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Saturday, March 28, 2020

Virus epidemic / Can I get corona infection? Read the answers to 20 such questions in your mind

Virus epidemic / Can I get corona infection? Read the answers to 20 such questions in your mind

  • Corona virus can last 72 hours on copper and 72 hours on copper
  • According to Expert, the transition from the surface or the clothes will only infect you when you apply the infected hand to the mouth or nose.

Lack of proper information about corona virus spreads across the world, people have fears. At the same time, people are taking precautions that may not be necessary. As such, N-95 is moving around wearing a mask even without a cold cough. Even when it is cold, they are at risk for coronas. We spoke to Sarman Singh, director and CEO of All India Ayurveda Institute Bhopal, and Rajinikanth, director of the Indian Council of Medical Research and director of the Indian Council of Medical Research, for the answers to such questions.

First AIIMS Director. Question with Sarman Singh

1. Can the transition from the clothes I wear to everyday?

Yes it can. Immediately come home and wash the clothes you are wearing. Because at the exit we get hit with so many people. The transition to this can be accessed by anyone. By placing your hands on the clothes you will be taken to the mouth and nose and become infected.

2. Can slippers, clocks, even transitions?

The transition from jutta-sandal does not spread. If you wear a watch, keep it sanitized, as the droplets can also cause a transition to the watch.

3. Can transmissions be transmitted through a mobile, computer or laptop?

Utterly. All these gadgets need to be sanitized. Keep sanitizing the keyboard. Also sanitize the mobile screen. However, this can only happen if an infected person is around them. The transition does not occur manually. Spread it from somewhere to somewhere.

4. Does this virus even live in the air?

Absolutely. From the air slowly comes to the surface. Stays in the air for several minutes. That is why appeals are not being made out.

5. If one does not have the infection, is it necessary to stay away from it?

It is important to keep distance with everyone. If at home, keep at least 1 meter distance with family members. The infection can spread by anyone.

6. Is it necessary for everyone to wear a mask?

Of course not. Do not apply the N-95 at all because it is for doctors and nurses. If you are having a cold cough, apply a mask so that the infection can not be reached. You just go ahead thinking that you are infected. Doing so will allow you to take complete precautions for yourself. People are wearing masks for no reason. This has created a black market for masks.

7. Can this virus even come from the door knob?

It transitions through a droplet. If the droplet is in the air or on a surface and if you touch it on the surface you may be prone to infection. However, when you apply the hand to the mouth-nose, this transition will enter your body. That is why repeated appeals are being made to wash hands and not to put hands on faces

Question with Doctor Rajinikanth- Answer

8. Who should be screened for corona virus? Should anyone who has a common mild fever or cough should also be examined?

A mild cold-cough, even if there is a fever with cough, does not need to be examined by the corona. No need to have an investigation. There are two main criteria to be examined. First, if you've visited abroad in the past days. The second you come across someone who has confirmed the corona virus. Cold cough is a common occurrence in changing weather.

9. How many days is the virus exposed to the Corona virus?

Symptoms usually show within 5 to 7 days. Sometimes it can take up to 14 days. This is why the observation period is kept for 14 days.

10. How far can a virus kill me?

Even if you go around 1 meter from an infected person, you are more likely to be transmitted. Droplets of the virus are spread over an area of ​​1 meter, so it is said that each should maintain at least 1 meter apart.

11. What should I do if my partner has an infection in the office or at home?

If you have come into contact with it, it should be quarantined immediately.

12. Is it safe to visit the hospital now?

Can visit the hospital, but do not go without routine checkup or reason. Only go if needed. Because the hospital is crowded and here you can be infected with Covid-19 or any other virus.

13. Will Corona Virus End Up With Heat Increase?

Needless to say, the heat will go away from the virus. Because in countries like Singapore, Thailand, where there is high humidity, there has been a case of the spread of the virus. As well as the heat, people gather at places like shopping malls, movie theaters. The air conditioner here is on. Causing the environment to cool down. In such an environment, the virus can be preyed upon by crowds. That is why one should avoid going to crowded places.

14. Can a Corona Virus Recur?

It can happen, of course, but the effects of its transition to recovery are not as risky as before.

15 Displacement is the only way to be safe?

This is the only good option in India. It has also been followed in many countries. Where positive results came up against.

16. Can Yoga, Pranayama, Prevent This Virus?

No, there is no proof of this. The risk of Covid-19 is reduced when the immunity is not good. Exercise, Yoga can be done to increase immunity.

17. Does Blood Donor Need to Get Corona Virus Detected?

If someone is healthy then they can donate blood without any check.

18. Does this alcohol die of hot water intake?

Not so. Drinking alcohol weakens the immune system. Which increases the likelihood of becoming infected. Recovering from a cigarette can take a long time.

19. Is hemp sanitizer a better option than soap?

If you wash your hands daily with soap and water, do so, because if your routine is involved and you wash your hands well. If you are going out sometimes, carry a hand sanitizer where there is no water system. Hand sanitizer is also handy all over.

20. Can Transitioning to Outdoor Dining and Non veg?

There is no proof. These animals have come from humans to humans but there is no evidence that non-eating is done.

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