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Friday, July 31, 2020

Read all information about Self-employment schemes

Information about Self-employment schemes

  • Name of the scheme: Self-employment schemes.
  • The interest rate on the loan will be 5% per annum for simple interest and 3% for women.

Scheme Format / Loan Assistance Standards:

  • Onroad unit cost for self-employed vehicles like rickshaws, loading rickshaws, Maruti Ecos, jeep-taxis etc.
  • For any self-employed business like business or grocery store, medical store, readymade garment store, bookstore etc. up to Rs.
  • Transport, Logistics, Travelers, Food Courts etc. will be eligible for 3% interest subsidy on a loan of Rs.

Lending criteria for self-employment schemes

  • The applicant must have a valid license in the vehicle loan scheme.
  • The vehicle obtained will have to be mortgaged (hypothecated) towards the corporation.
  • The loan has to be repaid in equal monthly installments of five years after three months of receipt of the vehicle.
  • The small business will have to start within three months of getting the loan and after three months after starting the business the loan will be recovered in an equal monthly installment of five years.
  • For a loan amounting to a total of Rs. 3.50 lakh or less, the beneficiary will have to incur a burden on his own or relative's property worth one and a half times the loan amount.
  • If the total amount of the loan is more than Rs. 3.50 lakh, the total amount will have to be mortgaged in favor of oneself or any other relative's real estate corporation.
  • Each borrower will have to give five post dated checks signed in favor of the corporation.
  • All self-employment schemes will also have the following qualifications.
  • The applicant should be a native of Gujarat and should be of non-reserved category.
  • The age of the applicant should be between 18 years to 60 years.
  • The interest rate on the loan will be 5% per annum, simple interest and 3% for women.
  • The same amount will be lent per year. Simple interest will be treated accordingly.
  • Interest rate: The interest rate on the loan will be 5% per annum for simple interest and 3% for women.
Educational loan assistance up to a limit of Rs. 10 lakhs to non-reserved class people, Rs. 1200 meal bill assistance to students studying in various courses, tuition assistance of Rs. 15 thousand per annum to science stream students of Std. Preparation for JEE, GUJCET, NEET examination for medical engineering admission after standard 12 and Rs. 20 thousand coaching fee assistance as well as loans for medical, engineering, undergraduate, postgraduate courses after Std. 12 abroad at a lower rate of up to Rs. 15 lakh. Assistance of Rs.20,000 as training assistance for competitive examination, five per cent interest assistance on loans up to Rs.10 lakh against back loan for doctor, graduate, lawyer. Benefits will be available under the annual income limit of six lakh.

Apart from this, non-reserved category candidates have to purchase vehicles like rickshaws, loading rickshaws, Maruti Eco, Jeep, taxis as well as loans up to Rs. 5% interest subsidy on loans up to Rs. 6 lakhs through the bank and 5% interest subsidy on loans up to Rs. 10 lakhs taken through the bank for graduates, doctors, lawyers, engineering candidates to start a business.

Candidates who want to avail the benefits of this scheme have to download the detailed information of the schemes and application form from the website of the corporation, get the print of it and fill in the complete details. Candidates of Surat district should send the application for non-reserved Educational and Economic Development Corporation, C-Block, 8th Floor, Bahumali Bhavan, Nanpura by attaching the required documents along with the application.

Income Limit: The annual income limit of the family is Rs. 4.00 lakhs or less.


Online ApplicationSystem
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In addition to this, to get the certificate of non-reserved classes, to the Taluka Development Officer, Mamlatdar for Taluka Headquarters, Collector at District Level, District Development Officer, Deputy District Development Officer, Province Officers, Deputy Director / Social Welfare Officer (Developing Caste) for District Headquarters. A competent officer has been appointed to issue the caste certificate.
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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Noise ‘Colorfit Nav’ smartwatch with handwash reminder feature to launch on August 6

Noise ‘Colorfit Nav’ smartwatch with handwash reminder feature to launch on August 6

  • The company began registering a smartwatch on Amazon
  • The watch will have a 1.4-inch display
  • The watch has a handwash reminder feature for the Covid-19
  • The watch will have sleep and heart rate monitoring
  • This watch supports 10 sport modes
Indigenous wearables and gadget maker Noise Company will launch its ‘ColorFit Nav’ smartwatch on August 6. Its teaser has been released on e-commerce site Amazon. This watch has a special handwash feature aimed at the Covid-19, giving the user a reminder to wash their hands frequently. The company has begun registration of the watch on Amazon.

