be played on your lips in just 1 year ... and without any course of action. Remember. There is no shortcut to learning English.

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