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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Send WhatsApp messages to your 'desired time', learn how

Send WhatsApp messages to your 'desired time', learn how

how to schedule WhatsApp messages// how to schedule WhatsApp messages

If you can schedule WhatsApp messages in advance at the scheduled time and the message reaches without touching the phone, then a lot of time will be saved. We have brought this way for you.
Many times it happens that you want to spend some time away from the smartphone, but you have to send the necessary WhatsApp messages. If you decide the time on the messaging platform WhatsApp in advance and the message goes away at that time, then it will be easier to take a break from the app and smartphone. If you want to schedule messages on WhatsApp, then the help of third-party apps can be taken for this. SKEDit is one of such apps and this free app can be downloaded from Play Store.

The special thing is that SKEDit app provides scheduling option not only on WhatsApp but also on other messaging services like WhatsApp Business, SMS, Email, Calls and Facebook. Once the app is installed, some permissions have to be given and you will get many options. For the moment here we will talk on how to schedule WhatsApp messages. By following the easy steps, you will be able to send the message at the pre-decided time and for this you will not have to touch the phone.

  • Step 1: Install SKEDit app from Google Play Store and after opening it tap on WhatsApp option from it.

  • Step 2: Now you have to add the contact you want to send the message. For this, tap on the + icon appearing in front of to. You will be able to select the contact from the list that appears in front.

  • Step 3: After this you have to write the message that you want to send to WhatsApp. If you want to send a photo or video too, you can do so by tapping on the attachment icon.

  • Step 4: To select the time to send the message, tap on the schedule shown under the attachment icon. If you want to send the message for another day, tap the date option and select the date and set the time.

  • Step 5: If you want to send the same message multiple times, then it can be scheduled every hour, every day, every week to every year. Once you have written the message and set the time, you have to tap on the 'Schedule' button which appears in the top right of the display and the message will be scheduled.

Also, if you want to review before sending any important message, select the 'Ask me before Sending' option found in the app and toggle it on. After this, the app will take permission from you before sending the message. This is an easy way to send a message at the appointed time and with the help of this, a lot of time can be saved.

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