Basic Specification of ‘ColorFit Nav’ smartwatch

  • This indigenous watch will have a 1.4 inch display with a resolution of 320x320 pixels. This watch has a bigger screen face than its pro variants.
  • The watch is equipped with a GPS sensor that can track the user's travels. Hence it is named Nav.
  • Like other smartwatches this watch also does 24x7 heartrate and sleep monitoring.
  • It has a cloud based customized watch face.
  • The watch has an IP68 rating. Meaning it is water, dust and sweat resistant.
  • The Watch 10 also supports Sport Mode and Track Speed. It contains information including real time distance, path, workout.
  • The user will also get the option of quick reply in this watch. This means that the user will be able to reply to the message without a smartphone.
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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Facebook Messenger Rooms: How to make video calls with 50 people at once

Facebook Messenger Rooms: How to make video calls with 50 people at once

Through Facebook's new feature Messenger Rooms, you can connect up to 50 users to a video call simultaneously. Today we are telling you the complete way to use it.

Facebook has recently launched a new feature called Messenger Rooms. This is a video calling feature through which up to 50 users will be able to video chat together after creating a room. Not only this, you will also be able to broadcast video calls live in any profile, page or group. The special thing is that people who are not Facebook users will also be able to join video chatting through this feature.

The user who prepares the room will have all the controls. They can lock or unlock the room, as well as remove whatever they want during the live broadcast. This is a feature similar to a common video call, just to make it live on Facebook, which is not available in other apps. This new feature of Facebook will compete with other video calling apps like Zoom and Skype. So let's know how to use this feature.

How to use Facebook rooms

How to use Facebook Messenger Room

  • Go to Facebook app or Messenger app and tap on the Create Room option.
  • Here you will see the option of Share Link. Tap on it
  • A link will be created. You can copy this link or share it directly by message, Instagram, mail, messenger or any other way.
  • By doing this, you can send an invitation to the users to join the room.

Start a meeting after people join.

  • If you want to show it live, then click on the live option given below.
  • Its special thing is that if you go to any other app, then the video call goes into PIP mode.
  • PIP mode means that video calls are converted into small windows. So that you can also do other work.
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E-learning is not proving effective in India. This requires different kinds of commitment and ability to pay attention to students. Focus should be on students rather than courses in e-learning. None of these are taken care of in our current education system. Whether you have a computer at home for e-learning, a high-speed fiber broadband connection or a 2G mobile phone, you are in the fifth grade or are getting higher education, whether you need lab practical in any of your subjects, for you The problems are the same, whether you are a student or a teacher. India is not ready for e-learning right now. All the statements (in my view) are unreliable, claiming that a teacher has put a large number of webinars and lecture videos on a public portal. The claims of well-known schools are also futile that it has successfully continued students' education through e-learning during Kovid-19. These claims, which show hope, do not reflect the ground situation.

The incompetence of our students and professors in this matter will be painful for you. We tell you the situation inside the education world. Informal reports from other English-speaking countries in the world also indicate that learning activities are being affected, as today's education system is not designed for e-learning. The mother of an American child studying e-learning told me that if she did not die from Kovid-19, she would surely die in an effort to convince her children what their teachers were teaching online.

Digital resources have long existed in the country. On normal days, they also do some supplementary work in studies. Some e-exams have also been organized. But in the context of the current phase from March to May 2020, one can only claim to be a false liar that the loss due to missing class due to Kovid-19 is being met by e-learning - no matter what Why should not the student, teacher or administrator be speaking. Please cancel the summer session of 2020. Think about the strategy of alternative learning system for the session commencing in June-July for Indian students, so that there is no need to cancel the next session also.

School and college education level study material is already available online. Government and its agencies in India like Distance Education Institute like UGC, NCERT, IGNOU and NOS have been providing lectures and books online for a long time. Some professors are also offering limited-range courses for e-learning. Some universities and schools evaluated students for e-learning and gave them certificates for their skills. But remember, they have been used for a very limited type of learning and skills, and students have acquired them on their own volition. Often they cost too much. It is important in all this that it is in addition to the general education that students get in class.

