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Monday, July 8, 2019

Samsung's new mobile Galaxy S3 will launch soon

Samsung's new mobile Galaxy S3 will launch soon

                 Samsung Galaxy S3, which will be launched in London on Thursday, can be sold in India next month. According to one estimate, Apple's new smartphone 'iPhone-5' and Galaxy S3 were supposed to be launched later, but the Samsung Galaxy has been introduced by introducing the Galaxy S3 in England.

        Samsung Galaxy S-2, a smart phone market last year, provided competition to the iPhone. For this, the Galaxy S3 is the hot market in the smartphone market.

               Currently Samsung has grabbed Apple's number one spot in the smartphone market. However, market analysts believe that if Apple launches its iPhone 5, then the Galaxy S3 can get a bigger competition.

                  Samsung Galaxy S2 not only proved to be the world's best-selling Android smartphone, but not only in India. Naturally, the market has great expectations on Samsung's Galaxy S3. There is no clear information available on how the Galaxy S3 will be launched in India. But market sources are anticipating that this phone will be released in the Indian market by the end of next month.

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