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Monday, September 2, 2019

Bahamas shocked by typhoon 'Dorian' cyclone

Bahamas shocked by typhoon 'Dorian' cyclone

The roofs of houses in the Caribbean island of Bahamas have been broken and a severe flood situation has occurred after being hit by a very powerful cyclone 'Dorian'.

It is a slow moving cyclone of category five and is being described as the second most powerful Atlantic storm. Wind is blowing at a speed of 285 kilometers per hour.

Due to the storm, sea waves in many places were more than seven meters.

The storm is currently moving west at a speed of nine kilometers per hour and may affect eastern US shores as well.

The American provinces of Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina have declared an emergency.
The National Hurricane Center in the Bahamas has said that Dorian is currently at the eastern end of Grand Bahamam. West Palm Beach in Florida is just 100 kilometers from here.

Very little information is still being received from the affected Bahamas Islands because there is a power failure and the internet is not working properly either. It is being told that Abaco Island has been submerged in water.
Government officials have said that the floodwater in Abaco has reached the same height as the roof of the cars and the roofs of the houses have been destroyed.

Local people have shared videos of flood water entering the house on social media. The boats are seen floating in the wreckage in the videos
"It is a disaster. Property and infrastructure has suffered a huge loss. Fortunately, no one has reported the death," Director General of the Ministry of Tourism and Aviation Joy Jibarilu said after the cyclone knocked on Sunday.

However, 'Eyewitness News' later showed an interview of a woman who claimed to have drowned her grandson in Abaco Island.

The government has started 14 relief camps and converted dozens of churches, schools and other buildings into emergency shelter sites.

It is feared that when these places are filled, people will take shelter in such places, where there will not be adequate food and water.


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