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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Google claims to find new Quantum processor, computing will change now.

Google claims to find new Quantum processor, computing will change now.

Google has claimed to have acquired Quantum Supremacy. This will change the world of computing.

Quantum Supremacy

Everyday new things are added to the world of technology, which makes life easier. Now the search engine Google has also claimed to develop a similar new technology. Google has said that it has succeeded in developing an experimental quantum processor associated with quantum computing research. Google has said that with its help people will be able to do such calculations in a few minutes. Actually, Google has published a new article in the popular scientific journal Nature.

In this article, it has been claimed that the company was working on it for the last two decades. Quantum Supremacy can completely replace traditional computing. Google has said that with its help, that calculation can be done in just 30 minutes, which will take at least 10000 years for even the world's super computer.

What is quantum processor

Quantum processor is actually the name of a technology with the help of which large data and information can be processed in a very short time. With this help, many tasks will be made easy from drug discovery to transport.

IBM said - claim is wrong

Google has clearly stated that this technology is far ahead of supercomputers. IBM is at the forefront of the world of supercomputers. IBM says that Google's claim is false. ibm has said that supercomputer does not take 10000 years to do this kind of work, but supercomputer also takes 2.5 days to do it.

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