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Sunday, November 24, 2019

Mayank Pratap Singh, Age 21, resident of Jaipur, becomes youngest judge in the country

Mayank Pratap Singh, Age 21, resident of Jaipur, becomesyoungest judge in the country

  • Mayank has received a Gold Medal in BA LLB at Rajasthan University
  • It does not have a Facebook account and uses the WhatsApp requirement sufficiently
  • Mayank started preparation this year in January this year without the help of a coaching class
  • He last saw the movie a year and a half ago

The 21-year-old resident of Rajasthan is currently on the Internet. Mayank Pratap Singh, a native of Jaipur, has become the youngest judge in not only Rajasthan but also the country. He is number one in the Rajasthan Judicial Service 2019 exam.

From January 2019, the age limit for exam changing rules has been fixed from 21 to 23 years

Mayank's BA LLB study at Rajasthan University is completed in April this year. It is interesting to note that till now, the age of becoming a judge was at least 23 years, but since the January 2019 rule, the age has been reduced from 23 to 21 years. When Mayank learned of the age change, he gave the Rajasthan Judicial Service 2019 examination without even a moment's thought and passed it in the first trial. Mayank has not taken any coaching classes for the exam and preparations also started in January.

Needed enough social media access, there is no account on Facebook

On the one hand, Mayank Pratap Singh has nothing to do with this platform, as today's Young Generation is not getting away with social media. In a conversation with Divya Bhaskar, Mayank said, "I have not made any account on Facebook till now. Even while preparing for the exam, I used WhatsApp for teaching purposes only. I used to study at least 13 hours a day but sometimes read 15-15 hours a day. Aside from studying, Mayankalso enjoys reading autobiography.

Mayank won among 197 competitors

Mayank still has to train for 11 months after he has to train for 11 months. On becoming a judge at such a young age, Mayanktold Divya Bhaskar that to be a good judge, it is very important that you have honesty. Little did I know that I would be number one among 197 students. From school time on, I wanted to go to this field, it was on my mind. In 2019, the Rajasthan High Court reduced the age limit of applicants to 21 years. Mayanktold that I was able to sit in this exam due to decreasing age of sitting in the exam. Now I feel that with this opportunity I will be able to learn many things from time to time.

Mayank's message to today's Young Generation

Mayank also received a Gold Medal in BA LLB at Rajasthan University. "India has the highest number of young generation," Mayank said in a message to today's Young Generation. If this Youth dedication works in the right place then one day they will surely have success. There are so many good fields in our country right now. It is not necessary that you simply go ahead by reading the books, select the field of your interest and work hard to build it. If the young generation of the country understands this, it will be good for both the country and themselves. He said that I am very proud of my success. Thank you to my family, teachers, well-wishers and all the people. Mayank will also become an inspiration for other students studying law.

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