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Friday, December 25, 2020

Ambrane WAVE Review: Great audio quality available at low prices

Ambrane WAVE Review: Great audio quality available at low prices

The Ambrane WAVE Bluetooth wireless device was launched in the Indian market some time ago. The Ambrane WAVE device, which is available in a low price, will get great audio quality as well as beautiful design and features to the users.

The Ambrane WAVE Wireless Neckband has been launched in the Indian market shortly before. This device is as attractive in appearance as it is also special in terms of features. In India, it is being made available with a price of Rs 1,999 and with this, 365 days warranty will be available to the users. The special thing is that it supports Google Assistant and Siri, which increase the experience of users. We got a chance to review this device and during this time we fiercely tested its features and audio quality. Here we will tell you how much Ambrane WAVE met our expectations?

The design is very comfortable

Ambrane WAVE is very beautiful and comfortable in terms of wireless neckband design. It uses the U-cord design. That is, when you use it, it will not be known from the backside that you have a neckband. Its buds are very comfortable and are also small in size, which are easily adjusted in the ears. The good thing is that even after using it for a long time, it does not cause ear pain. That is, you can use it comfortably for a long time. Usually, headphones start to hurt when using them for long periods of time. But this is not the case with Ambrane WAVE.

You will get great audio experience

The Ambrane WAVE has Bluetooth 5.0 support for connectivity and you can comfortably connect your smartphone to it. It can give music experience up to 10 meters range. You can enjoy your long journey by using it during travel. This device is great not only in terms of design but also in terms of audio. It has Google Assistant and Siri support. With the help of which it can be controlled by voice. However, initially we had some difficulty in understanding it but later we had a good experience with it.

This device has magnetic function support and it works better. When you remove both buds from the ear, they are joined together and are closed automatically. That is, if there is a call coming on your phone, then you do not need to touch the phone, but the call will be received as soon as the two buds are separated. Even Bluetooth connectivity can be said to be quite good. Once connected to the device there is no need to connect again and again.

final call

The Ambrane WAVE can compete with many other wireless headphones in the market. Because in this budget you will get even better options. But the Google Assistant and Siri support made in it make it different and special from other devices. In this, you will get a great audio backup as well as a great audio experience.

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