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Sunday, September 29, 2019

Five years ago, the probability of a heart attack will be known: the role of Artificial Intelligence

Five years ago, the probability of a heart attack will be known: the role of Artificial Intelligence

The use of technology in combination with medicine has also become necessary for the treatment of heart disease. With the help of technology, the probability of a heart attack will be revealed in the future. 3D printing helps with heart transplant. Even with the help of Google, heart disease can be known in advance through the eyes. Learn at World Heart Day what technology can help prevent heart disease?

1. Biomarker will predict fingerprint heart attack

Scientists at Oxford University have developed a technology with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), which revealed the potential risk of heart attack 5 years ago. This technology has developed a biomarker fingerprint, named Fat Radomic Profile (FRP). FRP will provide future risk information by doing genetic analysis of fats in the arteries. It will inform you about whether you will have a heart attack in the future.

2. 3D printing will prepare the heart

Scientists at Tel Aviv University in Israel have found success in creating mini hearts with 3D printing. Human cells and biological materials have been used to create this heart. Its size is currently only 2.5 centimeters. The human heart is 12 centimeters long. Preparations are under way to print the shape of a human heart in the future. Even before this artificial heart was created, which was missing arteries.

3. Genetically modified pig heart transplant

Pigs are being manufactured in Massachusetts, Massachusetts, through e-genetic startups whose organ, including the heart, can be transplanted into humans. This will prevent 1/3 of deaths from cardiovascular disease. There have been many years of research for animal heart transplants in the human body but they are not successful because there are gaps between the hearts of humans and animals. Because of this, animals are now being modified according to the human organs.

4. Google: Eyes will tell about future heart attacks

Google is working on a plan that will look into the eyes to see if a person may have a heart disease in the years to come. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are being used in this scheme. It will also reveal the age, blood pressure and body mass index of the retina through photos of the retina, as well as the dangers of Danger habits (such as predicting that five years ago, smoking) could threaten his heart. General Chat Chat Lounge Similarly, how likely is a person to have a heart attack? On the basis of almost as many informants, Google's Deep Learning algorithm has been successfully tested on 3 lakh patients.

4 Inventions that make patient life easier

1. One injection in three months will control cholesterol levels

This is produced by the American Repatha Company. It contains a drug that helps lower cholesterol. This is very helpful for patients who have high LDL (bad cholesterol) and are not in control of the drug.

2. The smart toilet seat will show the patient's heart condition
At the Rochester Institute of Technology, scientist Nicholas Cohn has created a device that can be mounted in a toilet seat. The sensors in it collect the heart rate by measuring blood oxygen at the back of the patient's bladder.

3. The capsule shaped pacemaker is 90 percent smaller than the normal pacemaker
This pacemaker is different. It is 90 percent smaller than the pacemaker present in the general market and is capsule-shaped. The interesting thing about this is, there is no lead in the normal pacemaker. This is why he has been named the Leadless Pacemaker. This device can be mounted in a direct heart.

4. The patient will record a moving digital tattoo of the heart
This device will have to be worn in the neck with Artificial Intelligence. Researchers at the University of Illinois have created this device, which will copy movements within the body. It will also record movements in the heart. The device can be used in Tele Madison.
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Saturday, September 28, 2019

Those words of Bhagat Singh's last letter, which became the voice of Inquilab

Those words of Bhagat Singh's last letter, which became the voice of Inquilab

  • The day Bhagat Singh was smiling on the day he was hanged.
  • Bhagat Singh's weight increased after the announcement of the death sentence.

                  Let us know what Bhagat Singh wrote just hours before his martyrdom which became the voice of Inquilab. Here is a Hindi version of that Urdu letter.The day of execution  was  unfit  and today Bhagat Singh was writing letters to his colleagues. Think, when death is standing in front, then only a  Ranbankura can  smile.  Only a  drunk  person  will  be  able  to  surrender  himself  to  the motherland with a smile of freedom. Today is the birthday of Shaheed-e-Azam Bhagat Singh, who has such passion. So let us know what he wrote just hours before his martyrdom which became the voice of Inquilab. Here is a Hindi version of that Urdu letter.


                     It is obvious that the desire to live should be in me as well, I do not even want to hide it. Today I can live on one condition. Now I do not want to live imprisoned or confined. My name has become a symbol of the Indian revolution. The ideals and sacrifices of the revolutionary party have raised me very high. So high that in the event of survival, I cannot be elevated.

                       Today my weaknesses are not in front of the public. If  I  survived  the  execution,  they would be revealed and the symbol of revolution would be dimmed. It may be erased. But in the face of my gallows laughing impatiently, Indian mothers will start  expecting  their  children  to  become Bhagat Singh and the number of those who sacrificed for the freedom of the country will increase so much that the revolution can be stopped by imperialism or all the evil forces Will not matter.

               Yes, a thought still comes to my mind that if I had the desire to do things for the country and humanity, I could not fulfill even the 1000th part of it, if I could live independently,  then  may be I would have got an opportunity to fulfill it and I can fulfill my desires Apart from this, no greed ever came to my mind to be saved from hanging. Who will be more lucky than me, nowadays I am very proud of myself. I now desperately await the final exam, wish it would come sooner.

