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Saturday, May 23, 2020

Samsung launches first outdoor TV The Terrace, will be able to watch in the park

Samsung launches first outdoor TV The Terrace, will be able to watch in the park

Samsung has launched a TV  in the market that you can open.  The special thing is that this TV will provide a great viewing experience in harsh sunlight, however, the right place of the TV is in the living room or bedroom and here you can turn off the lights and watch the movie exactly like a cinema hall.  But if the weather is good at times, it will be very fun to sit in the open and watch TV and keeping this in mind, Samsung has launched the first outdoor TV 'The Terrace'.  Which can be seen comfortably even in harsh sunlight.  There will be no effect of sunlight on its display.

Samsung 'The Terrace' QLED 4K TV Price and Availability

Samsung 'The Terrace' QLED 4K TV has been launched in three variants of 55 inch, 65 inch and 75 inch.  Looking at their price, the 55-inch price is $ 3,455, about Rs 2,62,458, the 65-inch model costs $ 4,999 i.e. about Rs 3,79,744 and the 75-inch model costs $ 6,499, about Rs 4,93,690.  Currently this TV will be available in the US and Canada.  The company will then make it available in Germany, Australia and New Zealand.  Hopefully, this TV will knock in India soon.

Jonghee Han, president of Samsung Electronics 'visual display business, says that'The Terrace' has increased the brightness to 2,000 nits in the company, so the picture will be brighter and reduce the refraction rate.  This TV uses a 4K QLED panel with a 120Hz refresh rate.  It also works on Samsung's Quantum processor which enhances 4K to HD images.  Apart from this, the TV has three HDMI ports, a LAN port, a Toslink optical audio output and a USB port. '  The special thing is that Samsung has launched a Terrace Soundbar along with the TV.  Which can be enjoyed with great sound quality by connecting to the TV via Bluetooth.  There is no wire in it but there is a power cord in it.  The price of this Terrace Soundbar is $ 1,200 i.e. approximately Rs 92,000.

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