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Sunday, September 29, 2019

Five years ago, the probability of a heart attack will be known: the role of Artificial Intelligence

Five years ago, the probability of a heart attack will be known: the role of Artificial Intelligence

The use of technology in combination with medicine has also become necessary for the treatment of heart disease. With the help of technology, the probability of a heart attack will be revealed in the future. 3D printing helps with heart transplant. Even with the help of Google, heart disease can be known in advance through the eyes. Learn at World Heart Day what technology can help prevent heart disease?

1. Biomarker will predict fingerprint heart attack

Scientists at Oxford University have developed a technology with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), which revealed the potential risk of heart attack 5 years ago. This technology has developed a biomarker fingerprint, named Fat Radomic Profile (FRP). FRP will provide future risk information by doing genetic analysis of fats in the arteries. It will inform you about whether you will have a heart attack in the future.

2. 3D printing will prepare the heart

Scientists at Tel Aviv University in Israel have found success in creating mini hearts with 3D printing. Human cells and biological materials have been used to create this heart. Its size is currently only 2.5 centimeters. The human heart is 12 centimeters long. Preparations are under way to print the shape of a human heart in the future. Even before this artificial heart was created, which was missing arteries.

3. Genetically modified pig heart transplant

Pigs are being manufactured in Massachusetts, Massachusetts, through e-genetic startups whose organ, including the heart, can be transplanted into humans. This will prevent 1/3 of deaths from cardiovascular disease. There have been many years of research for animal heart transplants in the human body but they are not successful because there are gaps between the hearts of humans and animals. Because of this, animals are now being modified according to the human organs.

4. Google: Eyes will tell about future heart attacks

Google is working on a plan that will look into the eyes to see if a person may have a heart disease in the years to come. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are being used in this scheme. It will also reveal the age, blood pressure and body mass index of the retina through photos of the retina, as well as the dangers of Danger habits (such as predicting that five years ago, smoking) could threaten his heart. General Chat Chat Lounge Similarly, how likely is a person to have a heart attack? On the basis of almost as many informants, Google's Deep Learning algorithm has been successfully tested on 3 lakh patients.

4 Inventions that make patient life easier

1. One injection in three months will control cholesterol levels

This is produced by the American Repatha Company. It contains a drug that helps lower cholesterol. This is very helpful for patients who have high LDL (bad cholesterol) and are not in control of the drug.

2. The smart toilet seat will show the patient's heart condition
At the Rochester Institute of Technology, scientist Nicholas Cohn has created a device that can be mounted in a toilet seat. The sensors in it collect the heart rate by measuring blood oxygen at the back of the patient's bladder.

3. The capsule shaped pacemaker is 90 percent smaller than the normal pacemaker
This pacemaker is different. It is 90 percent smaller than the pacemaker present in the general market and is capsule-shaped. The interesting thing about this is, there is no lead in the normal pacemaker. This is why he has been named the Leadless Pacemaker. This device can be mounted in a direct heart.

4. The patient will record a moving digital tattoo of the heart
This device will have to be worn in the neck with Artificial Intelligence. Researchers at the University of Illinois have created this device, which will copy movements within the body. It will also record movements in the heart. The device can be used in Tele Madison.

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