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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

10 best cricket games available for Android devices

10 best cricket games available for Android devices

If you ask any person in India, cricket is definitely the most favorite game. The game is seen as a religion among the people. Every user, office or home or college, likes to play cricket the most in free time, for which the smartphone proves to be an ideal device, so why don't we also see some of the best cricket games that you will like.

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(Best cricket games for android in 2020)

So let's start:

1. World Cricket Championship 2

World Cricket Championship 2 is the best graphic cricket game ever. In this game, the player is given the option to play ODI, Test and T20 all three formats. In the game, you have the facility to select almost all the national teams with different stadiums in 32 countries.
In the application you are given a lot of customization options and different modes.

Here you also get to see famous shots like heart-scoop, helicopter shot and upper-cut.

2. Real Cricket 20

Real Cricket 20 proves to be a great game for users who need enough details. Here, like a real cricket match, pitch reports and toss are also shown, but you can also skip them easily. You are also given options here to give direction to the shot, lift and interest.

At the end of each over, you are shown the details and action replays of the previous over. The biggest feature is that the option of DRS is also given here. Personally, I have played this game for quite a while and it has come a long way.

3. Big Bash Cricket

The Big Bash Cricket Gaming application is inspired by the KFC Big Bash League organized by the Australia Cricket Board. In this application you get to see almost the same interface as the original game. You can choose any of 8 teams, real players and also pick up the 360-degree experience of the ground.

The main difference between other cricket gaming applications and Big Bash Cricket gaming application is that you can play any kind of shot here. Apart from all these, different modes like Quick Match, Tournament and Challenge are also given here.

4. World of Cricket

World of Cricket is another application in which you get a real real experience, mainly because of the feature of shots that can be played in real time. Here you can play about 25 types of shots, that too very cleanly. Here you also get better bowling options with different bowling actions.

Talking about the graphic, you might like it a little bit because here no team is similar to any national team and the player names are also different. It is a lot of fun to play the game as long as you can ignore the details.

5. Stick Cricket Premier League

The series between India and Australia has started from today, if you also want to be a part of it then you will like Stick Cricket Premier League. This is an application that you do not need much knowledge of cricket to use, you can play it for general entertainment.

In Stick Cricket you just have to stand and shoot. Which simply means that you do not have to move the player nor swipe to play the shot on the screen, here you only get 2 optional buttons which automatically select the shot. Here you only have to complete the target given in the over.

6. Smash Cricket

This application has also been included in this list due to its distinct feature. Here you have to score as many runs as possible in the chosen number of overs. To win, you have to play the shot to the right or to the left by watching the throw ball carefully. In online mode you can play this game with any of your friends.

Here you are also given 6 different modes, which include modes like Challenge mode, Friendly mode, and World Cup. This game proves to be different because of playing by looking at ball movements. Apart from this, features like level up and player upgrade are also provided here.

7. WCC Rivals

WCC is a very attractive game recently introduced which gives you real time multi-player gaming like Smash Cricket but you get the same experience as real cricket.

In the game, you get to see a completely different control manual which gives you a much better experience. Apart from this, you also customize your team and provide you with a different bonus every time you play, helping you win the match in real time and reach the ranking.

8. Cricket T20 Fever

Cricket T20 Fever proves to be a very attractive application to improve your cricket experience. With satisfactory graphics you get the facility of playing tournaments or formats like ODI or T20.

Apart from being allowed to play shots all around the stadium, bowling has also been provided with accuracy. Here too, like Smash Cricket, you need to pay attention to the timing or else scoring can be quite difficult.

9. Epic Cricket

Now comes the number of the epic cricket cricket game. Here you have the option to play your favorite format from both ODI and T-20 formats. In the game, you get to see HD quality graphics that make the gaming experience very lively.

Epic Cricket is included in the game, in which you also get to listen to the commentary. Apart from this, if you play better, then there are modern noise such as helicopter shot, googly and other bowling in addition to reverse sweep.

10. Stick Cricket Super League

If you want an easy-to-play cricket game in free time, then Stick Cricket Super League can prove to be the easiest game for you. Stick Cricket has made its way to the top of our list but it is the T-20 variant of the same game. Graphics are also much better here.

The game-play of this application is almost similar to the earlier Stick Cricket game, which means that even here you get left and right button controls which can be used while looking at the movement of hair. The main goal here is to score as many runs as you can.

Best cricket games available for Android devices in the year 2020

All the above mentioned cricket games can be called almost the best, which you can easily play on your device. We know that there are unlimited games available on the Play Store but we will suggest you the best games based on graphics, animation and game-play. And the best part is that all these games are free.

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