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Saturday, November 2, 2019




ü  Great design
ü  Great look and feel
ü  Strong battery life


û  Performance is average
û  Music leaks




Price 2499


Let me tell you that where there are some features of every headphone, there are also some holes in every headphone. Let us tell you that something similar is found in the Oraimo Studio OEB-H66D Bluetooth headphones, where its design is special in itself, its performance is not much better, apart from where its battery is strong, Music leaks there have brought it down a bit. But if I look at its price i.e. Rs 2,999, at this price this device is a great device in itself, which offers you a lot. Now if you were considering taking a headphone around this price, which is different and unique in terms of design and design, then let us tell you that you can definitely see this device once. However, if you want to see a different device by adding some money and then you are also going to get headphones worth Rs 50,000 in the Indian market, which do something similar.


Sometimes it happens that you see many reasons behind taking an expensive headphone, such as you get good design and look and feel in expensive headphones, besides you get the best sound quality. However, after the Oraimo Studio OEB-H66D Bluetooth Headphones come on the market, you will not have to go towards an expensive device in my opinion. Let me tell you that it is capable of giving tough competition to many premium headphones. Let me tell you that when I removed these headphones from its box. So at first glance I found it quite impressive. But when I saw the price of these, I felt that this could not happen, because I am not going to name it here, but I have hardly seen such headphones at this price, although Mivi Saxo headphones are also present in the market around this price. Apart from this, Xech's A8 headphones are also available in the market at the same price, but the difference between these three is that you are getting features, and design quite different, but a premium fee You can find it in the Oraimo Studio OEB-H66D Bluetooth headphones, although the Mivi Saxo Bluetooth headphones are somewhat similar. Apart from this, if we talk about the sound quality of a headphone, then we think that maybe we get more benefit if we buy an expensive device, because you get better sound in it but let me tell you that Oraimo Studio OEB-H66D Bluetooth The headphones also come with the same sound quality that you get in an expensive device.
Not only this, if the design is better, then you get a premium looking device at a lower price, which affects you as well as your close ones. This device is something like this. It has been a long time for me to use this device, apart from this, I have also reviewed the Xech A8 device, and apart from that I have reviewed one Airbird in the meantime, and I have found that all the devices You come with different features and flaws, like the Xech A8 fails somewhere due to its material, although you are getting voice support in it, moreover if I Airb To Ds do it so different from their own. But the Oraimo Studio OEB-H66D Bluetooth headphone is a great device in itself, considering the build quality, design and material as well as the price and if the sound quality is added to it. Let us now discuss this device in detail.

ORAIMO STUDIO OEB-H66D BLUETOOTH Headphones: Design and Design

In fact, if you look at an over-air headphone, you will find it all the same. Because you get two cups on both ears, and you get a strip holding them, which can be plastic, or any other material. You get to see something similar in this device as well. In fact, let me tell you that when I took this device out of the box, I felt it quite premium. This device is packed in a premium box itself, which gives you a different feel. Its box is also as good and premium looking as this. In this box you get a headphone which we know as the Oraimo Studio OEB-H66D Bluetooth Headphone, apart from that you have a USB cable for charging it, another cable connecting it to your phone's 3.5mm headphone jack Music is given to enjoy.

When I removed this device from the box, I felt it to be premium, in addition, I also felt it very lightweight.This means that if you listen to music through it for too long, it is not going to feel heavy. There is not much tampering with the design to make it more attractive, both of its cups are made of fairly soft foam, which further enhances the device with a non-leather faux leather fabric. On the left cup, that is, on the left cup you are getting its charging port, this means that here you are getting a USB port, which you use to charge it, besides And we do it right, or you are on the right cup comes you get the power button along with the volume up-down button in the sides, which works to connect it to your phone via Bluetooth. Along with this, you are also getting its 3.5mm headphone jack, which is used to connect your phone with it in the event of the battery running out. If we discuss the strip supporting the head above the cup, it is also made of a very soft foam that is affixed to the plastic, and prevents the plastic from sticking to your sim, which is comfort Levels increase further. However, to make the design more attractive, the company has put a silver strip on the black cups, which also exposes the company's branding and enhances the device's appeal, the strip has been used in two places. , Which is giving the device a great look.

ORAIMO STUDIO OEB-H66D BLUETOOTH Headphones: Performance

Where I told you that it is very light weight, and its device is quite premium, but even then the design of its cups i.e. its air cushion is such that after getting fit on your ears you would get nois cancellation in it. Is, but somewhere the sound of your music leaks from it, and that is why you can disturb people around you, something I have found in Xech A8 also, This means that they provide you with noise cancellation while playing music, but apart from this you can become a noise for others, although here, this headphone gives me a different opinion from its premium design and other features. Forces it. Although good Bluetooth connectivity is a common practice these days, you get good Bluetooth connectivity from the cheapest to the cheapest and the most expensive device. This device also supports Bluetooth 4.2 just like the Xech A8 E, I have found that it has a connectivity range of about 10 to 12. Which you can easily see in every single headphones nowadays. Although I have gone far from this, but after that its voice starts to stop, it means that the more range you have with your mobile, the more it is going to give you better quality.

You may have noticed that in this device you are given only a few navigation buttons, although this does not mean that it works as much, its buttons do many things by themselves, it means that you have to change the button There is no problem with this. However, if you do not know about this, then you may have some trouble, but let me tell you that in today's headphones, many functions are done with a single button, such as its power button in its device only works for Bluetooth connectivity. Also, if we go to its volume up button, through this you can move songs forward, with the same volume down button you can move songs backward. You can also reverse it. However, you can also use the power button to receive and cut the call.

Regarding the performance of this device, it can be said that it is actually quite good considering its price, and the sound quality can also be said to be quite good in it self, although its device and design is good. If we discuss the battery, then let us tell you that in the Oraimo Studio OEB-H66D Bluetooth headphones you get a 500mAh capacity battery, which according to the company is able to give you about 20 hours of play time, and we have reviewed our During this it has also been found that this device gives almost the same play time. Although it definitely has a few hours up and down. Overall, its battery can also be called powerful, which gives you a good amount of time after charging, so the company says that it is also capable of providing about 200 hours of standby time.

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