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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

15th oct. Sudhi traffic police nava niyam mujab dand nahi fatkari sake.

15th oct. Sudhi traffic police nava niyam mujab dand nahi fatkari sake.

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Provides Transport Service access to citizens through a mobile based application. This app empowers citizen with instant access to various information, services and utilities related to the Transport Sector. Aimed to bring convenience to citizen and transparency in the system.

It is a genuine government app for all India RTO vehicle registration number search. It provides complete information about a car like -
- Owner Name
- Registration date
- Registering Authority
- Make Model
- Fuel Type
- Vehicle Age
- Vehicle class
- Insurance Validity
- Fitness Validity
All these information will be displayed in details.

The main benefits of this app are -

1. Find details of any parked, accidental or theft vehicle by just entering the registration number.
2. Verify your car registration details.
3. Verify details of a second hand vehicle.
4. If you want to buy a second hand car you can verify the age and registration details.

Along with above features, you can also verify DL details and create virtual DL and RC
in this app.

Highlights: Virtual RC/DL, Encrypted QR Code, Information Services, DL/RC search, Road Offence Reporting, Road Accident Reporting, Transport Notification to the citizen, RTO/Traffic Office Locations. Complete Transport Office related services will also be facilitated soon.. 

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DigiLocker is a key initiative under Digital India, the Government of India's flagship program aimed at transforming India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy. Targeted at the idea of paperless governance, DigiLocker is a platform for issuance and verification of documents & certificates in a digital way, thus eliminating the use of physical documents. The DigiLocker website can be accessed at

You can now access your documents and certificates from your DigiLocker on your mobile devices.

A digital locker or digital locker is an important part of India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Digital India program. It is an online service run and authorized by the Government of India. This service, operated by the Government of India's Ministry of Communications and IT, can be used by users to store their documents online. The main purpose of this service is to reduce the burden of carrying paper documents. The user can store their valuable documents in digital form and present them as needed. Such as birth certificate, driving license, PAN card, Aadhaar card, school college certificates etc. can be stored in it so it is always exempt from carrying in physical form. According to the IT Act of the Government of India, the documents submitted through this medium are considered acceptable.

Each user is allocated 1 GB of space, in which they can store their scanned or digitally formatted documents. Aadhaar card is required to use this feature, One Time Password (OTP) is sent in the mobile number linked to the Aadhaar card and it is authenticated Aadhaar card.

The beta version of the service was introduced in February 2015, introduced by the Prime Minister on July 1, 2015. The storage space provided was initially 10 MB and was later expanded to 1 GB.

E-signature documents are also a part of this feature. The service aims to reduce the use of physical documents, reduce administrative costs, provide honesty for e-documents, provide secure access to government-issued documents, and make it easier for residents to receive services.

The government has reduced the five-year limit for renewal of expired vehicle licenses by overnight to one year. It has affected over five million people across the state. This will cost them up to five thousand. HSRP has increased the deadline eight times, so millions have demanded a chance to renew the license. Various associations, including transport owners and drivers, have decided to express their anger at the rally, if not for the issue of license renewal.

It will cost up to five thousand

License holders who have expired will have to repeat the entire process for the raw and firm licenses of the vehicle. Of which, Rs. In addition to these costs, the cost of paying the appointment and e-payment will be up to Rs.

There will be a review meeting after PM leaves

According to Transport Minister RC Faldu, a review meeting will be held in the presence of Chief Minister Vijay Rupani after Prime Minister Narendra Modi is visiting Gujarat. Each of which will discuss the new traffic fines issue. It will also discuss the question of reduced issue in licenses. If there are problems then a decision will be taken in the interest of the people.

More problems with transport licenses

People licensed for transport and non-transport vehicles face more problems. In case the non-transport license has expired, then the raw license will have to be revoked. After this the license has to be endosd. All this will cost up to five thousand. So the license holders and traders with three wheelers have been upset.

The NRI will have the most trouble

Most recently, the decision to reduce the issue will have the biggest impact on NRI license holders. Since they were abroad, the deadline for the license could not be worked out only because of fear that their license would be revoked. Applicants in the RTIO also say that government ministers or officials do not listen to us on this issue.

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