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Friday, July 17, 2020

World Emoji Day 2020: Apple launches some special emojis

World Emoji Day 2020: Apple launches some special emojis

On the occasion of World Emoji Day, Apple has introduced some special emojis for its users, which will change the style of chatting experience ...

Today, World Emoji Day 2020 is being celebrated across the world and on this occasion, the legendary tech company Apple has introduced new imagery. These will give special style to the chatting experience of the users. The company has introduced the new emoji in the preview section. These emojis will be available for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch with free software updates. The new emoji design includes many emojis like bubble tea, pinched fingers, boomerang etc.

Emojis coming in 2020 are part of the Emoji 13 update, which includes the following emoji options:

  • Faces - Smiling Face with Tear, Disguised Face 
  • People - Ninja, Person in Tuxedo, Woman in Tuxedo, Person with Veil, Man with Veil, Woman Feeding Baby, Person Feeding Baby, Man Feeding Baby, Mx. Claus, People Hugging 
  • Body Parts - Pinched fingers, Anatomical Heart, Lungs 
  • Animals - Black Cat, Bison, Mammoth, Beaver, Polar Bear, Dodo, Seal, Beetle, Cockroach, Fly, Worm 
  • Food - Blueberries, Olive, Bell Pepper, Flatbread, Fondue, Bubble Tea 
  • Household- Potted Plant, Teapot, Piñata, Magic Wand, Nesting Dolls, Sewing Needle, Mirror, Window, Plunger, Mouse Trap, Bucket, Toothbrush 
  • Miscellaneous - Feather, Rock, Wood, Hut, Pickup Truck, Roller Skate, Knot, Coin, Boomerang, Screwdriver, Carpentry Saw, Hook, Ladder, Elevator, Headstone, Placard, Transgender Symbol, Transgender Flag 
  • Clothing - Thong Sandal, Military Helmet 
  • Musical Instruments - Accordion, Long Drum

Apple has launched a very special emoji preview for its users on the occasion of World Emoji Day 2020 today. These include emojis of very special and different design. New emoji include bubble tea, pinched fingers, boomerang, transgender symbol, dodo, beaver, piñata, nesting dolls, coin, anatomical heart, lungs, ninja and tamale.

With the help of these emojis of the company, users will be able to express themselves in an extremely easy way of chatting. Apart from this, in iOS 14 OS, users can also create Memoji in a new way. This Memoji is a very special way of expressing itself. It includes 11 new hairstyles. In which bun, top knot, simple side part, waves have been given and if you send this Memoji to someone through a message, then they will surely like it.

Apart from this, emoji also includes face coverings. This means that users can also cover the face with the help of color and look. On the other hand, if you want to try headwear, with the help of Memoji, you can also try many new headwear styles. This includes durag, tichel, cyclist helmet, nurse cap and swim cap.

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