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Sunday, August 4, 2019

Any smart device in the world can be hacked, these are the ways to rescue

Any smart device in the world can be hacked, these are the ways to rescue

Last week, a user complained that someone could hack his Apple Mac, as well as gain access to the camera and microphone under his control. After the user complained, Apple turned off the walkie-talkie audio chat feature from all its devices, so that no users' private conversations could reach hackers. A few days ago, a security researcher introduced a bug in Zoom, which allows hackers to access a Mac user's camera without permission.The worrying thing is that even after uninstalling the Zoom app, hackers were able to access the Mac's camera. After Apple complained about it, both Apple and Zoom fixed the bug. You will get all such reports which endanger the safety and privacy of the users. Now the question is how to avoid such hacking. Let's understand this in detail.

43 percent of Americans believe their phones are tracked
According to a National Representative Survey report released in May, 43 percent of Americans believe that their device is recording without their permission. More than 1,000 adult people were included in the survey. According to reports, tech companies are tracking and recording users' devices for advertising.Researchers believe that this kind of tracking makes it easier for advertisers to advertise, and the ad is only delivered to people who are really interested in it. On the other hand, with smart devices, there is always the risk that hackers can take your device's camera and microphone to a remote control at any time.

What is the Expert's opinion on hacking smart devices?
DiscoCon Chief Technology Officer Patrick Jackson believes that we have to admit that there is a risk with smart devices, as these devices contain all kinds of sensors that users are unaware of. A cybersecurity firm with CR involvement in the matter also believes that users do not know which sensor of their device is on when and what the sensor can do.Jackson has also outlined some of the best ways to escape. Let's know.

Repeat with dedicated video-audio calling
Cody Feng, project leader for security and privacy testing in the Consumer Reports, says: 'Whenever you download an app to your phone or system you open a new door for hackers. In digital security it is called Attack Surface. ' People use apps like Google Hangouts, Skype and Zoom for video calling, but few people know that their app version is better than browser, which is more secure.In this case it is better for you not to download these apps. Instead of apps you can use their web version. However, no web browser is completely secure. But while the browser frequently allows you to access the camera and microphone, the apps demand full access at once. In this case, the risk of security with apps is high.

Check device permissions
You will also be fully aware that every time you install an app on your phone or laptop, it will ask you for access such as camera, contact number, gallery and microphone. In addition, there are some apps that also ask for location permissions. In this case, you need to check which app has access to what and if you do not need to turn off access. In this case the hacker will not be able to access your device directly.

Do the permissions settings in Android
If you have an Android phone, you can check the app permissions by going to its settings. To do so, follow these steps: Tap on Settings> Apps (Apps or Notifications)> Advanced> App permissions> Camera> and close the permit. Likewise, turn off access to the microphone.

Permission for such closed apps in iPhone
You can check app access by going to Settings in iPhone and going to Privacy. You can turn off permissions by tapping on Settings> Privacy> Camera>. Similarly, you can turn off the microphone permissions by accessing the microphone.

In Apple Mac, do the permissions settings
Follow these steps by going to the settings of the Mac computer Settings> Security & Privacy> Privacy> Camera> Then remove the tick on the box and set the microphone like this.How-to settings

for the computer
In computer, you have to follow these steps. Settings> Privacy> Camera> Then turn off Camera Access and then turn off Microphone Access by going to the Microphone menu. In addition to the settings, keep updating the software periodically. You can also tap the camera to turn off camera access.

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