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Saturday, July 3, 2021

7th Pay Commission: Good news for Center employees, government has made 5 big announcements including expensive allowances

7th Pay Commission: Good news for Center employees, government has made 5 big announcements including expensive allowances

A number of announcements have been made by the Central Government to provide relief to Central employees and Central Government pensioners. It will benefit about 52 lakh central employees and 60 lakh central government pensioners. This ad includes a number of features like inflation allowance i.e. DA, inflation relief i.e. DR.

There is good news for central employees who have been waiting for inflation allowances for a long time. The increased salaries of government employees are due in September. Earlier, however, there was speculation about DA's pay rise in July. But it is now clear that the last three installments will also come with pay at the end of September. If you are also a central employee, know how much your salary will increase in the month of September.

This is how DA calculation will be done

Central employees will get a big pay hike in September. You need to know your basic salary to know how much your salary will increase after this new announcement. Also your current D.A. See. Right now it’s 17 percent that D.A. 28% after ratification. The monthly DA of central employees will increase by 11 per cent. Thus from 1 July 2021 D.A. Will increase to 11 per cent of basic salary. While the same formula will be applied in the calculation of DR.

Now how much will get arrears

According to Shiv Gopal Mishra of the National Council of JCMs, it will take some time for central employees to get their allowances and pensioners' inflation relief, but their salaries will go up. D.A. of Class 1 officers. The arrears will be between Rs 11,880 and Rs 37,554. He said that if Level-13 i.e. 7th CPC basic pay scale is calculated from Rs. 1,23,100 to Rs. 2,15,900 or Level-14, then the D.A. The remaining amount will be between Rs 1,44,200 to Rs 2,18,200.

DA and DR-

The Union Minister of State for Finance told the Rajya Sabha that DAs and DRs would start meeting central employees from July, according to the Seventh Pay Commission. However, no announcement was made by the government. The National Council of JCM claimed that DA and DR could be found in the salary in September.

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Housing Bleeding Advance

The government has issued a new guideline on house building advance i.e. HBA. In July 2020, the central government had reduced the HBA interest rate to 7.9 per cent, so this rate will be applicable till March 31, 2022.

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