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Sunday, April 18, 2021

Take special care of eating and drinking to avoid corona

Take special care of eating and drinking to avoid corona

The coronavirus has formerly again aggravated the problem. The new form of nimbus is more contagious and, if left unbounded, is like inviting an epidemic. Along with frequent hand washing, wearing masks and social distractions, you also need to pay further attention to your food and drink, as only a good diet will strengthen the vulnerable system and you'll be suitable to cover yourself from Korana. The WHO says what kind of food is necessary to avoid nimbus. 

 What should be the diet to avoid nimbus 

 You should include a variety of fresh fruits and undressed foods in your diet so that you can get the vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein and antioxidants you need. 

 Don't overcook vegetables 

 Eat at least 5 mugs of fruit( 4 servings),2.5 mugs of vegetables( 5 servings), 180 grams of grains and 160 grams of meat and apples a day. You can eat red meat 1- 2 times a week and funk 2- 3 times week. However, eat raw vegetables and fresh fruits, If you feel mild hunger in the evening. Don't overcook vegetables. else its essential nutrients will belost. However, be careful not to add too important swab and sugar, If you buy mimetic fruits or vegetables.

Here are some things to keep in mind for a healthy diet


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