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Friday, August 9, 2019

Balko mateni sarkari yojnao

Balko mateni sarkari yojnao

Primary education is the foundation of every citizen's development that determines the future of the country. At present India has made good progress in enrolling in primary education, continuing education, regular attendance and increasing literacy which comprises two thirds of India's population. India's improved education system is considered as contributing to India's good economic development. Also, the quality of primary education is becoming very important in India as well.
Free and compulsory education for every child up to 14 years is provided for in the Constitution of India. Parliament has recently passed the Right to Education Act, which considers education as a basic right for a child aged 6-14. The country has yet to achieve the goal of universal education, which means 100 per cent school admissions and schooling and living by keeping children in school. To compensate for this, the government launched theSarva Shiksha Abhiyan in 2001, the largest such program in the world.

In this area of ​​information technology,especially in rural India, ICT plays avital role in bridging thegap between what should andshould not be done in education. The Primary Education Department of theDevelopment Academy contributes to theachievement of the purpose of primary education in India byproviding multiple content resources.
Anyone recognizes the need to improve the quality of education, to increase the quality of education in order to develop. Every parent living in India recognizes the importance of education today. On the other hand there is concern for the level of education. Repel the rapes. From time to time, the teacher class also blames the government system. We are the parents in that important "guardian" cycle of education. Self. The comet depicts a poignant truth in the story of the "Postoffice" regarding the Father and the Vedas. "
To date, many education systems have been implemented in the world, some of which have been of great benefit, but also many improvements have been made and the current education is being carried out as per today's new education system

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