The problem is not the availability of resources for e-learning. The problem is related to the nature of our current education system. The focus of current education is on imparting a kind of knowledge to a large number of students gathered at one place. The freedom that the students get is just a show. Students can select the subject from a limited list only. The method of teaching them is irrespective of what the student has learned. A student coming to class is left behind. Students who are active in the classroom and ask questions to the teacher also have to become very studious to study in the current structure. In the US, a new term was invented for school level students who are not studying. It is said that these students are suffering from ADHD and they are also given medicines to get rid of ADHD.

The current process of knowledge exchange is tied to rigid discipline. There is no place for any special interest of the student or the needs of the employer and society. There is a time table of studies, even if a student has not understood anything. Even in the best universities and schools with excellent professors and courses, students rarely get knowledge of daily life experiences. Students are educated from a normal life and collected at one place. This is the reason why many working people find it difficult to study in the current education system until they leave the daily busyness of their employment and fully study. Ask anyone who is doing a job as well as going to evening class. Studying with a job requires a special kind of commitment. For this, with the commitment of self-discipline, it is necessary to have the ability to focus on a single task without getting worried about other tasks. More importantly, our education system is dependent on forcing students to listen to lectures, read books and write essays and articles based on them. In this, neither does the student require much self-discipline, nor much focus. Until this form changes, e-learning will remain a dream.

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Whatsapp Feature Update: now you can access WhatsApp in 4 phones simultaneously, know how this new feature will work

Whatsapp Feature Update: now you can access WhatsApp in 4 phones simultaneously, know how this new feature will work

WhatsApp is working on a new feature and with its help, users will be able to use the same account of WhatsApp on 4 devices simultaneously ...

Whatsapp Feature Update: There was news recently that the instant messaging app WhatsApp is working on a new feature and it will be rolled out for users soon. With the help of this feature, users will be able to use WhatsApp in four smartphones simultaneously. The special thing is that for this you do not need to logout from any account. At the same time, new information has come out about this up-cumming feature, in which it has been told that how users can use it.

WABetaInfo, while sharing the information via a post on Twitter, has told about the use of WhatsApp's upcoming feature. This information is given in response to a question asked by a user. In this, the user has asked that multiple devices will be logged in via email or will it require a barcode?

Answering this question, WABetaInfo has clarified how WhatsApp can be used in multiple devices. For this, users have to login to the device. You have to enter your mobile number and OTP code for login. After this, an SMS will come on your mobile number in which you will get permission to use WhatsApp on other phones. The tweet informs that WhatsApp can develop new code for chatting which will only support iPad.

Recently, the report revealed that WhatsApp is going to rollout v2.20.196.8 beta version soon and in this version, users will be able to use WhatsApp account in multiple devices simultaneously. The new feature can be added to WhatsApp under the name 'Linked Devices'. In this, you will be able to use the same WhatsApp account on 4 smartphones simultaneously.
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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Flipkart Quick Service Launch, Delivery in Just 90 Minutes

Flipkart Quick Service Launch, Delivery in Just 90 Minutes

For this service, Flipkart will use advance location mapping. So that their order can be delivered to the customers in the shortest possible time.

E-commerce company Flipkart has launched a new service. This is Flipkart's new delivery service. It is named Flipkart Quick. Flipkart Quick Company is a Hyper Local Delivery Service. Under this service, Flipkart can deliver your goods to you in 90 minutes. In this service you can book a 2-hour slot at your convenience. Customers can place orders at any time of the day under this service.

Minimum delivery charge of Rs 29

To avail this service, you will have to pay a delivery charge of at least Rs 29. In the initial phase, this service is available in parts of Bangalore. In the next few months, the company will start this service in 6 new cities. This Flipkart service is definitely a good option for customers. Flipkart has the toughest competition in India with Amazon. It is possible that Amazon will also launch such service like Flipkart. At present, no e-commerce company offers such fast delivery.

Will be able to order these goods

Under this service you can order more than 2000 products. Items like grocery, dairy, meat, mobile, electronic accessory and stationery can be ordered. Under this service, the company will deliver from 6 am to 12 pm. Currently, Flipkart Plus members get one day delivery. That is, one day after placing the order, their goods are delivered to the customers.

