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Saturday, August 31, 2019

Saaho: Action in new film of 'BAHUBALI' Prabhas, not a story

Saaho: Action in  new film of 'BAHUBALI' Prabhas, not a story

There is a saying 'Khoda Pahad nikli chuhiya'. People who went to see 'Saaho' after seeing the film can be Rabta with this saying.

After the Bahubali film, when we arrived to see 'Saaho', expecting Prabhas' banged-up entry, only disappointment came.

The film is released simultaneously in four languages. It is obvious that Prabhas has so many fans that people had already booked this film in every city.

After 'Bahubali', some people were waiting that after such a large-scale film, this film will also survive at the box office.

It is not that the film does not have the spice that should be in such a film. The film stars Jackie Shroff, Tinu Anand, Chunky Pandey, Mandira Bedi, Arun Vijay, Prakash Belawadi as fellow actors. But they do not have anything special to do in the film.

In a way, all these are kept only to fill some characters.

The film begins in a fictional city of Wazipur. Where an umpire named Jackie Shroff Roy runs. They do black business and their branches are spread in India and abroad. But to earn some respect, he wants to set up a steel factory, for which he needs the help of some politicians.

There are some members of his party who want to take revenge on them. Jackie Shroff is killed in this enmity. After this, the story revolves in many countries. Where people from China, Africa and some India are also involved.

On the other hand, there are some police officers in Bombay who are upset with the business of Roy umpire. These include Murali, Shraddha Kapoor and Prabhas.
When Prabhas decides that he will eliminate Roy's umpire, then the fight starts with the police and the underworld. Roy umpire is in search of a blackbox, which will open up a lot of capital to them. But the police already know about this blackbox.
After this the story of the film stops and tensions between the police and the underworld begin like a game of cat and mouse. Apart from this, the film is zero in the name of the plot.

Although the speed of the film is fast, but during that time we just see all the vehicles flying and due to the very fast action, we see some characters coming and going. Meanwhile, two-three songs and dancing have been played in the film.

It is obvious that Shraddha Kapoor's romance with Prabhas was necessary to add to the film. During this time, we also see Neil Nitin Mukesh, who remains skeptical about whether he is a policeman or underworld.
Prabhas prevails throughout the film and keeping some suspense, we do not even know whether he is in the police or not. There are many scenes where there is a lack of dialogue.

Perhaps his Hindi is not so good, that is why he appears more in action.

The film has some thrilling scenes through CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) which are far from reality and are only meant to please the audience.

From a technical point of view, these scenes are a collision of any Hollywood film. If there is a shortcoming then just a story. Because only on the strength of action, it becomes difficult to cope with the film for three hours.

Prabhas should have started with a popular Bollywood director's film. But perhaps the influence of Bahubali is so much that he is fitting himself into it. Some Salman and Akshay Kumar films will also have an impact.

Apart from this, for the purpose of establishing his color in North India, he has selected a film in which only his six packs abs, one line story, three songs and a lot of action are present in the film. After watching the film, the only thing that comes out of the heart is that there was a plot in the film.



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