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Thursday, December 3, 2020

1 million people registered for play on FAU-G game on first day

1 million people registered for play on FAU-G game on first day

FAU-G, a homegrown game app considered as an alternative to PUBG in India, seems to be burning well before its launch. As soon as the pre-registration of the FAU-G game started on the Google Play Store on November 30, more than 1 million people registered within 24 hours, which is a record. Read details.

Even before the launch, the craze of people in India for the FAU-G game is speaking head on, only then more than 1 million users started the first day of the pre-registration of the military game, which is being considered as a domestic game on the Google Play Store Got registered. Studio nCore, the developer of the FAUG app, has tweeted that the number of military app first person shooter in pre-registration has increased to more than 1.06 million in 24 hours, which will increase further in the coming days. This is a record that has not been shown for any online game in India.

nCore announced on November 30 to start pre-registration of FAU-G app on Google Play Store, after which millions of users are registering every day.

Know when launch

After the pub ban, the FAU-G app is getting ready to launch in India loudly. The teaser of this desi game app was launched in October last, which gave a glimpse of Galvan Valley, due to which the response was overwhelming. Later in November, news of the launch of this much awaited game started coming, but it has not been launched yet. According to the developer of military games, this game will be launched in India soon. The military game is dedicated to the brave soldiers guarding the Indian border.

Game format is

FAU-G means Fearless and United: Guard Game developer co-founder of nCore Vishal Gondal, the army is not created or copied on the lines of PUBG, but it is completely indigenous, including Indian soldiers. The efforts have been mirrored by the defense of the country's outskirts.

Those playing this game must join the special unit of FAU-G Commandos, which guard the border and compete with enemies. The soldiers of the Special Unit are confronted by enemies from time to time and they work for border security by betting on their lives. In the military game, the user will be presented as an example of courage and patriotism.

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