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Monday, June 21, 2021

Add the name of the new member in the ration card in this way, know the whole process

Add the name of the new member in the ration card in this way, know the whole process

You can also add the name of the new member online in the ration card and take full advantage of the government scheme. You can add a new member's name to the ration card sitting at home. Although people often find it very difficult to add a name to the ration card, the process is very simple. Here's how you can register a new member's name on a ration card.

Documents for adding a new member's name to the ration card

If a child's name is to be added, the head of the household must provide a ration card (both photocopy and original). Both the child's birth certificate and the child's parent's Aadhaar card must be issued.

If the name of the daughter-in-law is to be added after marriage at home, then the woman's Aadhaar card and marriage certificate have to be given. Husband's ration card (both photocopy and original) and certificate of deletion of name from the ration card which was earlier at the parents' house.

The process of adding a name from a mobile

You have to go to the official food supply site of your state. Here we have given you the link of UP site ( Now you need to create a login ID, if you already have a People ID, then log in with it On the home page, the option to add a new member name will appear. By clicking on it, a new form will open. Fill in all the information of your new family member correctly here.

Along with the form, you will also need to upload a soft copy of the required documents. After submitting the form, you will get the registration number through which you can track your form in this portal. Officers will examine the form and documents. If everything is OK then your form will be accepted and the ration card will be delivered to your home by post.

Offline process of adding new member's name in ration card

You have to go to the nearest food supply center. Now take all the mentioned documents with you. There you have to take the form to add the name of the new member. Fill in all the detailed information in the form. Now submit the form along with the documents along with the section. You will also need to submit some application fees here. After submitting the form, the authorities will give you a receipt, which you should keep with you. With this receipt, you can check the status of the online application. Officers will check your form and after verifying the document, you will get your ration card at home in at least 2 weeks.

Benefits of Add New Member Name In Ration Card Online

Not only do we get ration (food items) through ration card, but ration card is also an identity card in the form of a government document. Therefore, to take advantage of all these services, it is necessary for us to add the name of the new member in the ration card (Add Name Ration Card Online).

Through ration cards, poor people get wheat, rice, kerosene, sugar, and other essential commodities at low prices.

Through the Public Distribution System (PDS), the government provides essential commodities to BPL and Antoday card holders at low prices.

Many types of schemes given by the government are named through BPL ration card.

Various types of subsidies are provided by the government to the people of the economically poor section (BPL), for which the ration card is an important parameter.

Many types of application processes and government processes are completed through the ration card, so it is necessary to have the name of every person (member) of the family in the ration card.

Offline process to add name in ration card

Add Name in Ration Card (Offline Process) – The offline process to add name in ration card is as follows.

Firstly visit the nearest local ration card food supplier office and submit the form. You will get this form from the Food Supplier Office only.

Fill in all the details and include the reason for adding the new person and the relationship.

After this, attach all the required documents with the application form.

Submit the application and pay the fee.

Now you will get an acknowledgment number, which you can use to track the status.

After the verification is completed, you can get your updated ration card in 2-3 weeks.

online application process to add name in ration card

Online Apply Procedure to Add Name In Ration Card – Follow the steps given below for the online process to add new member name in ration card.

First of all go to the official website of Food and Civil Supplies Department (FCS) of your state.

In the Ration Card section, click on the link of Add new members and open the application form.

Fill all the details completely and upload relevant documents including scan of your existing ration card and identity documents of new member.

Submit the application and print the receipt along with the acknowledgment number.

Your ration card will be verified and you will receive your ration card in 2-3 weeks at the given location.

List of documents required to add name in ration card

List of Required Documents to Add New Name In Ration Card – Following are the documents required to add new name in ration card or to enter details of new family member:

(A) In the case of a newborn baby 

original ration card

Copies of birth certificate of the applicant child

ID proof of parents

(B) In case of addition of name of wife/bride 

husband's original ration card

Bride's name exemption certificate (from parent's ration card)

Marriage certificate

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to Ration Card

Is it necessary to add new member's name in ration card?

Yes, it is necessary to add the name of the new member in the ration card because in addition to the ration, the benefit of other government service facilities is also given through the ration card.

What are the Types of Ration cards?

There are mainly three types of ration cards issued by the Food Supply Department of the Government of India such as BPL Ration Card, APL Ration Card & Antyodaya Ration Card (AAY).

Can ration card be cancelled?

Yes, of course the ration card can be canceled. You have to fill the application form to cancel the ration card or remove the name from the ration card.

How can new members be added to the ration card?

Only after applying by the head of the ration card, the name of the new member can be added through offline and online process (Add Name Ration Card Online/Offline).

How to Download Application PDF for Removal of Name from Ration Card?

If you want to remove the name of any member of your family from the ration card, then you have to fill the form of Delete Remove Name In Ration Card. With the help of this link Deletion of Member in Ration Card Application Form PDF, you can easily download the form.

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