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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Now the compulsory doctor has to practice in the village for 1 year,punishment for the bond breaker

Now the compulsory doctor has to practice in the village for 1 year,punishment for the bond breaker

Taking a medical seat in Gujarat, the state government has kept the bond system intact. However, there are major changes to the policy. Under which, if he does not practice medicine in rural areas for one year, then Rs 20 lakh will have to be paid through bond. Deputy CM Patel has announced that the breach of the bond will also be prohibited from practicing in Gujarat. Nitin Patel said that at the government expense, medical students will be given a bond of five lakhs. In addition, a security bond of Rs 15 lakh will have to be affidavit on a stamp paper of 300 rupees. And if these doctors do not practice in the rural areas of Gujarat for a year, they will have to pay Rs 20 lakh with a five lakh bond.

Earlier, doctors completed the study and opened big Hospital in the city. So it was a big problem for the government to keep doctors in the villages. The doctor will be present so that every village can get proper treatment. As a result, the people of Urban Area no longer have to be shaken in the taluka or district for medical treatment. This step of the Gujarat government was praised in a way.
There is good news for MBBS students from Gujarat. The Gujarat government has announced mandatory rural tenure cuts for MBBS students studying in the state. As per earlier guidelines, MBBS students in the state were required to dedicate the first three years of their practice after completion of the MBBS program in rural areas. Today i.e. on 14 August 2019, the government has reduced the limit of this mandatory service to 1 year.

However, on the other hand, the government has also raised the bond requirement for MBBS students to Rs 20 lakh. MBBS students are made to sign a bond under which the student will be liable to pay Rs 20 lakhs if they are unable to offer their services in rural areas for a mandatory period as prescribed by the government. Earlier students were made to sign bonds of Rs 5 lakh, but now the limit of this bond has been increased to Rs 20 lakh.

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