Use of advanced location mapping

For this service, Flipkart will use advance location mapping. So that their order can be delivered to the customers in the shortest possible time. Through advance location mapping, you will get more information about the location of the customer, so that delivery can be done easily in a short time.
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Water tanks Sahay Yojana Online and Offline Apply 2020

Water Tanks Sahay Yojana Online and Offline Apply 2020

The government is striving to enable the farmers of the state to get higher production of agricultural crops and become economically prosperous. 

Water tanks Sahay Yojana Online and Offline Apply 2020
To help farmers become economically prosperous by increasing farm production, the state government has implemented a support scheme for construction of community based ground water tanks under the self-reliant package during the year 2020-21. To avail the benefits of this scheme, the farmers have to apply in groups and the group leader's account as decided by the group will be paid 50 per cent of the cost or Rs 2.50 lakh whichever is less. Under this scheme the unit table will have to include the capacity of material including electric room, electric board and electric pump / motor with RCC paki underground / storage tank with a capacity of at least 1000 cubic meters. In order to benefit the farmer account holders by forming a group with the consent of the scheme, the government has given the date. I-farmer portal has been opened till 15/08/20

Full Read Government GRClick Hare

News Report Divya bhaskar Gujarati: click Here
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From August 1, those who do not wear masks in public in the state will be fined Rs 500 and will get a mask at Rs 2 from Amul Parlor.

From August 1, those who do not wear masks in public in the state will be fined Rs 500 and will get a mask at Rs 2 from Amul Parlor.

Citizens will get a simple mask for Rs. 2 for the purpose of making the mask easily available
From August 1, a fine of Rs 500 will be levied on those who do not wear masks in public as well as those who spit. Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has decided to impose a fine of Rs 500 on those who wear masks in public as well as those who spit in public from August 1 across the state.

At present different fines of Rs 200 and Rs 500 are levied

At present, different fines of Rs 200 and Rs 500 are levied for not wearing a mask in public and for spitting. But following the government's decision, similar fines will now be levied across the state from August 1. With this, the Chief Minister has also decided that plain masks will be available to the citizens at a nominal price of only Rs. 2 from Amul Parlor in the state for the purpose of making masks easily available to the citizens.

Now you can get a mask at Amul Parlor for only Rs 2 instead of Rs 5

It is important to wear a mask when going out in public to avoid corona virus. In some places, black markets for masks are also running. With this in mind, the state government started selling masks at Amul Parlor to provide cheap masks to the citizens. Where a simple mask of Rs 5 as well as N95 mask is sold for Rs 65. However, now you can get a use and throw mask from Amul Parlor for only Rs. The government has reduced its prices so that everyone in the state can buy a mask.

Separate fines of corporation and police in Ahmedabad

At present, if a Ahmedabadi goes out without wearing a mask and is caught by the police, a fine of Rs 200 is levied. But if caught in the hands of a corporation official, a fine of Rs 500 has to be paid directly. The funny thing is that someone goes out without a mask and the police charge Rs. A fine of Rs. A fine of Rs 500 has to be paid separately. Mun. And the police do not run receipts for fines given to each other. Authorities must be fined as many times a day as they are caught without a mask. However, following the new decision of the government, the same penalty will now be levied across the state from August 1.

How many fines in which state for not wearing a mask in public as well as for spitting

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Monday, July 27, 2020

Now Telegram will have the facility to transfer profile videos and files up to 2GB

Now Telegram will have the facility to transfer profile videos and files up to 2GB

Telegram users will now be able to use video as a profile. Apart from this, now Telegram Desktop will now support many accounts like a mobile app.

The messaging app Telegram has introduced several new features. Under this, Telegram users will now be able to use video as a profile. Meaning when someone clicks your profile, the video will play. Also, unlimited file sharing option has been given through the Nearby feature. Apart from this, users will have the option to select a frame for the video profile. This will display the video on your chat. Under this, users will be able to transfer files up to 2GB at a time. Apart from this, now Telegram Desktop will now support many accounts like a mobile app.

Let us know that Telegram started the facility of file share transfer of up to 1.5GB in the year 2014, which has now been increased to 2GB. The file can be of any type. Apart from this, Telegram has added a special feature to get rid of fake chat. Under this, if messages from people outside your contact list come to you in large numbers, then Telegram allows such messages to be muted. Not only this, now more than 500 member administrators are given the graph of the group's activity and growth

Viewing option will be given. It will contain information about the number of messages and the average length of the message. The company is still working on this feature at a fast pace.

