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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Reels Creator! Instagram will make money, find out what's the company's new strategy

Reals Creator! Instagram will make money, find out what's the company's new strategy

Instagram, the world's leading social media platform, may soon launch a new bonus payment program for its creators. New features will be included in the reels. It will allow users to earn bonuses from Instagram. Simply put, Instagram will pay its users to use the reels through a new feature.

This is how Reals Creator benefits

Instagram users will be asked to share new reels and go viral to participate in the predictable bonus program. According to reports, creators will be paid for sharing new reels on the Instagram platform while users will be able to claim rewards from the app if they meet certain criteria. It is also rumored that Instagram will also reward selected creators for their reels in view of the upload volume or the Ocean engagement metrics. However, Instagram has not yet released an official statement on its proposed bonus program. But, it is hoped that the company will launch it soon and also issue an official statement on it.

The company will also unveil these new tools

Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, recently announced Insights for Reels and IG Live. This will be revealed by the new tool update. This will give creators and businesses access to their content. This will make it easier to understand and evaluate their performance on the platform by providing the necessary data. Instagram will also soon launch the Insights feature on the desktop. Public Accounts can share huge Instagram Community Reels via Explore Space. This feature has recently improved a lot of creativity on Instagram. This is a great way to help encourage new bonus program creators to stay connected to this app.

Information provided by the iOS developer

The bonus payment feature was first reported to iOS developer Alessandro Peluzi. They came to know about this feature while searching for some back and code. The developer has shared some screenshots. Instagram is planning to give bonuses on Reels to increase its creators.

Other companies also offer this type of bonus

This is not a new feature though. Even before this, other service providers like Instagram give their creators an advantage over use. As Snapchat promised its creators a ડો 1 million award to popular creators for the most interesting clip of the day on the platform. YouTube also launched the Shorts Fund to encourage users to use the short format video feature YouTube Shorts.


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