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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

What is RT-PCR test, why is it done and how much is charged for this in different states

What is RT-PCR test, why is it done and how much is charged for this in different states

Corona transition is at its peak in the country. In many states the situation has become fragile. In these circumstances, there is a discussion about testing through RT-PCR test. RT-PCR test has been made mandatory in most of the states of the country. In addition, several states in the country, including Gujarat, have recently announced a reduction in test charges. Here we are going to give information about what is RT-PCR test, what is the significance of CT value in the report as well as how much is charged in different states.

What is RT-PCR test

RT-PCR (Reverse Transcription Polymers Chain Reaction) Test. In addition, rapid antigen and antibody tests are also done. If the rapid antigen test is positive, then the person is positive for corona. But if the test is negative and symptoms of corona still appear, it becomes necessary to have an RT-PCR test.

This test provides information about the virus in a person. In which the ribonucleic acid (RNA) of the virus is examined. Making RNA from deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is called transcription.

Of course when the process of making DNA from RNA is called reverse transcription. The Covid-19 virus does not contain DNA. This means that any probe is possible through DNA, but RNA occurs in these circumstances when it is not possible to detect Covid-19 virus based on DNA. That is, the RNA of the corona virus is converted into DNA.

I.e. the reverse transcription-polymers chain reaction is investigated. For this a sample is taken from any part of the person's body. Swabs are usually taken from the inside of the mucosa from the nose and throat and examined in the laboratory. An RT-PCR test report usually takes about 8 hours to arrive.

What is CT value

According to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), the RT-PCR test measures SRS-CoV-2 and then measures its positivity based on the cycle threshold (CT).

Samples need cycling several times to detect how much transition there is in the individual. In these circumstances if the CT value is 35 or less then the person appears to be infected. And if this value is less than 22 then hospitalization is required. CT values ​​23 to 39 are considered appropriate. Even in these circumstances a CT scan is advised to find out how widespread the infection is.

When the corona needs to be tested

Corona needs to be tested when there is fever, chest pain, odor and taste, difficulty breathing.

In addition, corona tests may be performed at a distance of 6 feet if in contact with an infected person or in contact with an infected person for more than 15 minutes.

X-ray or CT scan if corona symptoms appear but RT-PCR test does not show

According to doctors, the RT-PCR test confirms the transmission of the virus in 80% of the total cases. Of course, in 20% of cases, the transition is not confirmed by RT-PCR. In these circumstances CT-Scan and X-Ray become necessary.

Cost of RT-PCR test in Gujarat

The cost of RT-PCR test is Rs.700 if samples are given at laboratories or collection centers and Rs.900 in case of taking samples at home or hospital or isolation centers.

What is the cost status of RT-PCR test in other states

Recently several states have announced a reduction in the cost of RT-PCR tests. In Rajasthan, the charge for RT-PCR test is fixed at Rs 350 in private labs, while in Uttar Pradesh the charges are Rs 700 and Rs 900.

The charge for RT-PCR test in Delhi is Rs 800 and Rs 1,200. In Maharashtra, a charge of Rs.600 is levied at Kovij Care Center or Quarantine Center, and Rs.800 is charged for collecting samples from home.

Some other states have decided to keep the RT-PCR test charges at Rs 800 at private laboratories and free at government facilities.


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