In such a situation, it is expected that soon this facility will be made available to an administrator with 100 members. Please tell that Telegram's messaging app is a direct collision with Whatsapp. Whatsaap has recently introduced many new features. After this, now these features have been added by Telegram. Significantly, Telegram's downloadable number was 365 million as of August 2019, which is expected to be 1 billion by 2022.

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SBI Officer Recruitment 2020

SBI Officer Recruitment 2020

Recruitment, SBI Officer Recruitment 2020 : Apply for 3850 Circle Officer Posts

  • HomeApply OnlineSBI Officer Recruitment 2020 : Apply for 3850 Circle Officer Posts
  • SBI Officer Recruitment 2020 : Apply for 3850 Circle Officer Posts

The depository financial institution of India is inviting online applications to recruit candidates for various post of Circle Officers. As per the SBI Officer Recruitment 2020, candidates can who meet the eligibility criteria can apply for 3850 SBI Circle Based Officer posts by visiting the official website The last date to fill the appliance of SBI Officer Recruitment 2020 is August 16, 2020. For More Update Visit Check all the small print associated with the SBI Officer Recruitment 2020 here.

SBI Officer Recruitment 2020 dates

The SBI Officer Recruitment 2020 applications have started from July 27, 2020.
The last date to use is August 16, 2020.

SBI Officer Recruitment 2020 Vacancy details

SBI Officer Recruitment 2020 Eligibility Criteria

Candidates must graduate in any discipline to use for the post.
The maximum regulation to use is 30 years.

SBI Officer Recruitment 2020 - the way to Apply?

  • Apply directly through - Apply online
  • Fill altogether the essential info, details, qualification, uploads, preview and make the payment.
  • Use your valid email ID and telephone number to use .
  • (Candidates must apply only through online means, no other means are going to be accepted)

SBI Officer Recruitment 2020 Application fee

  • General/EWS/OBC - Rs. 750/-
  • Click here to download SBI Officer Recruitment 2020 official notification PDF.
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47 more Chinese apps are banned in India, 275 apps are also on the radar, including PUBG

47 more Chinese apps are banned in India, 275 apps are also on the radar, including PUBG

  • All banned apps are clone apps of 59 previously banned apps
  • According to the report, the government informed the owners of all the apps to ban the app
  • The government is monitoring apps that pose a threat to the country's security and deliver data to the Chinese government
  • According to the report, the government may also ban 250 apps, including PUBG

These apps were directly or indirectly affecting user data after which these 47 apps have been banned. ...

The government banned 59 apps last month, citing user data privacy. According to media reports, the government has banned 47 more Chinese apps after these. Last Friday, the government decided to ban these 47 apps. The government has once again taken a tough decision to stop the theft of data of Indian users by Chinese app companies. This decision of the government has been taken just a few days after the ban of 59 apps. These apps have also been ordered to be banned in view of the violation of users' data privacy.

Last month, the government banned 59 apps, including TikTok, CamScanner, Shareit, UC Browser. According to reports, the Union Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has found these apps directly or indirectly involved in data theft. After which these 47 applications have been banned. After banning 59 apps last month, the government had said that the data of Indian users could not become profit elements in any way. It affects India's national security and sovereignty. All 59 apps were removed from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store with immediate effect following a government order.

After these 59 and 47 apps banned by the government, 275 more apps are also on the government's radar, including many more apps including PUBG. Most of these 275 apps are from Xiaomi and Alibaba Group. In addition to these apps, there are apps from Byte Dance, ULike and many other Chinese companies. All these apps are being closely monitored by the government. These 275 apps are also showing the possibility of data leaks of Indian users. The government is constantly monitoring these apps to protect India's cyber security.

