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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Std 4 August Unit test Environment unit 1 to 5


Std 4 August Unit test Environment unit 1 to 5

Distance education is a system of education in which the teacher and the learner do not need to be present at a particular place or at a particular time.  The system is liberal in terms of admissions criteria without compromising on teaching and learning modalities and scheduling as well as quality requirements.

Brief Detail For Home work for students::: 

  • Home work declared by :: SSA gujarat
  • Standard::: 4
  • Subject covered :::  ENVIRONMENT
  • Home work

India's open and distance education system includes state's open universities, educational institutions and universities, as well as correspondence institutes of traditional dual-system universities.  This system is extremely important for continuing education, capacity building of serving personnel and quality and rational education for the trainees living in educationally deprived areas.  Edit distance learning features

 In distance education, the student does not need to visit any institute regularly.

 The number of classes is fixed for all the courses and they are taught at many centers across the country.

 Distance learning has become easier and more relevant due to information revolution and internet.

 Through visual classroom learning, interactive onsite learning and video conferencing, students can study from home in any state of the country.

 Students can schedule their reading according to their need.

 Less expensive - Distance learning fees are much lower.

 Most Accessible - No limit on the number of students

 Work can be done as well as studies can be done.

 Even if you get low marks, you can get admission in your favorite course.

 There is no age barrier for any course.

 The most important task in distance education is to 'prepare textbooks'.  In this, teachers are not in front.  So the textbook itself is the teacher's job.

 Along with general courses, vocational courses and professional courses can also be done through distance education.

 Nowadays through distance education students can do all courses like graduate, MPhil, PhD, diploma and certificate etc. 

 Accreditation: Accreditation of correspondence courses is not underestimated.  These are just as important as regular courses.

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