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Saturday, July 27, 2019

Now in Gujarat, there will be water meter at home, the person who damages the water distribution system will be sentenced to 2 years

Now in Gujarat, there will be water meter at home, the person who damages the water distribution system will be sentenced to 2 years

  • Gujarat Home Access Water Supply Conservation Bill passed in 2019 Legislative Assembly
  • Congress opposes walkout, but the state government passed a bill in majority.

The Gujarat home-based water supply conservation bill has passed a bill of water from the majority of households in the Gujarat Legislative Assembly. In the legislative assembly, the state government introduced two bills of the Gujarat irrigation and water dispensation bill (Amendment) Bill and Gujarat Home Consumption Water Supply (Conservation) Bill. The provision of punishment for damages to the water supply system in the Gujarat Home Consumption Bill has been made. If the water distribution system damages the damages, it will be fined 2 years and up to 1 lakh.

How much punishment for damaged home water system?

Gujarat Home Consumption Water Supply Protection Bill 2019 has made provision for strict adherence to the system of water consumption system of consumption of industrial or industrial units. In which the damage to the water distribution system is up to 2 years in jail and up to one lakh fine. Penalties for 3 months and up to 20 thousand rupees if there is obstruction in the management of the water supply system.If there is a fault in the water distribution system, the valves in the valve to tide the flow and compromising the measuring equipment, the penalty for 6 months and up to 50 thousand rupees has been made.

Congress opposes Vaakout

In irrigation bill, Rs. Penalties for up to two lakhs or up to two years of imprisonment. When the water theft in a drinking water system is imprisoned for up to three months or Rs. The Congress opposed the verdict after the provision of punishment not more than one lakh rupees. However, after the nine-hour debate on both the bills, the state government passed a bill from the majority against the Congress's opposition.

The bill has been shown to prevent people from taking illegal water.

Saurabh Patel, who presented irrigation bill, said that people are not able to reach water to farmers, farmers, because they take water from the canal. Therefore, this bill is essential to prevent such activity. When Minister Kunteji Bawlia said,
Drinking water is essential to reach home, the bill has been shown to prevent people from taking water from the middle of the water line to get enough water from the entire house. However, Congress opposed both the bill and had a walkout in the irrigation bill.

The Government of Gujarat today moved a bill for protection of water resources and distribution system namely ‘Gujarat Ghar Vaprash Pani Purvatha (Samrakshan) Vidheyak, 2019’. Following are the highlights of provisions made in this bill which was passed today in the State assembly.

– Serious offenses such as damage to water distribution system, obstructing or blocking of water flow will attract 3 months to 2 year imprisonment or fine of Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 1 lakh or both.

– Unauthorized connection of water, lifting of more than approved water will attract Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 5,000 fine.

– Provision of similar punishment to those assisting such crime.

– Provision of double punishment for officials or staffers involved in such crime

– Provision of settlement in exchange of prescribed amount of fine

– The authority will have power to check at any water distribution system where water is lifted in unauthorized manner

– Provision to seize the equipment used

– Accused will need to pay for damage

– Provision of appeal

– Metering at source and auditing of source and distribution system

– Area authority, municipal corporation, municipality, gram panchayat, Gujarat water supply and gutter board, Gujarat water infrastructure ltd and agencies authorized by the State government are covered under the bill for areas under their purview. Coverage of Board and GWIL will be effective for entire state.

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