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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Corona has caused a trend of Work From Home, these tips will speed up your WI-FI like a rocket.

Corona has caused a trend of Work From Home, these tips will speed up your WI-FI like a rocket.

Due to the Corona period, the trend of Work From Home has come all over the world. However, the problem now is that a large number of people are working from home at the same time due to which the Internet network is constantly jammed. In this case, if you are using WiFi at home, its router will also be running for 24 hours. Due to which the router often gets hot due to continuous running. Because of this, most people have problems with the low speed of the internet network and WiFi. Then you can double the speed of your wifi by following the tips we show here. Follow these tips soon.

Turn off the router for a while

In the Corona era, everyone now has the practice of work from home. The WiFi router stays on all day because of work from home. Which causes the wifi to get hot. Try turning off the router for a while. And reboot the router. Doing so will make the router work properly and also speed up the internet.

Router update

You also need to update the router for good network. It also often happens that your router is not up to date due to lack of update. It also often happens that there is a firmware to update the router but we do not check it. If this happens you should update your device immediately. Doing so will solve your problem.

Keep the router in place

For a good network, it is important to know where you have the router in your home. You should keep the router in your home where the highest signal is received. In WiFi the signal comes as electromagnetic radiation. This signal is blocked by some objects. And some pass it.

More support than antenna

Check the WiFi you use at home to see if it has an external antenna. You can also take an extra antenna for a good signal. Many companies also sell external antennas separately. More signals keep coming in the same direction as the router's antenna.

Disconnect another device

One thing to keep in mind if you want the same speed in your laptop. Turn off WiFi on devices that do not currently have Internet access. This way we will increase the speed of WiFi due to bandwidth consumption on fewer devices.


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