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Saturday, May 30, 2020



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The film is a wonderful achievement of man. The invention of the film has revolutionized human life. It is a living illustration of various aspects of human society, by which a person experiences happiness.

Thus it is a major means of entertainment of man. Movies or cinema is a wonderful confluence of literature and art. Cinema is a powerful means of expression of emotion. Currently the spread of cinema has increased tremendously.

There is hardly any other scientific invention as much publicity as cinema gained. Cinema has had an impact on almost all sections of men and women, rich and poor, educated-uneducated, Hindu-Muslim etc. People of all classes are seen singing and singing in the rhythm of movies or cinema.

All the newspapers, daily, monthly and weekly etc. give priority to the news of cinema world. Apart from this, many magazines related to cinema, which contain interesting facts related to cinema or movies, are filled with markets.

The main reason for the popularity of the film is its photography, with its dialogue, which brings so much aliveness to the plot that they reflect the glimpse of real human world. The inclusion of beautiful and melodious songs along with the plot adds to its charm.

Movies are a major means of entertainment for humans. The major scenic scenes in the movie, the inclusion of beautiful and melodious songs, the natural acting and the interestingness of the plot etc. attract humans immensely. He becomes so absorbed in seeing them that in those moments he considers himself a part of her.

The plot of the film is directly related to human sensations, sensations etc. Therefore, it has a direct effect on the human brain. Through cinematography of the real and advanced form of various social, political, economic and character aspects of human society, we can use it in the direction of society. Thus, the movie acts like a social reformer.

Apart from being a social reformer and an excellent means of entertainment, the movie also has special significance from a commercial point of view. In the modern era, business and business related advertisements delivered through the film have a direct impact on the audience. In addition to political and religious institutions, cinematography is used to propagate various schemes and projects officially.

India today stands at par with the world's leading countries in making films. Indian films are doing good business in neighboring countries, Gulf countries and countries where there is a large number of expatriate Indians. Indians are working tirelessly in making films and that is why Indian films are being appreciated all over the world in terms of grandeur and quality.

Apart from the above benefits, film is also a powerful medium of education. Due to the interestingness of the movie, man can easily understand and remember the historical, religious and scientific facts used in them. Through this, promotion of education is possible even among illiterate persons.

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