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Saturday, July 20, 2019


The preliminary objective of the examination is to integrate student education available and help in various types of educational decisions. Also examines the psychological properties of student's intelligence (I.Q.), aptitude, Attitude, interest.
Examination of examination
Purpose Specific Test
Mode Specific Test
Process Specific Test
A test or exam (informally evaluated ) intends to test the test taker's knowledge , skills , skills , physical fitness  or any other analysis classification (for example, belief ). [1]

A test can be performed on a computer, or in a predetermined field, in which the test taker needs to demonstrate or show a performance of a set of skills. Test styles vary according to rigidity and needs. For example, in a closed-book test, a test taker usually has to rely on memory to answer specific items, while in an open-book test, a test taker has one or more complementary tools such as a Can use reference book or calculator. A test can be done either formal or informal. An example of an informal test will be a reading test for parents to follow by a child. A formal examination is done by a teacher in a classroom or i.k. Psychologically tested test in the clinic. The result of the usual tests is in grade or test score. A test score can be explained in relation to the norm or criteria,[2]

The norm can be set up independently, or by a large number of participants analyzing the statistics. One test means to examine the child's knowledge or to have time to give time to modify that subject.
A certified examination is any test that is arranged and recorded in a uniform way to ensure legal commitment. [3]
Standardized tests are often used in education, professional certification, psychology (eg, MMPI), military and many other areas.
An unverified test is usually flexible in scope and format, difficult and variable in importance. Because these tests are usually developed by an individual instructor, the format and difficulty of these tests cannot be widely adopted or used by other instructors or organizations. A non-standard test can be used to motivate students to teach and provide feedback to students to determine the level of proficiency in students. In some cases, a teacher can develop non-certified exams which are similar to certified exams in scope, format and difficulties for the purpose of preparing their students for the upcoming certified exam. Finally, the frequency and settings by which a non-standardized test is performed, Are very variable and are usually restricted by the class period. A class instructor can do a test for example, on a weekly basis or just two times from a semester. Depending on the instructor or the institution's policy, each term of the test can last for a full class period of just five minutes.

Among the variations in non-standardized tests, standard tests are widely used, defined as scope, difficulty, and format, and are generally significant in results. Standardized tests are usually held on designated dates set by the test developer, educational institution or governing body, which may or may not be employed by the instructor who is assigned to the classroom, Are. Although there is a slight change in the number of different tests of the same standardized test (for example, SAT or GRE), there is a difference between different types of standardized tests.

Any test is known as a high-stack test with significant results for individual test takers.

A test can be developed and managed by an instructor, a medical worker, a management organization, or a diagnostic provider. In some cases, test developers may not be directly responsible for their administration. For example, the Educational Testing Service (ETS), a non-profit educational testing and assessment institution, develops certified exams such as steel but may not directly involve the administration of these tests or Proctor. According to the development and administration of educational tests, the basic and difficult levels of the tests are very high in themselves and there is no general consensus or disagreement over test formats and issues. Often, the format and difficulty of the test depends on the instructor's educational vision, subject matter, class size, educational institution policy, and certification or management requirements. in general,

Written Test

Indonesian Students taking a written test
Written tests are exams that are done on paper or on a computer (as an EMM). A test taker who takes an authoritative test can answer specific items by typing or typing in the given test space or on a different form or document.

Multi Choice
Items in the form of several tests will be given a number of answers to each candidate in a format that has been formatted, and the candidate must ensure that the answer or answer is correct. [4]

Alternative answer
Matching type questions [5]
A mailing item is something that defines defining and requires a test taker to match the identities of the features for the correct position.

Supply type
A vacancy feeding unit identifies the characteristics and provides a test washer and therefore the test taker needs to remember the correct words.
Short answers or article items such as a test will usually require a test taker to answer the requirements. In administrative terms, it takes less time to build article equipment.
Mathematical questions
Open-note Test
Oral oral test
Physical fitness test

Performance Test

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