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Sunday, June 28, 2020




The corona virus has affected most areas of human life. Its broad impact on other areas will gradually come to the fore, but the education system has already started showing an impression . However, to attenuate its loss, the central government has started work on the 'Bharat Padhe Online Scheme'. it's also sought suggestions from the public to improve it further. Under this, all the courses including schooling, grade engineering and vocational are being started online as much as possible. Coaching institutes also got engaged to figure on the online scheme.

Even coaching institutes preparing for Civil Services Examination and IIT, Medical Colleges have also joined it. There are enough reasons for this because nobody can say when the conditions are going to be normal. whether or not normal, physical distance still must be maintained for how many days? Many times there are hundreds of children in the same class. In such a situation, if caution isn't taken, it can have very bad results. Till now, many children had lived together within the same room in cities like Kota of Rajasthan, Mukherjee Nagar in Delhi. Now most are afraid of such situations.

Corona epidemic increases digital relevance

India has entered the fourth revolution ie digital age long back. what percentage schemes of the Central Government, from Jan Dhan to Aadhaar, are implemented in the last few years. If seen, this epidemic has also increased their relevance.

University readables available on the web 

The American magazine Time, the famous American magazine at the time of the 20 the century, had drawn some specials. In one such issue, he also included teachers and academic institutions in the jobs that will end or be reduced in future. Then it had been only five-seven years that the Internet arrived. the planet was growing as a common heritage of global villages and especially information and knowledge. within the last 20 years, it's prospered unexpectedly. Poor developing countries like India have also benefited from this. Today, quality lectures, course materials, journals, magazines and articles published in good universities around Oxford and Cambridge are available on the web . there's no interruption in reaching them. In India also, lectures and course materials of IITs and other good institutions are available on the web . By encouraging online education, students are going to be equipped with new knowledge.

In such a situation, by encouraging online education, students also will be equipped with new knowledge. At the identical time, the allegations that our teachers are accused of not being competent, up-to-date and lacking in teachers also can overcome such a beginning. For this, there's a need for rapid change in traditional school infrastructure and education model. However, as a beginning, the Central Government has made provisions regarding online education in about 100 colleges within the budget this year. Its number will need to increase further in the future. Apparently this saying 'no knowledge-without college' is now on the verge of losing meaning.

There is not enough school-college according to population, need of online education in India

Even outside of Corona, there's a need for online education in a poor country like India, because we don't have enough schools and colleges to meet the expectations of the growing population and the public. there's chaos in the entire country for admission in nursery and primary classes. the choice of online will also reduce the pressure on schools and freedom for parents and children to study and teach in their own way. That is, the compulsory admission to high school will be over.

Home schools in Western countries are going on for decades

Such experiments are going on for decades in Western countries known as home school or home school. Their courses are quite flexible. Parents can make any changes in their own way if they want . Actually the important aspect is that the easy availability of good knowledge material, syllabus etc. And if it's found at home and parents want to teach children in their own way then why should anyone object? In view of this, some alternative education boards also will need to be created so that children do not have any problem in studying in the next classes. For starters, single all-India examinations like fifth, eighth, tenth, 12th board are often conducted.

Flexible system will improve children's freedom to read, creative originality also

In such a versatile system, children will have freedom to read also as creative originality. Good results of such education have come up everywhere the world. Environmentally, it'll also yield good results, because online reliance will reduce copy, book requirements. People will avoid the congestion on the streets. Providing content of all subjects within the mother languages ​​of the country on the Internet will definitely be a challenge, but it's not impossible. this may be in the interest of the country and the society as a whole. It should be included within the new education policy.

Due to millions of people killed in World War I, there have been no people to work in factories.

History is witness that a lot of times the world has changed with such shaking. Like many people were killed in World War I. there have been no able men to work in the factories. As a result, women started visiting work. Overnight, women's costumes and living styles changed.The First World War encouraged many scientific discoveries. Similar results were revealed during the second war . there have been ideas of equality, freedom and mutual peace and cooperation round the world

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