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Friday, November 1, 2019

Why Anushka Sharma got angry at former cricketer Farooq Engineer

Why Anushka Sharma got angry at former cricketer Farooq Engineer

Anushka Sharma, Bollywood actress and wife of Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli, has expressed displeasure over the claim of former Indian cricketer Farooq Engineer, who said that during World Cup 2019, the cricket team selectors served tea to Anushka.

He shared a post on Twitter and Instagram in which he has responded to the case and all the other controversial matters related to him.

Read what Anushka Sharma has written:

My opinion was always on how to deal with concocted and fake news stories and you should keep quiet and let the critics speak. By believing in this, I have completed 11 years of my career. I always found my self-esteem and truth to stand firm in the shadow of my silence.

But that is the saying that if a lie is repeated again and again, it starts to seem true, the same is happening to me. Because of my silence, the lies sown against me have started to come true but today it will end.

I kept quiet when I was told that my husband Virat Kohli's performance was spoiled because of me. I also kept quiet on the allegations of that baselessness when it was said that I am involved in things related to Indian cricket.

My name was also included in the concocted stories in which it was said that I participate in the meetings of the cricket team held in closed rooms and have been influencing the selection process of the team. I kept quiet.

My name was also wrongly used in claims that I stayed with my husband for more time than scheduled during the Indian team's overseas tour. While I always followed all the protocols. People kept saying, but I kept quiet.

When a wife of a high commissioner requested me to appear in the group photo and with great hesitation I posed for that photo, I was also roused and told that I had joined that event while I was invited. it was done. But the cricket board had to clarify about this and I kept quiet.

'Every time I feel bad, I get angry'

The latest lie that is being spread in this episode is that during the World Cup matches, the selectors of the cricket team served me tea!

If you have to comment on the selectors and their qualifications, then do it with hobbies, but do not use my name to make up your fake claims and create sensation.

I will not let you drag my name in such cheap stories.

It is not that I have suffered the most from this last 'news' and I have broken the silence. Every time I feel equally bad, I get angry.

'Do not consider silence to be a weakness'

Therefore, my letter should not be considered the answer to that one alleged news. I decided to speak today because I felt that someone's silence should not be taken as their weakness.

You have to run your agenda, criticize someone, even if you want to criticize my husband, do it with facts and evidence. But save my name.

I have made my career on my own keeping in mind all the dignities. I cannot compromise on this.

Some people may not be able to understand that I am an independent woman who succeeds on my own hard work, who is also a cricketer's wife.

... and for the record, I drink coffee.

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