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Monday, June 21, 2021

Great news for central employees, so many lakhs will be deposited in bank account next month, find out how

Great news for central employees, so many lakhs will be deposited in bank account next month, find out how

In July, a total of Rs 2,18,200 will be credited to the central employees' bank accounts, including DA, 18-month arrears and three installments.

Big meeting of the government regarding DA of central employees on 26th June

The DA of the employees will be announced at the meeting

In all, Rs 2,18,200 can be deposited in an employee's bank account

There is great good news for central employees. The central government is holding a big meeting on June 26. The meeting will take a decision regarding the DA of the employees. In addition, the June 2021 DA may also be announced. The government also plans to pay 18 months' arrears. All this will be done under the 7th Pay Commission.

Rs 2,18,200 will be deposited in the bank accounts of central employees.

Shiv Gopal Mishra of the National Council of JCM said that the DA arrears of Level 1 employees range from Rs 11,880 to Rs 37,554. If the allowance for Level-13 employees from 7th CPC Basic Pay Scale- Rs. 1,23,100 to Rs. 2,18,200.

How DA will be calculated

Employees with a minimum grade pay of Rs. 1800 (Level-1 Basic Pay Scale range Rs. 18000 to Rs. 56900) [4% X 6 of {18000] can get an allowance.

Under the 7th Pay Commission, central employees on minimum grade will get DA arrears of Rs 3,240 from July to December 2020.

Inflation allowance will also be added

Employees with a minimum salary of Rs 18,000 will get Rs 11,880 as DA arrears. It is also likely to add 15 per cent inflation allowance. If this happens, the salaries of the employees will increase by Rs 2,700 per month.

Expensive allowance after 18 months

It may be mentioned that in 2020, when the Corona initiative started in the country, the DA of the central employees was stopped. In January 2020, the DA was increased by 4%. This was followed by an increase of 3% in the second half of June 2020. Now in January 2021, DA has increased by 4%. That means all together DA has reached 28 percent.

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