    Your comrade,

    Bhagat Singh

    In this way, all three embraced hanging

                    Along with Bhagat Singh, his associates Rajguru and Sukhdev also laughed and kissed the trap of hanging. He was smiling the day he was hanged. Before death, all three patriots embraced and dreamed of freedom. This was the day  when  the  eyes  of  all  the  prisoners  lodged  in  Lahore jail became moist. Even the jail staff and officers were shaking hands in hanging. All three were bathed before hanging. Then they were  brought  in  front  of  the  executioner wearing new clothes. Their weight was taken here. Interestingly, Bhagat Singh's weight increased after the announcement of the hanging.

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    Sunday, September 22, 2019

    Sparsh Shah from surat to sing national song in 'Howdy Modi' program, 35-40 fractures occurred in 6 months of birth

    Sparsh Shah from surat to sing national song in 'Howdy Modi' program, 35-40 fractures occurred in 6 months of birth

    When Sparsh Shah  left for Houston, the picture was posted on his Facebook page.

    • Sparsh Shah  will be part of the historic moment by participating in the Howdy Modi program.
    • More than 22 screws and eight rods have been fitted to the body of the tangent shah.

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reached the US in Houston over the Howdy Modi program. It is a matter of pride for Gujarat that Shah, who has been suffering from a disease called osteogenesis imperfecta since birth, touches the original Surat. He will sing the national anthem at the Howdy Modi event held at NRG Stadium in America. Sparsh Shah  on this is a great thing for me in Howdy Modi program, that I am singing in front of so many people. I am so excited to sing the national anthem. It is worth mentioning that 6 to 6 months after touch birth, 35 to 40 fractures occurred.

    There will also be an event that brings glory to the Suratis

    The preparations for the Howdy Modi program, which will be held today (Sunday) at the NRG Stadium in America, are underway. More than 50,000 Indians will be present at the stadium to welcome Prime Minister Narendra Modi. US President Donald Trump will also be present. Houston's NRG Football Stadium is one of America's largest stadiums. The event is hosted by the Texas India Forum. Surat's Sparsh Shah  will sing the national anthem in this Howdy Modi program. The original Surat Sparsh Shah  is the grandson of Praful Shah, the former president of the Shah Chamber of Commerce. There is going to be an event that brings glory to the Suratis too.

    Who is Sparsh Shah  

    When her son was born there, Hirn Prafulchand Shah, who was originally settled in the United States after her studies and studies, could not last long. Only six months after birth, the Sparsh Shah  had 35-40 fractures. There is a disease called osteogenesis imperfecta. In this disease the bones are very fragile. Due to which the person cannot run or run. He can never move again like a normal child. Not even such a touch can be fractured if you shake hands with anyone. By the age of 12, touch had more than 125 features. His body has more than 22 screws and eight rods to fit.

    Despite the incurable illness, I did not lose

    Despite such an illness at such a young age, touching never lost courage. Illness never diminished her passion. At just three years of age, Sparsh Shah  started playing music on the keyboard. At the age of three-and-a-half, Sparsh Shah  went to the car with her parents. The car played a song on the radio and remembered the Sparsh   and started coming home. He remembers Sparsh  four to five songs played on the radio and sang when he came home. Thus began to become a Sparsh musician and singer. At the age of six, Pandit had learned the Indian classic at Jasraj Institute of Music. Sparsh is also loved by American vocal music. Sparsh Shah  is not only important in signaling but also in learning. He is playing video games in spare time with his younger brother Anuj.

    Great achievement at a young age

    After eight years of studying classical music at the age of 15, he is fond of singers, songwriters, rappers, and motivational speakers. He has produced more than 27 songs. It has delivered over 100 live performances worldwide. Google has won numerous awards at Speech, Ted Talk Show, Voice of New York, UN. Touch has millions of followers on social media.

    Excitement about meeting PM Modi

    Sparsh  Shah is very excited about the national anthem in the Howdy Modi program and also about meeting PM Modi. "It is a great thing for me that I am singing in front of so many people," Sparsh  Shah wrote on his Facebook page. I am so excited to sing the national anthem. Ever since I first saw Modiji at Madison Square Garden, I have been wanting to meet him, but I was only able to see him on TV.

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    "Howdy Modi" Gujarati will paly three hours dandias in Houston.

    "Howdy Modi" Gujarati will paly three hours dandias in Houston.

    Posters of 'Howdy Modi' program have been posted

    • By far the most grand, big ceremony for any leader, will be with Trump
    • More than 50,000 Indians will be involved, Houston mayor and 60 MPs will be present
    • Houston welcome boards set up, more than 100 buses run, cars rally for public

    The preparations for the Howdy Modi program on Sunday at NRG Stadium in the United States are in full swing. More than 50,000 Indians will be present at the stadium to welcome Prime Minister Narendra Modi. US President Donald Trump will also be in attendance. The program will start at 8.30pm according to Indian time. Houston's NRGFootball Stadium is one of America's largest stadiums. The event is hosted by the Texas India Forum.

