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Friday, January 15, 2021



Hello friends, you are also preparing for competitive exam and if you are thinking of giving competitive exam then this article will be very helpful for you. If you want a government job, you have to pass the competitive exam for that, for this you have to work hard, and prepare to pass that exam in the right way.

If you want to pass a competitive exam right now, if you want to qualify in that exam, then you have to adopt the right way for that. You will have to prepare for that exam over time. But how many people are worried about how to prepare for any competitive exam, and why not?
Every year, lakhs of students fill forms to get government jobs and only a few of them are selected. So in this way you can guess how much competition has increased, so if you also want to succeed in this competition, then for this you have to work very hard to pass that exam and also have to prepare properly. is. So to know how to prepare for competitive exam, do this article till the completion.

To pass any competitive exam, it is most important that you prepare a time table to prepare for the exam. Whatever is the syllabus of the exam, whatever subject is there, you will have to make a time table and according to that time table you have to study and accordingly you have to prepare. But keep in mind that while making the time table, it must be seen that all the subject is getting full time or not.

In the competitive exam you are going to take, there will be many subjects, there will be many subjects and out of all those subjects, there will be some topics which you will not like, but still you will have to study that subject. Whatever subject you do not like, you should give a little more time to that subject. So that you can prepare well in that subject too.

If you look at any competitive exam paper, there are questions about math, reasoning, general aptitude, general knowledge, G.K, current affairs, English and history. Whether you prepare for ssc, ips, upsc, bank any competitive exam, you will have to read all these topics in it. In today's article, I am going to share some information about how to prepare these topics in a good way. Tips for exam preparation in hindi.
How to prepare for easoning

Before this you should know what is reasoning and why are questions of reasoning asked in every competitive exam? Reasoning questions are asked so that they can test your intelligence and to find out how soon you can think and how long you can answer any question. You have to use wisdom to solve the questions of reasoning. It is easy to answer such a question, but sometimes such questions are also asked, whose answer becomes a little difficult to find.

In Reasoning questions, you are asked questions like age related questions, coding-decoding, sitting arrangement and Venn diagram. You have to solve it according to your intelligence. You can adopt any logic to solve that question. To prepare for Reasoning, you should practice to solve as many Reasoning questions as possible. The more you practice, the more you will benefit and now it is the time of the Internet, on the Internet you will get many such questions related to such reasoning and you are also told how to solve them.

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