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Saturday, August 10, 2019

5 day rainfall forecast for the District of Gujarat

5 day rainfall forecast for the District of Gujarat

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          Rainfall is a type of condensation. Water evaporates from the surface of the earth and rises and cools and falls back to the earth as water droplets. This is called rain.

The water vapor found in the air reaches the oscillation due to condensation by exposure to the cooling materials. When the air temperature drops below the dew point, the water vapor begins to fall on the surface in the form of water droplets or hail. This is called rain. The amount of water received from aquifers and snowflakes in a given place at any given time is called the measure of rainfall there.

The vapor generated by the heat goes up into the sky and spreads and cools. Therefore, as the air rises, the ability to hold water vapor decreases. Even with the elevation of the air, the air temperature reaches the point where the air can hold the vapor. When it gets even less hot, the vapor is converted into aqueous particles. This is how clouds form.

Then rain falls on the ground due to cloud water. Even after the formation of the irritation, if the temperature of the air is reduced to less than the freezing point, the irritants take the form of icebergs which cause snowfall. Rain requires two things:

(1) the presence of sufficient water vapor in the air, and
(2) The cooling of the vapor-filled air comes into contact with the cooling material and reaches the dew point.

A device is used to measure the amount of rainfall in which a place is called rain gauge. The amount of rainfall is measured by placing it in the rain at a certain time and at a certain place.

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