    The US president will also participate

    The program will also feature Indian classical music, folk songs and dance during the three-hour show. About 1000 Gujarati will play Dandiya in the midst of Navratri. Texas India Forum spokeswoman Gitesh Desai said Indians from 48 states are coming to witness this historic event. There has never been such a big event in Houston before. It is also the first event to take the US presidential stake. More than 100 buses have been arranged for the people attending the ceremony. Bill wars are taking place all over Houston. A car rally was also organized before Modi's program. The live broadcast will be broadcast in Hindi, English and Spanish.

    American MPs will also be present

    The plane carrying Modi had to stay for two hours at Germany's Frankfurt Airport, causing technical malfunction. Modi was in Frankfurt for two hours, where he was received by Ambassador Mukta Tomar. Modi will be in the US until October 27. On May 24, he will hold bilateral talks with Trump in New York. He will also address the UN General Assembly. Thousands of people have been arranged to sit in the stadium which has a circular shape. The program preparations here are running rampant. A grand stage has been erected here. From where the PM will address. Cultural program has also been organized here before Narendra Modi's speech. Many American MPs will be present along with Donald Trump. The shape has been named Howdy Modi. This is Prime Minister Modi's first visit to the United States after a historic victory. Modi is scheduled to address the United Nations on September 27.

    3 times larger than Madison Square and Silicon Valley

    Modi has traveled to the United States in 2014 and 2015 after becoming Prime Minister. Madison Square Garden at that time and addressed 18-18 thousand people at a program in San Jose Silicon Valley. Houston's program is three times larger than that. 50 thousand people will be present here. More than 1100 volunteers are working day and night for this. There are over 5 million Indian community members in Texas. One and a half million people live in Houston.
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    Saturday, September 21, 2019

    How to check the validity of mobile phone

    How to check the validity of mobile phone

    You can check the validity of any phone before buying it. In case of buying both new or old phones, it is very important to check the validity, as it helps you to know that you are buying the right phone. Keep in mind that if the status of mobile validity is blacklisted, duplicate or allready in use, do not buy such phone. You can check the validity of the phone before you buy it through Know Your Mobile (KYM). You need IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) to check the validity of any phone. IMEI is a 15 digit number.

    The IMEI number is written on the packing box of the mobile. In addition, it is also written in the mobile bill. If you are buying an old phone or want to know the validity of your existing phone, you need to dial * # 06 # from your phone. As soon as you dial this number from the mobile phone, IMEI number will appear on the phone screen. There are 3 ways to know the validity of your mobile through Know Your Mobile (KYM).

    1. Via SMS

    You need to type KYM <15 digit IMEI number> from your phone to get validity via SMS. Then this message has to be sent to 14422. After this you will get a message related to the validity of the mobile.

    2. With the help of the KYM app

    You can also know the validity of your mobile phone through the KYM app. The KYM app is available in the Google Play Store for Android users and the App Store for iOS users.

    3. Through the web portal

    You can also check the validity of your mobile through the web portal ( The first thing you need to do is enter your mobile number in this website. After entering the mobile number and click on Get OTP then OTP will appear on your phone. After putting OTP on the website you have to enter the IMEI number and by doing this you will be able to check the validity of your phone.
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    Thursday, September 19, 2019

    Anand's students have explored the option of rising petrol-diesel prices, only making 80km worth of bikes at Rs 7.

    Anand's students have explored the option of rising petrol-diesel prices, only making 80km worth of bikes at Rs 7.

    • Next date The bike will be presented at the Two Wheeler Design Competition in Tamil Nadu from September 27 to 29.
    • The student team started manufacturing the bike from April last
    • These electric bikes can be sold in the market for Rs. 60 thousand
    • The bike was created by the students with the support of Dr. Nimit Patel, Faculty Advisor.

    Considering the ever-increasing petrol and diesel prices in the country, students of Vidyanagar's engineering college have built a battery-powered bike. Head of College Automobile Engineering. Takhar Gupte said that this bike can only run up to 80 km on a single charge. It only costs Rs 7 to charge the battery of the bike. These unique bikes can prevent pollution in the country. The 10 students built the bike in just 5 months, which cost an estimated € 80,000.

    The bike was named as 'shelter' to fulfill India's resolve

    Engineers from ADIT College in New Vallabhyanagar have built a unique battery-powered bike. They have named this bike a 'shelter'. In the conversation, the students said, "We have the hope of fulfilling the Government's promise of electric mobility and pollution-free India." And that's why this bike is named after the shelter. Next date The bike will be presented at the Electric Two Wheeler Design Competition organized by the Society of Automotive Engineers in Tamil Nadu from September 27 to 29.

    The bike can be sold in the market for up to Rs. 60 thousand

    According to information obtained, a team of 1 college students started the bike manufacturing from April last. He was supported by Dr. Neemit Patel, Faculty Advisor. Students prepared the demo piece of the bike in just six months by preparing the frame and pipes manually. The electric lithium battery was used after the electric two wheeler was manufactured. According to the students, the bike has been spent on an estimated 80 thousand. But if manufactured in more quantities, this electric bike could be sold in the market at a price of Rs. 60 thousand.

