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Sunday, September 1, 2019

Starting today without HSRP number plate, a fine of up to one thousand will have to be paid.

Starting today without HSRP number plate, a fine of up to one thousand will have to be paid.

  • Two Wheeler - 100, Four Wheeler - 200, Three Wheeler - 300 and Large Vehicle 500 Rs.
  • The state government has extended the term seven times so far

Vehicles without Ahmedabad HSRP number plate will have to pay a fine from today. The deadline for placing the HSRP number plate was yesterday. Without the state government extending the deadline, today, penalties will be imposed against vehicles that are running on roads without HSRP. The state government has extended the term seven times so far. However, millions of carriers have not yet put up an HSRP number plate.

A maximum penalty of 1000 will be imposed

From today, traffic police and RTOs will prosecute the operators of the number plate without HSRP and punish them. Two-wheeler drivers will be fined 100, four-wheeler drivers 200, 300 for three-wheelers and 500 for large vehicles and a maximum of 1000. In a conversation with DivyBhaskar, RTO officer SP Munia said that the state government has not extended the date for placing the number plate of HSRP so that the penalty will be taken from today.

HSRP License Plates - Benefits?

The HSRP-High Security Registration Plate, a standard in license plates across India, was launched on 1 May 2012. As the name suggests, there is a high security number plate that will create a uniform format to display your vehicle's registration number across the country. .

These HSRP plates are made of aluminum, which contain specific details other than the registration number. Featuring a unique seven-digit laser code, a cycle hologram to prevent forgery, a self-destructive sticker with your car's engine and chassis number. The color of "Ind" is blue. India shall be inscribed in a hot stamping foil in all letters and numbers on a plate at an angle of 45 degrees. The HSRP plates feature a non-removable snap on the lock and will also be non-reusable if removed in any way by any means.

You may ask, what is wrong with your existing number plate, they just want to do the right thing. But those same number plates are very easy to tamper with and it is very easy to steal a car because thieves usually remove the number plates first after stealing the car. While some people like to customize their number plates and sometimes the customization is so awkward and awkward that it becomes difficult for the police to get hold of some of the vehicles that are even for breaking the law such as the other Red-light jumping between things. If they are not able to read the number plates of the absconding car, the police cannot track the car. Therefore, uniform styled HSRP plates will serve that purpose very well. HSRPs are tamper-proof, serving as a deterrent for car thieves.

HSRPs will also help to create a national data of all motor vehicles as currently all data is managed by hand, which is actually a very prominent way of keeping and managing records of all cars, motorcycles and trucks in the country. Even if you live in a remote village in the country, HSRP will be mandatory. The good thing about HSRP plates is that they do not cost that much. For four-wheel vehicles, it is priced at Rs. 334 and four two-wheelers with its Rs. 111. Commercial vehicles HSRP plates are priced at Rs. 134 and for heavy commercial vehicle, it is Rs. 258. HSRP comes with a five-year guarantee.

New car buyers need not worry about the long queues at the registration authorities as all new vehicles sold in the country will be equipped with HSRP. The registration of new vehicles will be applied to the rear as well as the front windshield. While the existing cars have been given a time period of two years, between which we all have to follow.

HSRP installation is just 5 minutes of work in your RTO. All you have to do is visit the RTO, where your new plate will be released in 48 hours. The entire process will soon be streamlined by making it available online.

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