According to the report of ET, 14 apps of Xiaomi including Capcut, FaceU etc. have been put on the radar. Apps from Chinese Internet and other companies like Meitu, LBE Tech, Perfect Corp, Sina Corp, Netease Games, Yoozoo Global etc. are also on the radar. Data leaks are also being reported by these apps. A total of 275 apps, including these, are currently on the radar, which could be banned at any time.
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Sunday, July 26, 2020



  • STD.:- 10
  • CHAPTER:-15

VIDEO - 1.                       VIDEO- 2
VIDEO - 3.                       VIDEO- 4
VIDEO - 5.                       VIDEO- 6
VIDEO - 7.                       VIDEO- 8
VIDEO - 9.                       VIDEO- 10
VIDEO - 11.                     VIDEO- 12
VIDEO - 13.                     VIDEO- 14
VIDEO - 15.                     VIDEO- 16
VIDEO - 17.                     VIDEO- 18
VIDEO - 19.                     VIDEO- 20
VIDEO - 21.                     VIDEO- 22
VIDEO - 23.                     VIDEO- 24
VIDEO - 25.                     VIDEO- 26
VIDEO - 27.                     VIDEO- 28
VIDEO - 29.                     VIDEO- 30
VIDEO - 31.                     VIDEO- 32
VIDEO - 33.                     VIDEO- 34
VIDEO - 35.                     VIDEO- 36
VIDEO - 37.                     VIDEO- 38
VIDEO - 39.                     VIDEO- 40
VIDEO - 41.                     VIDEO- 42
VIDEO - 43.                     VIDEO- 44                   
       Health insurance is an insurance that covers the whole or a part of the risk of a person incurring medical expenses, spreading the risk over numerous persons. By estimating the overall risk of health care and health system expenses over the risk pool, an insurer can develop a routine finance structure, such as a monthly premium or payroll tax, to provide the money to pay for the health care benefits specified in the insurance agreement. The benefit is administered by a central organization such as a government agency, private business, or not-for-profit entity.
According to the Health Insurance Association of America, health insurance is defined as "coverage that provides for the payments of benefits as a result of sickness or injury. It includes insurance for losses from accident, medical expense, disability, or accidental death and dismemberment"  

health insurance policy is:
1.   contract between an insurance provider (e.g. an insurance company or a government) and an individual or his/her sponsor (e.g. an employer or a community organization). The contract can be renewable (e.g. annually, monthly) or lifelong in the case of private insurance, or be mandatory for all citizens in the case of national plans. The type and amount of health care costs that will be covered by the health insurance provider are specified in writing, in a member contract or "Evidence of Coverage" booklet for private insurance, or in a national health policy for public insurance.
2.   (US specific) In the U.S., there are two types of health insurance - tax payer-funded and private-funded.[3] An example of a private-funded insurance plan is an employer-sponsored self-funded ERISA plan. The company generally advertises that they have one of the big insurance companies. However, in an ERISA case, that insurance company "doesn't engage in the act of insurance", they just administer it. Therefore, ERISA plans are not subject to state laws. ERISA plans are governed by federal law under the jurisdiction of the US Department of Labor (USDOL). The specific benefits or coverage details are found in the Summary Plan Description (SPD). An appeal must go through the insurance company, then to the Employer's Plan Fiduciary. If still required, the Fiduciary's decision can be brought to the USDOL to review for ERISA compliance, and then file a lawsuit in federal court.
The individual insured person's obligations may take several forms:
·         Premium: The amount the policy-holder or their sponsor (e.g. an employer) pays to the health plan to purchase health coverage. (US specific) According to the healthcare law, a premium is calculated using 5 specific factors regarding the insured person. These factors are age, location, tobacco use, individual vs. family enrollment, and which plan category the insured chooses. Under the Affordable Care Act, the government pays a tax credit to cover part of the premium for persons who purchase private insurance through the Insurance Marketplace.
·         Deductible: The amount that the insured must pay out-of-pocket before the health insurer pays its share. For example, policy-holders might have to pay a $7500 deductible per year, before any of their health care is covered by the health insurer. It may take several doctor's visits or prescription refills before the insured person reaches the deductible and the insurance company starts to pay for care. Furthermore, most policies do not apply co-pays for doctor's visits or prescriptions against your deductible.
·         Co-payment: The amount that the insured person must pay out of pocket before the health insurer pays for a particular visit or service. For example, an insured person might pay a $45 co-payment for a doctor's visit, or to obtain a prescription. A co-payment must be paid each time a particular service is obtained.
·         Coinsurance: Instead of, or in addition to, paying a fixed amount up front (a co-payment), the co-insurance is a percentage of the total cost that insured person may also pay. For example, the member might have to pay 20% of the cost of a surgery over and above a co-payment, while the insurance company pays the other 80%. If there is an upper limit on coinsurance, the policy-holder could end up owing very little, or a great deal, depending on the actual costs of the services they obtain.