    The bike can run up to 80 km in 1.2 kg volts of energy

    Dr. "Our boys are working on a project in the final year on something that is future technology," said Takhar Gupte. The country needs a pollution-free, low cost, no-noise vehicle. So the students decided to design something new for Personal Mobility for the feature. The bike is designed for students to participate in the Competition of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). Every day we talk to students about how to build a bike, how to get two wheels, handle and reduce the weight of the car so that it can provide better performance and get better performance at a lower cost. This bike can run up to 80 km in 1.2 kg volts of energy. So a bike can be driven up to 80km for around Rs.

    Bike Features

    The bike weighs 60 kg
    The bike comes with a 6 kg battery (Rs. 22,500)
    The bike runs 1 km for about 10 paise
    1000w, 48v BLDC HUB motor
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    Tuesday, September 17, 2019

    15th oct. Sudhi traffic police nava niyam mujab dand nahi fatkari sake.

    15th oct. Sudhi traffic police nava niyam mujab dand nahi fatkari sake.

    click here to download mparivahan app
    Provides Transport Service access to citizens through a mobile based application. This app empowers citizen with instant access to various information, services and utilities related to the Transport Sector. Aimed to bring convenience to citizen and transparency in the system.

    It is a genuine government app for all India RTO vehicle registration number search. It provides complete information about a car like -
    - Owner Name
    - Registration date
    - Registering Authority
    - Make Model
    - Fuel Type
    - Vehicle Age
    - Vehicle class
    - Insurance Validity
    - Fitness Validity
    All these information will be displayed in details.

    The main benefits of this app are -

    1. Find details of any parked, accidental or theft vehicle by just entering the registration number.
    2. Verify your car registration details.
    3. Verify details of a second hand vehicle.
    4. If you want to buy a second hand car you can verify the age and registration details.

    Along with above features, you can also verify DL details and create virtual DL and RC
    in this app.

    Highlights: Virtual RC/DL, Encrypted QR Code, Information Services, DL/RC search, Road Offence Reporting, Road Accident Reporting, Transport Notification to the citizen, RTO/Traffic Office Locations. Complete Transport Office related services will also be facilitated soon.. 

    click here to download digilocker app

    DigiLocker is a key initiative under Digital India, the Government of India's flagship program aimed at transforming India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy. Targeted at the idea of paperless governance, DigiLocker is a platform for issuance and verification of documents & certificates in a digital way, thus eliminating the use of physical documents. The DigiLocker website can be accessed at

    You can now access your documents and certificates from your DigiLocker on your mobile devices.

    A digital locker or digital locker is an important part of India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Digital India program. It is an online service run and authorized by the Government of India. This service, operated by the Government of India's Ministry of Communications and IT, can be used by users to store their documents online. The main purpose of this service is to reduce the burden of carrying paper documents. The user can store their valuable documents in digital form and present them as needed. Such as birth certificate, driving license, PAN card, Aadhaar card, school college certificates etc. can be stored in it so it is always exempt from carrying in physical form. According to the IT Act of the Government of India, the documents submitted through this medium are considered acceptable.

    Each user is allocated 1 GB of space, in which they can store their scanned or digitally formatted documents. Aadhaar card is required to use this feature, One Time Password (OTP) is sent in the mobile number linked to the Aadhaar card and it is authenticated Aadhaar card.

    The beta version of the service was introduced in February 2015, introduced by the Prime Minister on July 1, 2015. The storage space provided was initially 10 MB and was later expanded to 1 GB.

    E-signature documents are also a part of this feature. The service aims to reduce the use of physical documents, reduce administrative costs, provide honesty for e-documents, provide secure access to government-issued documents, and make it easier for residents to receive services.

    The government has reduced the five-year limit for renewal of expired vehicle licenses by overnight to one year. It has affected over five million people across the state. This will cost them up to five thousand. HSRP has increased the deadline eight times, so millions have demanded a chance to renew the license. Various associations, including transport owners and drivers, have decided to express their anger at the rally, if not for the issue of license renewal.

    It will cost up to five thousand

    License holders who have expired will have to repeat the entire process for the raw and firm licenses of the vehicle. Of which, Rs. In addition to these costs, the cost of paying the appointment and e-payment will be up to Rs.

    There will be a review meeting after PM leaves

    According to Transport Minister RC Faldu, a review meeting will be held in the presence of Chief Minister Vijay Rupani after Prime Minister Narendra Modi is visiting Gujarat. Each of which will discuss the new traffic fines issue. It will also discuss the question of reduced issue in licenses. If there are problems then a decision will be taken in the interest of the people.

    More problems with transport licenses

    People licensed for transport and non-transport vehicles face more problems. In case the non-transport license has expired, then the raw license will have to be revoked. After this the license has to be endosd. All this will cost up to five thousand. So the license holders and traders with three wheelers have been upset.

    The NRI will have the most trouble

    Most recently, the decision to reduce the issue will have the biggest impact on NRI license holders. Since they were abroad, the deadline for the license could not be worked out only because of fear that their license would be revoked. Applicants in the RTIO also say that government ministers or officials do not listen to us on this issue.

    Click to read in gujarati
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    Sunday, September 15, 2019

    Now The EWS certificate will be valid for three years

    Now The EWS certificate will  be valid for three years

    evs certificate

    • Until now it was considered valid for 1 year

    Among the non-reserved classes, the economically weaker section has been given a three-year extension of the certificate issued by the government to enter the educational institutions or take advantage of 10 percent reserve for government jobs. This certificate will be valid for three years from the date of issue.

