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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Tech Tips / Security of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in this way, never hacked

Tech Tips / Security of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in this way, never hacked

It has become common for social media accounts to be hacked or cloned. Protecting Twitter, Facebook and Instagram is a big challenge. Today we will give you some simple tips to save your profile from being hacked.

Security of Facebook

Go to Facebook's Security and Login page and check that your ID is not open anywhere other than your device. If so, log out from the 'Log Out All Device' option that appears. If you've logged in to a website from Facebook, delete it immediately.


You should use a strong password to protect Facebook. Don't run Facebook in an unfamiliar place like cyber cafe or any other device. Also apply two factor authentication for login.

Security of Twitter

To secure Twitter, you must first turn on two-factor authentication. Doing so gives your account two layers of security. After two-factor authentication, you will receive a code on the phone when you try to login to your account.

Disable direct message

Disable your account's direct messages, doing so will help you keep your account secure.

Instagram security

Always keep two-factor authentication enabled, even on Instagram. It will send an OTP to your registered mobile whenever you log in to another device. Account will not be logged without OTP Always log in to Instagram through the app. Do not log in with any link. Doing so can protect the account from hackers.


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