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Happy Rakshabandhan: Bring Samsung's microwave home for free, just have to do it

Happy Rakshabandhan: Bring Samsung's microwave home for free, just have to do it

Samsung has started a special contest on the occasion of this Raksha Bandhan, which will be especially for all the sisters and brothers of the country. On the occasion of Rakshabandhan, the sisters will have the opportunity to bring the Samsung Microwave home for free. Actually Samsung has launched the social media contest #AddMoreMithas. Under this, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram users have been invited, in which the flowing will be able to participate. To participate in this contest, participants have to take a screenshot of their brother's favorite sweets from the video post. The participant will then have to post this screenshot in the comments section tagging the #AddMoreMithas hashtag and @

Participants will be able to participate in this two-day contest from 26 July to 28 July. Two winners of the contest will be announced on 31 July. Samsung's Slim Fry Microwave Oven will come with the company's SlimFry technology, with the help of which users will be able to eat healthy fry food without deep frying. This microwave will come with a 10-year warranty. It will be quite durable and kill 99.9 percent of bacteria. It will get a combined grill, which will come with heated air circulation, so that the food will be cooked in a crispy manner on the inside and the outside.

It will use a very small amount of oil. This microwave oven will come with the Make Fo India feature like Roti and Non Function. This allows the customer to program responses. Samsung is offering you the opportunity to share fun moments with your brother on the occasion of this Rakshabandhan. Also Fresh is offering a chance to create and share memory. Let us know that Rakshabandhan festival will be celebrated on August 3 across the country.
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Jio's performance continues in lockdown, the country's first company to do so

Jio's performance continues in lockdown, the country's first company to do so

The lockdown was damaging to most telecom companies in the country due to the global pandemic (COVID-19). But Jio has emerged as the only company to benefit during this period. In fact, during March-April, Reliance Jio was the only telecom company with which new customers were added, while Airtel and Vodafone-Idea lost close to twenty million subscribers. Based on the March-April data of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), Jio strengthened its number one position by adding around 63 lakh subscribers during this period.

The lockdown also hit the state-run BSNL in April. Around 20053 subscribers of BSNL declined. However, the company had 95428 customers in March. Vodafone-Idea has suffered the biggest blow of the lockdown. During the two months more than one crore eight lakh 70 thousand customers of the company left the service. During this time more than 65 lakh 31 thousand users of Airtel were broken.

TRAI figures show that the lockdown passed heavily on the telecom industry. Overall, in March, April, more than 10 million subscribers were lost. This means a decrease in the number of mobile SIM users in the country has been recorded. While at the end of February this year, close to 116 crore five lakh customers were using mobile wireless service while at the end of April their number came down to 114 crore 95 lakh. Jio became the only company to have new customers in April. However, compared to March, this number was less 15 lakh 75 thousand 333 subscribers. Together, Jio further strengthened itself to the number one position with 38 crore 90 lakh 92 thousand 136 subscribers and 33.85 market share. Jio has more than 66 million 49 thousand 37 customers more than Airtel.

Bharti Airtel lost the highest number of 52 lakh 69 thousand 882 customers in April and came second with a total of 32 crore 25 lakh 43 thousand 99 subscribers i.e. 28.06 percent share. Vodafone Idea, the number three, suffered a major setback in April, with 45 lakh 16 thousand 866 subscribers broken and 31 crore 46 lakh 51 thousand 748 subscribers and 27.07 percent market share. The company suffered a bigger setback in March and its 63 lakh 53 thousand 200 customers fell. BSNL stood at number four with 10.43 percent market share i.e. 11.97 million 60 thousand 55 subscribers. BSNL had a total of 95428 subscribers in March, while in April it also lost twenty thousand 53 customers.