    Certificates are issued to students as well as candidates by the Social Welfare Officer to avail 10 percent reservation for the economically weaker non-reserve category. Since the validity of the certificate is up to one year, the state government has decided to validate the certificates of economically weaker non-reserved category like OBC class for three years so that students and candidates do not have to go for such certification every year.

    If income increases, the certificate will have to be returned

    In addition to the application for certification, the applicant will have to inform the issuing officer and give a written guarantee of return of the certificate if his income will increase beyond the prescribed limit within three years. There will be legal action against concealment of information as well as the benefits of reservation.

    Guidelines or schemes proposed by the Central Government or by the State Government to carry out various activities for the overall development of the underserved community through education, economic development and their social development in the State of Gujarat Accordingly, individually or in groups, directly or at an agency gate Related programs for financially and financially viable projects and projects in collaboration with state / central government ministries or departments or other such financial institutions;


    Bin Anamat Sahay Yojna | Bin Anamat Rojagar Sahay Yojana| Gujarat Government Announces Scheme For Unreserved Segment Of Society
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    Saturday, September 14, 2019

    Apple iPad 2019 launched, will also support Apple Pencil

    Apple iPad 2019 launched, will also support Apple Pencil

    apple iped

    • Apple has provided Smart Connector and First Generation Apple Pencil Support for Smart Keyboard Support
    • WiFi 32GB variant starts at Rs 29,990 and 128GB variant costs Rs 37,900.
    • The iPad features stereo speakers and a dual microphone.

    Apple has also launched the iPad 2019 with the iPhone 11 Series smartphones. The iPad's display is 10.2 inches and also has the Apple A10 Fusion SoC. The highlight of this iPad is that it is made of 100% recyclable aluminum. The iPad offers smart connector and first generation Apple Pencil support for smart keyboard support.

    Price in India

    The starting price of the iPad WiFi 32GB variant in India is Rs 29,990 and the 128GB variant is priced at Rs 37,900.

    WiFi + Cellular's 32GB variant is priced at Rs 40,990 and 128GB variant is priced at Rs 48,900.

    According to the company, the iPad 2019 is available in 25 countries, including the US. The 2019 pixel density of the iPad is 264 pixels per inch and the brightness is 500 nits. Connectivity includes WiFi 802.11ac and Bluetooth version 4.0. The iPad features stereo speakers and a dual microphone. It has a 32WHr battery, which offers 10 hours of web surfing time and 9 hours of cellular network time.

    Specifications of iPad 2019

    • Processor:- m10 coprocessor
    • Storage:- 32GB / 128GB
    • Front camera:- 1.2MP
    • Rear camera:- 8MP
    • Weight:- wifi variant 483 g and wifi + cellular variant 493 g
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    Tuesday, September 10, 2019

    Apple's big event today, new iPhone will be launched

    Apple's big event today, new iPhone will be launched

    A special event will be organized by Apple today. The new iPhone 11 series will be launched in this event.

    • The event will start at 10.30 pm Indian time.
    •  Live streaming of the event on YouTube.
    • Three new iPhones can be launched.

    The new iPhone series will be launched by tech giant Apple. It is expected that the series will include three new iPhone models. Apart from the regular iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 R and iPhone 11 Max can be launched under this series. This information has appeared in leaked reports many times.

    Apple's special event will be held at the Steve Jobs Theater, Cupertino, California. The event will start at 10:00 am PDT at 10.30 pm Indian time. Live streaming of this event can be seen on the company's YouTube page. This will be the first time in Apple's history when the company will do live streaming of the event via YouTube. Along with YouTube, the event can also be seen live on the company's website. This can be seen on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch model or Mac computer with the help of Safari browser. Apart from this, the company can also do livestreaming of the event on Twitter.

    Pre-orders for Apple's new iPhone 11 models can be started from September 13 and available in stores from September 20. According to the information received, in addition to iPhone 11, iPhone 11 R and iPhone 11 Max, the company can also announce iOS 13.

    Apart from new iPhone models, Apple Watch, Apple TV and software updates can also be launched in Apple's special event. It is expected that the company will also launch MacBook Pro. Talking about the new iPhone 11 models, one of them will be the upgraded version of the iPhone XR. In this case, its price will also be less.

    On the other hand, talking about the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max, no major changes are expected in their design, but a change in the back panel is possible. It is also being speculated that this time OLED display can be given in all three models. The next generation A13 processor can be given in the new iPhone 11 series, which will be faster than before.

    According to the information received, Apple TV can also be launched during the event and an A12 processor can be given in it. Talking about Apple Watch 5, no major changes are expected in this too. Although new cases can be found. According to a report, the company can also launch a Bluetooth tracking TAG this time. With this tag, with the help of this short range radio technology, the precise location of the device will be provided. Talking about the price, the initial price of iPhone 11 can be 1000 dollars (about 75,541 rupees).
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    Monday, September 9, 2019

    Army Public School Teacher Recruitment 2019: 8000 Vacancies

    Army Public School Teacher Recruitment 2019: 8000 Vacancies 

    1. There are 137 Army Public Schools (APS) located in various Cantonments and Military Stations across India.These schools are administered and managed by local Army authorities and affiliated to CBSE through Army Welfare Education Society (AWES). A List of these schools is placed at Annexure 1.

