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Saturday, April 18, 2020

COVID-19: How China, Singapore and South Korea Overcome Corona With Technology

COVID-19: How China, Singapore and South Korea Overcome Corona With Technology

Countries around the world are taking all possible steps to overcome coronavirus. Technology has also become a big weapon in it. Let us tell you how countries like China, Singapore have controlled Corona on the basis of technology.

The corona virus has now become the name of panic worldwide. The virus, which started from China, rapidly spread in other countries of the world and killed many thousands of people. In India too, more than 10 thousand people have been infected by Corona and around 500 people have lost their lives. Technology is being used globally for fighting with Kovid-19 virus. Governments from Israel to South Korea and China are using a lot of technology to track coronaviruses.

How did China use Corona's starting country?

First of all talk about China, according to some reports, the Chinese government installed CCTV cameras outside the apartment to ensure a 14-day quarantine policy. In addition, drones are also being used in China, which ask people to wear masks. Mobile apps have been given digital barcodes to check a person's health status. These are some of the methods that the world's second largest economy used to fight Corona.

The Chinese government asked the country's two big internet giants Alibaba and Tencent to host the Held Code system on their popular smartphone apps. It is worth noting that Alibaba's mobile payment app Alipay and Tencent's messaging app Wechat are the most used in China. Giving health codes on both these apps means that it has easy access to millions of Chinese people.

Health code requires citizens to provide their personal information such as name, national identity card or passport number and phone number on the signup page. After this, they have to provide information related to travel history and contact with someone infected with Kovid-19. Apart from this, he is asked to tick the box in case of symptoms of corona like fever, cold, dry cough, runny nose and throat pain or diarrhea etc. Every information is verified by the authorities, after which a QR code is issued to every user which is red, amber or green. A user with red color code has to remain in the official quarantine for 14 days while those with an amber code have to be quarantined for 7 days. A person with a green code can roam the city. According to the information, this system is built and operated by government agencies. Alipay has provided only platform and tech support. Alipay Health Code was rolled out in more than 100 cities within just 1 week of its launch. By the end of February, the QR code had been issued in more than 200 cities.

Watch from wristbands in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, some people wore a wristband that was linked to the smartphone app. That is, if a person left a quarantined place, the authorities would get an alert.

Singapore controlled Corona with technology

Talking about Singapore, this country has managed to control Corona to a great extent. The government here used technology as a weapon to control the corona. The Singapore government launched an app called Tra TraceTogether. This app uses Bluetooth to detect whether a person infected with the corona virus has been in contact with other people.

South Korea stopped Corona

The South Korean government made great use of technology to control Corona. The Korean government used records such as people's credit card transactions, smartphone location data and CCTV videos, as well as their interactions with people. These were used to create a system where patients infected with corona were found. The Korean government created a map that let people know if they had come in contact with someone infected with Corona. A tool has also been launched in South Korea, so that the corona patient can be tracked in real time, that is, the level of infection is now going on, this tool easily tells.

South Korea and Singapore collected data for each Kovid-19 patient and uploaded it to the national dashboard without identifying them. That is, people of the country can know that they do not have to go to places where there is a risk of infection of Kovid-19. South Korea's dashboard also has the feature of helping users such that it can help in the supply of masks. These two countries rely heavily on digit platforms for contact tracing and are using surveillance camera footage, geolocation data, and sometimes even credit card receipts to determine which individuals may be at risk of corona infection.

Strong use of technology to prevent corona in India too

Talk about India, during the first screening at the airports in the country, those people who were quarantined were stamped. The government in the country has also used the map with the help of GIS technology which shows the realtime data of Corona patients. Apart from this, Arogya Setu app was also launched which reduces the risk of infection of corona virus. This app uses the location of a user's smartphone, Bluetooth to tell whether he has come in contact with a patient infected with Corona. It also has all the state and national helpline numbers. Apart from this, the Government of India has also created Facebook, WhatsApp chatbots which dispel misleading news by giving correct information about Corona.

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