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Monday, August 24, 2020

GUJCET All Subjects Paper Solution 2020

GUJCET All Subjects Paper Solution 2020

GUJCET 2019 Answer Key | GUJCET 2020 Solutions | Gujarat Common Entrance Test (GUJCET) 2020 Answer Key, Solutions and Detailed Analysis

GUJCET exams have started today amid more than 1,200 corona cases in the state on a daily basis. The first paper is taken at 10 a.m. Chemistry-Physics paper. Students were admitted only after checking with mandatory masks and thermal guns at the examination centers. Social distance is being maintained and examinations are being conducted. A total of 1,27,230 students will be taken in 34 centers and 6,431 examination rooms. The GUJCETexam to be taken today has a chemistry-physics paper from 10 to 12 in the morning. Biology paper will be taken during 1 to 2 hours in the afternoon, Maths paper during 3 to 4 hours. Students gathered outside Asia School near Driving Road in Ahmedabad early in the morning. All were admitted to the school as per government guidelines.

How to take the exam?

* Examination was conducted in the centers all over Gujarat as per the guidelines of the government
* The school building was sanitized twice before the examination
* Planning that only 20 students in a block can take the exam
* Examiners are required to go through a sanitizing tunnel at the time of school entry
* A team of doctors was also present at the school during the examination
* Students have to give their answer in OMR sheet
* Students wearing mandatory masks took the exam in the examination room

Supplementary examination of Std. 10 and 12 will be taken during 25th to 27th

By Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board next date. 25 to 27 during Std. Supplementary examinations of 10th and 12th science streams are to be taken. In which std. Papers will be taken in the 10th examination from 10 to 1-15 in the morning and from 3 to 6-15 in the afternoon. All the preparations have been made at all the district headquarters of the state to conduct this examination in a peaceful atmosphere as per the guideline of COVID-19. Following the guideline of Covid-19 of the Central and State Governments, this examination will be conducted from all the district centers of the state.

The Board will announce the date of supplementary examination of general stream

In addition, the building of each center will be sanitized and sanitized in every building. It is to be mentioned that the supplementary examination of Std. 12 general stream will also be taken this time for the students who have failed in two subjects. The date of this supplementary examination of general stream is to be announced by the board later.

How many students in which exam?

GUJCET examination will be held on 24th in which 1,27,230 students will be taken in 34 centers and 6,431 examination rooms, supplementary examination of standard 12 science will be taken from 25th to 27th, in which 23,830 students will be taken in 34 centers and 1147 examination rooms. While the supplementary examination of standard 10 will be taken from 25 to 28, in which 1,31,901 students will be taken in 38 centers and 6192 examination rooms.

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