    2. There are approximately 8000 teachers on the rolls of these schools. Out of these, a large number get turned over every year due to various reasons.

    3. Vacancies could be `regular’ or of `fixed term’ nature which shall be informed along with the announcement of vacancies. Regular appointments would be liable to transfer.

    Exam Method. 

    Test will be conducted ON-LINE in the MCQ format. For details see
    table below.

    Exam Fee. 

    Rs 500/- (Non-Refundable).


    • Registration start  - 01 Sep 2019 
    • Last date- 22 Sep 2019
    • Availability of  Admit cards online - 04 Oct 2019 (Tentative will be informed after uploading)
    • Exam - 19 & 20 October 2019.
    • Publication of Results - 30 Oct 2019.

    Advertisement:- click here
    Online Application:- click here

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    Sunday, September 8, 2019

    Chandrayaan-2: ISRO discovers Vikram Lander on the moon, tries to contact

    Chandrayaan-2: ISRO discovers Vikram Lander on the moon, tries to contact

    The optical high resolution camera (OHRC) mounted in Chandrayaan-2's orbiter has taken a picture of Vikram Lander. In this, Vikram Lander has fallen headlong 500 meters away from the fixed place of soft landing.
    • Scientists are trying to send a message to Vikram Lander through Orbiter. 
    • After data analysis, you will know how much work Vikram Lander and Pragyan Rover will do.

    ISRO (ISRO) has come to know about the position of Vikram Lander on the moon. The orbiter has taken his picture with a thermal image camera. However, no communication has been established with him yet. It is also reported that Vikram Lander is 500 meters away from the fixed place of landing. The optical high resolution camera (OHRC) mounted in Chandrayaan-2's orbiter has taken a picture of Vikram Lander.

    Now ISRO is trying to send a message to Vikram Lander through scientific orbiter so that his communication system can be turned on. Trusted sources of ISRO told that a message is constantly being sent to Vikram Lander and Orbiter from ISRO Center in Bengaluru so that communication can be started.

    ISRO chief K Sivan told that we have come to know about Vikram Lander, he has been seen on the surface of the moon. The orbiter has taken a thermal picture of the lander. But no communication has been established yet. We are trying to contact.

    Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) Chief, K Sivan to ANI: We've found the location of #VikramLander on lunar surface & orbiter has clicked a thermal image of Lander. But there is no communication yet. We are trying to have contact. It will be communicated soon. # Chandrayaan2

    In future, how much work Vikram Lander and Pragyan Rover will do, it will be known only after data analysis. ISRO scientists are now finding out why Vikram strayed from his path at 2.1 km altitude. One reason for this may also be that none of the small 4 steering engines installed on the side of Vikram lander has worked. Because of this, Vikram Lander got deviated from its fixed route. The whole problem started from here, so scientists are studying this point.

    Apart from this, a photo of Vikram Lander will be taken from the optical high resolution camera (OHRC) in the orbiter circling around the moon. This camera can take a clear picture of anything up to 0.3 meters or 1.08 feet on the lunar surface.

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    Saturday, September 7, 2019

    BSNL brings new plan, 33GB data per day and free calling

    BSNL brings new plan, 33GB data per day and free calling

    BSNL has launched a new Rs 1,999 plan. Know what will be found in this plan

                   BSNL has launched a new Rs 1,999 plan, extending its Bharat Fiber Broadband Plan. It has been launched soon after the arrival of JioFiber plans. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited has introduced its new Rs 1,999 broadband plan, in which 33GB daily data and unlimited voice calling will be given.

                     This new plan will be available along with the already existing Rs 849, Rs 1,277, Rs 2,499, Rs 4,499, Rs 5,999, Rs 9,999 and Rs 16,999. BSNL's Rs 1,999 broadband plan will compete with ACT Fibernet, Airtel V-Fiber's Rs 1,999 plan and JioFiber's Rs 2,499 plan. BSNL has already confirmed that up to 33GB of data per day will get speeds of 100 Mbps and after that the speed will be 4 Mbps.

                        Talk about the company's new 1,999 broadband plan in detail, then customers will get speeds of up to 100GB of data up to 33GB every day. After this the speed will be 4 Mbps, which is better than 1 Mbps of Geofiber. However, this plan is being marketed by BSNL under the name of Unlimited Plan.

                   Apart from data, voice calling facility is also being provided by BSNL anywhere across the country. This calling can be done from the company's landline. The company's new 1,999 broadband plan will be available between Rs 1,277 and Rs 2,499 plan. On the other hand, talking about Jio's new Rs 2,499 plan, in this, customers will get 500GB data at a speed of 100 Mbps and after that the speed will be 1 Mbps. In addition, the company will also offer 4K set top boxes and voice calling.

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    Wednesday, September 4, 2019

    Congo fever

    Congo fever

    Congo fever (Crimean – Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF)) is a viral disease. This virus is very common in East and West Africa and originates from Hyalomma tick. The virus was first identified in 1944 in a country called Crimea. Then in 1969 the disease appeared in the Congo. Then it was named CCHF. Then in 2001, its outbreak also increased in Pakistan, South Africa and Iran.

