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Friday, March 27, 2020

Apple once made shoes, and someone bought them for Rs 11.2 lakh

Apple once made shoes, and someone bought them for Rs 11.2 lakh

Apple also designed shoes for its employees in the late 1880s. One of these pairs has been sold in auction for Rs 11.2 lakh.

If someone tells you that once the shoes were made by tech brand Apple, then hardly you believe it. However, this is absolutely true and at one time Apple's shoes were made. The talk does not end here and the special thing is that these shoes have been bought for $ 16,000 (about Rs 11.2 lakh) at the auction now.

First of all, when it comes to Apple Shoes, a fashion line was launched by Apple in the late 80's and shoes were also a part of it. However, these shoes were never put on sale for public and were only used as prototypes by Apple employees.

A report from GQ states that the Rare Apple Sneakers were auctioned recently and these shoes sold for $ 16,400. The report did not share details related to footwear, but it was said that they were sold at auction on behalf of Auction House Heritage. Auction website has not mentioned much about these shoes.

That's the size of sneakers

The size of the Apple Sneakers sold is 9.5 and it says, "These shoes were created by Apple towards its employees in the early 1990's." The GQ report states that it is not as if Apple's shoes are the most expensive ones sold. Earlier in 2018, a pair of Apple sneakers sold in auction for $ 30,000 (about Rs).

Floppy was sold for. 60 lakhs

In December last year, a floppy disk with jobs sign was also sold for over Rs 60 lakh. A floppy disk signed by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was put up for auction and this floppy disk was sold at a cost of $ 84,115 (about Rs 60.14 lakh). A poster for the ToyStory movie signed by Steve Jobs was also auctioned. The poster was sold for $ 31,250 (Rs 22,40,000).

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