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Friday, October 15, 2021

Motivational Story: Jai Chaudhary used to study sitting under a tree in his childhood, now this Indian earns Rs 153 crore daily

Motivational Story: Jai Chaudhary used to study sitting under a tree in his childhood, now this Indian earns Rs 153 crore daily

There is a saying in Gujarati that Nishan Chuk Maaf, Nahin Maaf Nichan Nishan. And no one can stop you from achieving your goal if you work hard to achieve your goal. This saying proves true on Jai Chaudhary, the tenth richest Indian in the world.

The study was done sitting under a tree

Jay Chaudhary was born in a small village in Himachal Pradesh. His parents were ordinary farmers of Panoh village, Jai also lacked basic amenities like electricity and water. Jai Chaudhary felt it appropriate to study under a tree instead of studying indoors.

Earns Rs 153 crore daily

Pratap left his shortcomings behind due to his hard work and dedication. After completing his school and college studies, he launched one company after another in the United States. His business started booming and he started climbing the ladder of success. IIFL Wealth Hurun India Rich list 2021 declared him the 10th richest Indian in the world. According to the report, they are earning an average of Rs 153 crore a day through IT security firm Zscale in California last year.

Successful start of many companies

Before founding Zscaler, Jay Chaudhary started several companies. In it, AirDefense was acquired by Motorola. CipherTrust merged with Secure Computing. CoreHarbor acquired USi / AT&T Way. SecureIT was acquired by VeriSign. They would launch new companies with planning and sell them at huge profits to set up another company.

This is how he became a businessman

Before becoming a businessman, Jay Chaudhary worked in IBM, Unisys and IQ software for about 25 years. In the year 1996, Jay Chaudhary and his wife decided to quit their big package job and start their own startup. With that he began to become a successful businessman.

Cyber ​​security company Badshah

In 2007, he started a cyber security company called Zscaler. He has a 42% stake in the company. Initially his work remained normal. Later, companies felt the need for security after cyber attacks and hacker attacks on large US companies. He then began to enlist the help of Zscaler. Now, Jai Chaudhary's total wealth has increased to Rs 1 lakh 60 thousand crore.

The 10 richest Indians in the world

This extraordinary success of Zscaler gradually made him the 10th richest Indian in the world. On his success, Jai Chaudhary once said, "When I started Zscaler, the market was not ready for it. But I could see that the market was coming. Starting it early gave me the opportunity to expand the business further. As the cyber security market grew, we outperformed our competitors.


Alumni of IIT-BHU

Jay Chaudhary is a former student of IIT-BHU (Varanasi). Here he studied for a Bachelor of Technology in Electronics Engineering. He then did an MBA in Marketing from the University of Cincinnati, USA, an AIIMS in Computer Engineering and an MS in Industrial Engineering. He then pursued his own executive management program from the prestigious Howard Business School. Jay Chaudhary has now settled in Nevada, USA with his family.

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