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Sunday, June 7, 2020



The trend of online education in the country was already growing rapidly. But due to Corona virus, it is seeing more increase. According to various coaching operators of the country, now online courses have increased up to three times. There have been many new registrations on online platforms, which are proving to be helpful for students on the lines of coaching classes.

Dr. Raghav Prakash, director of the refinement group, said that the question is not about the corona lockdown. In this era of modernity, education is now becoming online and it will continue to grow.

Content of PPT lectures, diagrams, animations, films etc. is being made by the institutes in which students are also taking interest. There is also a facility to record live classes. Manoj Gupta, director of Mittal Commerce Classes, said that WebX is running live courses through applications and other portals. Around 1600 students have joined this portal.

A two-day nationwide seminar / webinar was organized at the Bhagwan Adinath College of Education through the use of education technical resources to address visual dysfunction in the education sector due to the Kovid-19 epidemic. In this, 328 university spokespersons, teachers and academicians from 15 states participated online. Speakers said that e-education is the cheapest and accessible medium of learning.

Dr. Yashodhara Sharma said that e-education is the cheapest and most accessible learning medium, which not only motivates students but also teachers and parents to learn continuously. Dr. Anil Suryavanshi Associate Professor Nehru College while discussing online health awareness said that through online education, we can know the things related to diagnosis of physical diseases in the first phase itself.

Dr. Rohit Kumar said that this is the first effort of the institution, through which a national level seminar is being organized. Principal Dr. Sunil Kumar Jain said that online technical education has become the need of the hour, on which subject we all need to develop and prosper. President of Bhagwan Adinath College of Education, Pradeep Kumar said that in this pandemic period, online education is such an undertaking to get education, through which we can easily make necessary preparations for planning all kinds of courses and various posts at home. Dr. Vijay Kumar told in his journal that online education is the medium for facilitating education between multilingual, multicultural, social, economic, caste, religion and color in equal ease. No age or any person is fascinated. A person can achieve it anywhere at any time through his efforts. Dr. Amarjeet Singh Parihar while expressing his views on the Regulation of Digital Learning due to Pandemic Lockdown Kovid-19 in his research paper said that just as the revolution of 1857 sparked a new wave of freedom in the country, similarly online education has made the field of education Has given birth to the digital revolution. Dr. Aruna Singhal said that in 1960, the first seminar was conceived in America, which today we see as a revolution in 60 years.

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