TRAI has divided the country into 22 circles. In April, the number of customers in 21 circles out of 22 declined. Uttar Pradesh East remained the only circle where the number of new mobile subscribers has increased. In April, Maharashtra, Bihar and Gujarat lost more than 1 million subscribers. Delhi Rajasthan, Andhra and Karnataka are also among the biggest losers. At the same time, in the month of March, there were fewer customers in 18 circles. In Bengal, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and UP West, most customers were less. Reliance Jio entered the telecom sector on September 5, 2016 and has become the number one company in less than four years.
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Thursday, July 23, 2020

Aangadvadi Bharti at

Aangadvadi Bharti at

Gujarat Government Declared AAngadvadi Bharti In gujarat Various District at

The state government has decided to recruit 7160 workers and Tedagar sisters online in the Anganwadi Centers as most of the operations in the state are being done online due to the transition of Koro. A special web portal has also been launched for this recruitment which is the first experiment in the country.

At present out of 1.04 lakh honorary posts, 97098 posts have been filled. It is planned to complete the recruitment cycle in 45 days in all the districts by conducting online recruitment process in the next six months.

How to Apply For Aangadvadi Bharti In Gujarat :

  • First Open  For AAngadvadi bharti 2020 In gujarat
  • Then Open Recruitment Option In it. 
  • then Select your Job and district
  • Fill up all Detail properly and submit your application
  • Here We also put Pdf file for Aangadvadi bharti 2020 All guidelines




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    Wednesday, July 22, 2020



    Here are 7 things to keep in mind when wearing a mask incorrectly.

    • According to the WHO, it is important to clean your hands before and after wearing the mask
    • Masks must be worn to avoid coronavirus. 
    The mask prevents droplets from falling while speaking, during coughing and sneezing. According to Ipsos, 76% of people in urban India are using masks. As the demand for masks grows, a variety of trendy masks are now available in the market.

    According to the WHO, masks should be used as a way to stop transmission and save lives. A distance of at least 6 feet, frequent hand washing and frequent touching of the mask should be avoided to prevent the virus.

    Masks can protect you from viruses but only if you wear them properly. Improperly worn masks can cause infections. Therefore proper care must be taken while wearing the mask and removing it. According to the WHO, masks should be worn and disposed of properly. So it proves to be effective and can stop the transmission from spreading.

    These things need to be kept in mind while wearing a medical mask

    • Wear the mask carefully. Make sure it covers the mouth, nose and chin. Then tie it in such a way that there is no gap on the face.
    • Avoid touching the mask while wearing it
    • The mask must be removed properly. The front of the mask should not be touched at that time. Remove the mask from the back of the ear.
    • Use an alcohol-based hand rub to clean hands if you accidentally touch a mask. If dirt is found on the hands, clean it first with soap and then with water.
    • If the mask is damaged, replace it immediately with a clean and dry mask.
    • Do not use a single use mask a second time. Once used, dispose of it properly.

    Here are 7 things to keep in mind when choosing and wearing a mask

    1. Whether your mask is too big or too small

    Choose the right fitting mask for you because choosing the wrong fitting mask will require you to touch frequently to adjust. If the mask is small it will not cover your nose and mouth. If it is too big, there will be a gap on the face. So, choose the right size.

    2. Adjust the mask frequently

    You adjust the mask slightly to wipe the sweat off your face or to breathe. However, this activity is incorrect. Touching a mask or face with dirty hands is a bad habit and increases the risk of infection. Before touching the mask, remember where you last touched it or avoid touching the mask altogether.

    3. There is no point in wearing a mask if the nose stays out

    Many people keep out of the nose mask for heat or various other reasons. This is very dangerous. Cover the mouth and nose completely with the mask if you are out. There is no benefit to wearing a mask if the nose comes out.

    4. Remove the mask to communicate

    The main reason for wearing a mask is to trap droplets. If you take off your mask and talk to someone, the droplets from the other person's mouth will reach you. Also, the droplets that come out of your mouth can reach another person. This condition increases the risk of infection. Do not communicate without removing the mask.

    5. You are removing the mask incorrectly

    Do not touch the mask further. If you want to remove the mask, open the stalk at the back. Open the mask straps from the back of the ears or head and remove them comfortably. Dispose of the mask immediately after removing it and sanitize the hands.

    6. Frequent side change

    Take care of the side when wearing a clothing mask. The virus sitting on the mask can reach inside your body due to frequent side changes.

    7. Do not keep the mask under the beard

    Do not bring the mask under the beard while talking or eating. It is better to remove the mask completely as the beard is not already covered and is frequently touched. In such cases, keeping the mask in place of the beard can cause infection. If you want to remove the mask, remove it carefully.

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