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Monday, August 30, 2021

Dwarkadhish Mandir Live Darshan

Dwarkadhish Mandir Live Darshan

Congratulations on the birth of Kanha: On the occasion of the birth anniversary of Dwarkadhish, the city of Dwarika and the temple were adorned with sixteen decorations and the Jagat Mandir was illuminated.

  • Today's last flag was offered to Lord Dwarkadhish
  • Tight police security in Dwarka on the eve of Janmashtami
  • About 1300 policemen were killed
  • Devotees enter the temple following the Kovid guidelines

The biggest festival of the temple, Krishna Janmotsav, is being celebrated in the presence of devotees.  The gates of Jagat Mandir are open for Darshan after Savanav.  Devotees from all over the state have reached Dwarka to celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna.  A long queue of devotees has been seen visiting Dwarkadhish since early morning.  On the night of Krishna Janmotsav, Dwarika Nagari and Jagat Mandir have been decorated with sixteen ornaments.  The temple has been lit up to mark Kanha's birth at 12 noon.  The flow of devotees is seen uninterrupted even at night. 

Flags are hoisted 5 times in a day

A long queue of devotees is seen visiting Dwarkadhish.  According to the guidelines of Mask and Korona, devotees stood in line and paid obeisance to Lord Dwarkadhish.  There is an uninterrupted flow of devotees for darshan.  The gates of the temple were closed at 1 pm after the Rajbhog was offered at 12 noon and now the gates have been opened for the visitors at 5 pm.  Tirtha Purohit Abhay Thackeray told Divyabhaskar that flags are hoisted 5 times today and the last flag of today has been offered.


The program of Janmashtami festival

The program of Janmashtami festival has been announced by the administrator of Shridwarkadhish temple, in which the time of Shreeji's darshan on 30th August is 6 am Mangala Aarti, 6 am to 8 am Mangala Darshan, 8 am open bathing and anointing of Shreeji, 9 am Abhishek paschart pujan.  Bathing offerings have been made to Shreeji at 10 am, Shringar Bhog offerings at 10:30 am, Shringar Aarti at 11 am, Gwal Bhog at 11-15 hours.  Rajbhog was offered at 12 o'clock.  The temple was closed for Darshan from 1 to 5 pm. 

Uthapan Darshan at 5 pm

Uththapan Darshan at 5 pm, Uthapan Bhog Arpan at 5-30 to 5-45 hrs, Sandhya Bhog Arpan at 7-15 to 7-45 hrs, Shayan Aarti at 8-30 hrs at night and Shreeji Shayan at 9 hrs.  After that a special Mahaarati of Krishna Janmotsav will be held at 12 o'clock at night.  After that Shreeji Shayan (Darshan) will be closed at 2-30 hours at night.  While Darshan of Shreeji's Parana Utsav will be held on 31st at 7 in the morning, followed by Anoras (Darshan closed) at 10-30 hours. After that Utthapan Darshan will be held at 5 pm

Darshan on 31st September from 5 to 6 pm as per routine, followed by Abhishek Pooja (Pat / Darshan will be closed) to Shreeji at 6 to 7 pm, followed by Shreeji's Darshan from 7 to 7-30 pm, Sandhya Aarti at 7-30 pm  Shayan Bhog will be offered at -10 hrs and Darshan will be closed with Shreeji Shayan at 9-30 hrs after Shayan Aarti Darshan at 8-30 hrs.  The administration has also appealed to the visitors to strictly follow the guidelines of Corona. 

Devotees can enter through 56 stairs and exit through the main gate.

On the day of Janmashtami, the temple is not crowded and security is maintained so that on the day of Janmashtami, visitors can enter and exit the main gate through 56 stairs.  Devotees visiting the temple have been appealed by the Tantra to abide by the rules of social distance and masks.

About 100 police officers and 1,200 police, home guards and GRD personnel are deployed to guard the Dwarkadhish temple.  Prior to Janmashtami, the security arrangements of the temple were inspected by officials including Collector, SP, DDO, DYSP.  All the police personnel were given necessary guidance from higher authorities today.  District Collector M.A.  Pandya, G.P.  Chief Sunil Joshi inspected the parking lot, no-parking barricades and other places including the temple and other places including Gomti Ghat on foot. 

Special arrangements also at Bat Dwarka-Nageshwar.

Apart from tight security at Dwarka's Jagatmandir, district police chief Sunil Joshi is also making special arrangements for Dwarka and Janmashtami pilgrims at Betdwarka and Nageshwar on the eve of Janmashtami.

Within 50 m radius from East Gate to Jodhabha Manek Chowk to East Gate Bhathan Chowk, 100 m radius from Jodhabha Manek Chowk to Shivraj Singh Road Iskcon Gate, 50 m radius from Three Batti Chowk to Mahajan Bazar Char Rasta Three Batti Chowk to Bhadrakali Road with a radius of 50 m Chokam  50 m radius up to Shaak Market Chowk, 50 m radius around Shaak Market Chowk, 100 m radius around ST Depot, 200 m area around Kirti Stambh and 200 m area around Sudama Chowk and 200 m area around Bhathan Chowk.  As well as Ireland Approach Road in front of Prajapati's Wadi, open ground behind Circuit House, open ground of Shardapith College ST Road, Gomti Ghat open ground in front of Rajput community, ground behind Swaminarayan temple and parking zone of Hathigate parking system have been arranged.  

During the year, devotees celebrated Krishna Janmotsav online

For the first time in history, the gates of the Jagatmandir were closed to devotees due to the Koro epidemic.  However, arrangements have been made for the devotees to visit Dwarkadhish online at the link given below.  The Dwarka temple was being broadcast live on the occasion of Janmashtami, so that devotees could visit Dwarkadhish at home.  The priest of Dwarkadhish Jagatmandir said that when the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna is celebrated in Jagatmandir, the tradition is followed.  Devotees can celebrate Lalaji's birthday in their home. 

Many parchas of Dwarka temple are also famous

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Many parchas of Dwarka temple are also famous among the people in the form of Lokvayaka.  Not a single bomb exploded in Dwarka in 1965 when Pakistan attempted an attack during the Indo-Pakistani war.  A subsequent cyclone in Kandla in 1998 caused severe damage in Kandla and Jamnagar, but no major damage in Dwarka.  The 2001 earthquake also wreaked havoc in Kutch, but no major damage was reported in Dwarka.  The locals believe that this was possible only because of Dwarkadhish.

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