    SpecialtyInfectious disease
    SymptomsFever, muscle pains, headache, vomiting, diarrhea, bleeding into the skin
    ComplicationsLiver failure
    Usual onsetRapid
    DurationTwo weeks
    Diagnostic methodDetecting antibodies, the virus's RNA, or the virus itself
    Differential diagnosisDengue fever, Q fever,Ebola virus disease
    TreatmentSupportive care, ribavirin
    PrognosisRisk of death ~25%

    * Are symptoms of this infection seen for the first time in India?

    Yes, this disease was not recorded in India before. According to the World Health Organization, the infection is found in many countries in Africa, Europe and Asia. During 2001, a large number of cases were found in Kosovo, Albania, Iran, Pakistan and South Africa.

    Symptoms of this infection first appeared in the year 1944 in Crimea. In 1969, it was found that a similar infection was spread in the Congo and hence this virus is known as Crimean Congo Virus.

    Dangers to live with animals

    The parasite called 'Himalor', which clings to the skin of animals is a carrier of the disease. Therefore, the risk of getting vulnerable is more to those people who are in contact with cow, buffalo, goat, sheep and dog etc.

    Although animals are usually the victims, the infection spreads to humans as well. People prone to the disease are highly prone to death and once infected, it can take three to nine days to spread completely in the body.

    * How does it spread?

    - Investigation of some suspicious cases is going on. In animals, the disease is spread by ticks or fleas. But this disease is very dangerous because 30 to 80 percent cases of such infection die.
    Death occurs due to rapid leakage of blood from the body and failure of various body parts simultaneously.

    According to the World Health Organization, when infected, symptoms such as fever are felt with body pains, dizziness and head ache, eye irritation and fear of light. Some people have backache and nausea and throat.

    * What steps are being taken to overcome this?

    After the symptoms of infection have been reported, hospitals have been advised to take all measures to prevent it from spreading. Relatives of the afflicted person and the doctors treating them have been asked to protect themselves from the liquids emanating from the body of the sick.
    People have been asked to contact the hospital immediately on receiving symptoms of infection in themselves or someone's life. The Gujarat government has started screening in Ahmedabad hospitals and nearby villages to identify such patients.

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    Tuesday, September 3, 2019

    Pearl White color variant of Redmi K20 Series can be launched in India tomorrow

    Pearl White color variant of Redmi K20 Series can be launched in India tomorrow

    Xiaomi is now teasing the arrival of the white color option of the Redmi K20 series. Redmi K20 Pro got the option of summer honey white color some time ago.

    Xiaomi is now teasing the arrival of the white color option of the Redmi K20 series. Redmi K20 Pro got the option of summer honey white color some time ago. This new color option can also be made available in the Indian market. The new teaser poster released by Mi India suggests that the Redmi K20 series may get a new Pearl White color option. It can be made available in the country from tomorrow.

    Redmi India has released the teaser poster of its upcoming Redmi K20 series color option on Twitter. This teaser poster shows white color and pearl in the middle. It is written in Pearl- "The white will be here tomorrow, see you then." It shows that Redmi K20 and Redmi K20 Pro will be made available in the new Pearl White color option and the new color model will be announced tomorrow. However, the name of this color option has not been announced by the same company and based on Hint, it is currently being estimated only.

    Xiaomi had already launched the Redmi K20 Pro in China in the Summer Honey White color option a few months ago, but the color of the teaser phone looks a bit different. It may be that this is the same color option and now it is being made available in India. Xiaomi often renames the phone's color option outside its home market. Perhaps this is happening in the case of Redmi K20 as well. In China, the Redmi K20 Pro has got a new white color option and the Redmi K20 is still available only in Carbon Black, Flame Red and Glacier Blue options. The same will happen in India or the company will provide new color options for both Redmi K20 and Redmi K20 Pro, nothing is clear about it right now.

    Key Specs & Features of Xiaomi Redmi K20

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    Monday, September 2, 2019

    Bahamas shocked by typhoon 'Dorian' cyclone

    Bahamas shocked by typhoon 'Dorian' cyclone

    The roofs of houses in the Caribbean island of Bahamas have been broken and a severe flood situation has occurred after being hit by a very powerful cyclone 'Dorian'.

    It is a slow moving cyclone of category five and is being described as the second most powerful Atlantic storm. Wind is blowing at a speed of 285 kilometers per hour.

    Due to the storm, sea waves in many places were more than seven meters.

    The storm is currently moving west at a speed of nine kilometers per hour and may affect eastern US shores as well.

    The American provinces of Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina have declared an emergency.
    The National Hurricane Center in the Bahamas has said that Dorian is currently at the eastern end of Grand Bahamam. West Palm Beach in Florida is just 100 kilometers from here.

    Very little information is still being received from the affected Bahamas Islands because there is a power failure and the internet is not working properly either. It is being told that Abaco Island has been submerged in water.
    Government officials have said that the floodwater in Abaco has reached the same height as the roof of the cars and the roofs of the houses have been destroyed.

