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Saturday, July 27, 2019



As the exam day draws to a close, it is natural to have stress. But keeping in mind some things, you can not only prepare for the exams well and also relieve stress. Know Some Essential And Easy Tips For Exams - Remove from Children's Mind Fear of Examination, 5 Essential Tips

1 Right Time Table - 
The best way to study is to create a time table, and decide in advance when, what and how much to read. Take 10 to 15 minutes break every half hour or so. This will allow you to study better when you sit down to study again. Don't try to read too much at once.Study the difficult topics first and then read the simple things. Gradually increase the hours of study but take breaks in between. If the study is done according to the time table, then all the subjects will be able to give equal attention.

2 Sufficient sleep -
 Children often do not get enough sleep due to pressure of exams and studies, they continue to study until late at night, even in the morning they get up early for studies so that they do not get enough sleep. By which the brain becomes dull and its functionality decreases. The brain will work properly only if it gets enough comfort.

3 Catering 
Most children do not care about eating and drinking during the study, but at this time they need more nutrition. Children should take green vegetables, dry fruits, juice, milk etc. and at least eat more than one at a time. Stay away from more chili spices, fried things and fast food.

4 Physical exercise -  
whether it is morning walk, yoga or any exercise in the home itself. It is also very important to keep the body healthy for mental health. It reaches the right amount of oxygen to the brain, blood circulation is better and it works faster.

5 Entertainment - 
Just by studying, the mind can be cumbersome. Entertainment is also extremely important to refresh her. If you want to do something good at home or refresh the mood by playing with friends or playing some other time or doing other work.

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