    Local people have shared videos of flood water entering the house on social media. The boats are seen floating in the wreckage in the videos
    "It is a disaster. Property and infrastructure has suffered a huge loss. Fortunately, no one has reported the death," Director General of the Ministry of Tourism and Aviation Joy Jibarilu said after the cyclone knocked on Sunday.

    However, 'Eyewitness News' later showed an interview of a woman who claimed to have drowned her grandson in Abaco Island.

    The government has started 14 relief camps and converted dozens of churches, schools and other buildings into emergency shelter sites.

    It is feared that when these places are filled, people will take shelter in such places, where there will not be adequate food and water.

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    Sunday, September 1, 2019

    Vivo reduces the cost of two smartphones with 5000mAh battery

    Vivo reduces the cost of two smartphones with 5000mAh battery

    Chinese smartphone company Vivo has launched several smartphones in the Y series this year. The Vivo Wi-15 and Y17, two smartphones with 5000 mAh battery of this series, have been dropped. The smartphones were launched in April-May this year. The Vivo Y15 was launched in India at a price of Rs 13,990.

    While the Vivo Y17 was launched in India at a price of Rs 17,990. The feature of both these smartphones is that both phones have a triple rear camera sensor along with powerful battery. The price of these two smartphones has been reduced by Rs 1000.

    Find out the new price:

    The price of Vivo Y15 has been reduced by Rs 1000. Now you can buy this smartphone for Rs. 12,990. The smartphone can be purchased through e-commerce site companies as well as through the company's official store and offline channels. This is the second time the price of the Vivo Y-17 has dropped.

    Earlier, the price of this smartphone was reduced by Rs 1000. Since then its price has gone up to Rs 16,990. Now its price has been reduced to Rs 2000. The smartphone can now be purchased for Rs. 14,990. You can also buy it through the company's authorized e-store and offline channels, in addition to the premier e-commerce website

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    Starting today without HSRP number plate, a fine of up to one thousand will have to be paid.

    Starting today without HSRP number plate, a fine of up to one thousand will have to be paid.

    • Two Wheeler - 100, Four Wheeler - 200, Three Wheeler - 300 and Large Vehicle 500 Rs.
    • The state government has extended the term seven times so far

    Vehicles without Ahmedabad HSRP number plate will have to pay a fine from today. The deadline for placing the HSRP number plate was yesterday. Without the state government extending the deadline, today, penalties will be imposed against vehicles that are running on roads without HSRP. The state government has extended the term seven times so far. However, millions of carriers have not yet put up an HSRP number plate.

    A maximum penalty of 1000 will be imposed

    From today, traffic police and RTOs will prosecute the operators of the number plate without HSRP and punish them. Two-wheeler drivers will be fined 100, four-wheeler drivers 200, 300 for three-wheelers and 500 for large vehicles and a maximum of 1000. In a conversation with DivyBhaskar, RTO officer SP Munia said that the state government has not extended the date for placing the number plate of HSRP so that the penalty will be taken from today.

    HSRP License Plates - Benefits?

    The HSRP-High Security Registration Plate, a standard in license plates across India, was launched on 1 May 2012. As the name suggests, there is a high security number plate that will create a uniform format to display your vehicle's registration number across the country. .

    These HSRP plates are made of aluminum, which contain specific details other than the registration number. Featuring a unique seven-digit laser code, a cycle hologram to prevent forgery, a self-destructive sticker with your car's engine and chassis number. The color of "Ind" is blue. India shall be inscribed in a hot stamping foil in all letters and numbers on a plate at an angle of 45 degrees. The HSRP plates feature a non-removable snap on the lock and will also be non-reusable if removed in any way by any means.

    You may ask, what is wrong with your existing number plate, they just want to do the right thing. But those same number plates are very easy to tamper with and it is very easy to steal a car because thieves usually remove the number plates first after stealing the car. While some people like to customize their number plates and sometimes the customization is so awkward and awkward that it becomes difficult for the police to get hold of some of the vehicles that are even for breaking the law such as the other Red-light jumping between things. If they are not able to read the number plates of the absconding car, the police cannot track the car. Therefore, uniform styled HSRP plates will serve that purpose very well. HSRPs are tamper-proof, serving as a deterrent for car thieves.

    HSRPs will also help to create a national data of all motor vehicles as currently all data is managed by hand, which is actually a very prominent way of keeping and managing records of all cars, motorcycles and trucks in the country. Even if you live in a remote village in the country, HSRP will be mandatory. The good thing about HSRP plates is that they do not cost that much. For four-wheel vehicles, it is priced at Rs. 334 and four two-wheelers with its Rs. 111. Commercial vehicles HSRP plates are priced at Rs. 134 and for heavy commercial vehicle, it is Rs. 258. HSRP comes with a five-year guarantee.

    New car buyers need not worry about the long queues at the registration authorities as all new vehicles sold in the country will be equipped with HSRP. The registration of new vehicles will be applied to the rear as well as the front windshield. While the existing cars have been given a time period of two years, between which we all have to follow.

    HSRP installation is just 5 minutes of work in your RTO. All you have to do is visit the RTO, where your new plate will be released in 48 hours. The entire process will soon be streamlined by making it available online.

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